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(33M) My stack for general well being, focus, mood and testosterone preservation

focus energy testosterone mood stack

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#1 faxmulder

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Posted 09 August 2019 - 07:11 PM

Hi folks,

After reading and posting here for a while, I assembled the following stack. Can you check if anything is wrong (I.e. bad interactions, timing) or missing?
Please tell me also if you spot any overlap between supplements.



* Black seed oil
* Cordyceps (cycled with ginseng and rhodiola)
* Taurine


* Krill oil
* Boron
* Probiotics


* Taurine


* Krill oil
* Boron
* Probiotics
* B complex
* Vit D3 + K2


* Black seed oil
* Taurine


* Glycine (I’m considering switching to collagen and take it in the morning before breakfast, since I have dry skin issues and it seems to be more complete)
* Magnesium

A few questions:

* for free testosterone is boron 3mg x 2 okay or is it better 9mg total? Is it necessary to add zinc as well?

* since boron, cordyceps (and I think also taurine) are supposed to increase testosterone, should I add an anti-aromatase, such as resveratrol or grape seed extract?

* how much cordyceps? ATM I’m taking 1500mg before breakfast

* is it okay to take a B complex after lunch, or it’s too stimulatory, considering that I’m also taking cordyceps? I’d like to try B complex, since I’m coming off caffeine (ATM I’m drinking only one coffee with breakfast)

* NAC could be useful in my stack?

* anybody has experience with jiaogulan/gynostemma?

* should I add something for dopamine? Ginkgo?

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