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Let's play a game! Changing beliefs to help reduce/reverse aging. Do you sabotage yourself constantly?

quantum physics law of attraction

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Posted 10 September 2019 - 06:32 PM

When you describe a stranger or a friend to someone or an audience, do you often include an estimate of their age when you don't know their actual age? If you do include an actual age, why do you do that?


It is apparent to me that we are doing things all wrong if we truly want to believe and manifest the ability to live for hundreds of years. Perhaps we believe the science we see in the anti-aging research, but we do very little to support that belief. When we're not researching or discussing this topic specifically, our minds are usually falling back into old beliefs.  Getting past this may help us to make larger and faster breakthroughs than ever thought possible (by most).


I propose a very simple experiment. It will be necessary for many people to join in for us to see results.  It is a very simple thing that I propose we all do.


Are you ready for the life-changing, reality-altering, mind-blowing, incredibly arduous (not), chore that will change many of our lives for the better? All you have to do is....


..... add 200 years to the age of any adult who's age you are estimating. 


The next time you meet a person who you think looks 5-20 years younger than they are, catch yourself and analyze that thought. More importantly don't say "You look great for your age." Instead, just say "Wow, you look great." If that person has even one wrinkle or gray hair, think to yourself, "They could look so much healthier". Making a big deal about a few years of what appears to be static aging of the skin, is setting our beliefs where we don't want them to be IF we want to look and feel vibrant, youthful and healthy after reaching the age of 100, 150, etc.


Considering something before you can accept that it's possible is very important. This technique is used in brainwashing. Brainwashing others may be a bad thing, but if we are using it on ourselves for good, I think it can only be helpful (please share if you know otherwise). Our brains are computers that translate the world to us. They communicate with is and vice versa in a code that we get to modify. If you want to change reality, don't let others write your code for you. When you start this experiment, it will seem forced at first. More and more evidence of youthing or very delayed aging will come your way to support your consideration/belief. Don't question it or think it's miraculous, just think "This isn't particularly amazing science. It's obvious aging is optional." You can look into it and be excited, but watch your thoughts, keep track of where they go and notice how many thoughts are tied into our beliefs about aging and disease.


In order to be truly into this experiment and not have trouble communicating with those who aren't playing the game, you can just avoid stating ages to others who won't understand. If someone pins you down to give an age estimate, instead of saying "She must have been about 25." You can say "She looked old enough to have graduated college in recent years." intead of "he looked about 55" try "It would be impossible to guess his age, but he had a few gray hairs and maybe some wrinkles.". 


If we want to be healthy at 200, we must believe that the person we just ran into who looks like they just finished puberty could be 100 years old.


Who's in?

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