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Mycotoxicosis/Lyme recovery health log

mold mycotoxins lyme

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#1 Infinite1

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Posted 16 October 2019 - 12:36 AM

Having had a number of very serious health issues over the years I've finally come to an understanding about the nature of the “root” source. My efforts at present are aimed towards mycotoxin elimination following a number of years of very high exposure – at least 8 years. In parallel I've been in limbo with Lyme treatment for the duration, most likely a result of the aforementioned. The effects have been rather devastating to say the least, it is an experience that I can't even put into words. Nevertheless, I've now severed ties to the source, and working on my rebuild. I'm happy to bring you along for the ride!


Primary deficits and symptoms at this time...

Profound fatigue

Word finding difficulty and articulation

Slowed cognitive processing

Reduced comprehension

Motor coordination loss and dysequilibrium

Variable HR and blood pressure


Health log




10:30AM wake up: Good night's sleep with 9 hours logged. Still rather tired, most likely due to CSM from night prior.


Resting HR logged at 79 for today, much lower than some days. 



Synapsin: 2x

Semax: 2x

VIP: 2x

9-ME-BC: ~20mg, +1x in afternoon*

ITTP: 40mg


*Trial will be short lived as in handling the cap became dislodged and product was lost. Will be ordering more.


Breakfast: celery shake followed by eggs (3) and turkey bacon.




Fish oil: 1500mg AM, 1500mg PM

Uridine: 1 g

Grape Seed Extract: 1,200 mg AM, 1,200 PM

Mito NGR: ½ dose (running low)

Quercetin: 1,000mg

Milk Thistle: 500mg

Vit. C: 1 g

DHEA: 100mg

Vit. D: 10,000 iu

Liposomal Glutathione: 450mg

Argentyn 23 nasal spray for Marcons: 2x a day


Between meals: Activated Charcoal 2g, or Chlorella


Mowed the yard with some extra vigor than my usual. This doesn't say a whole lot given my less than vigorless-ness of late, however definitely an obvious benefit. Not completely free of the fatigue, it is a constant pulling down. I would speculate and say this is a result of currently running cholestramine (CSM) for mycotoxin detoxing. It is something that I am particularly sensitive to it seems, even at a single dose of one teaspoon a day (as opposed to 4x) has rendered me essentially narcoleptic for a prolonged period – this is a common reaction (detox) many have with mycotoxicosis as is the paralleled disequilibrium. This was particularly difficult in balancing work with treatment and had to discontinue it until an opportunity arose. It seems at this time there is a bit of a tug-of-war between the fatigue inducing effects of CSM to the arousal promoting effects of the regime. The CSM will unfortunately remain a major confound throughout experimentation, though I remain rather hopeful.


At this time after a short “wash out” period, I am on day 4 of this regime.


Evening dinner: Spanish brown rice with turkey meat. Salad.


Now sitting in front of the TV, it is rather difficult to convince myself to work out given said fatigue – it comes like waves in the ocean.


Of the compounds 9-ME-BC seems the most promising of the bunch, in effect there appears to be an effect of getting the cogs turning again (the mechanical gears in the background). In closing my eyes I was once again seeing mental imagery, the conductor to the symphony somewhat back. Also thoughts become pleasant and somewhat playful, for years now over this duration all thought requiring even slight effort in processing become rather painful, whereas before I often employed extensive "mental masturbation” with a solid understanding of a good portion of most worldly phenomena. For example, in Biology undergrad I took a number of classes that were beyond requirements of the program, usually in psychology or philosophy many of which were not particularly found desirable to those looking to simply receive their checkmark. Following a semester in a Doctoral Audiology program I changed programs to a research oriented program sequence in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience; the clinical program wasn't particularly mentally stimulating and I also wanted to get closer to the source of everything, being the latter. I'm really hoping this will return along with my prior high level of curiosity. Just recalling days where I would lay awake in bed where I would have such anticipation for what I could accomplish the following day brings a smile to my face, even now. I always had a list of projects in mind, many automotive etc. Now after years, projects that were once my soul and spirit have remained neglected and many abandoned. Fingers are crossed, I really need this back..


Curiosity got the best of me this evening. Having spent some time in the Amazon earlier this year I've begun the use of Rapé in my spiritual practices. I had anticipated an synergistic effect between this and my heightened state acquired with my arsenal, to my surprise there was very little effect found in tonight's session. Not only was there a almost complete loss of initial pain in administration, but also no profound shifts in consciousness which is often found. Given I had received a new shipment just today, I grabbed another mixture to follow up with a second administration, once again very little effect. I wonder if my current state has reached it's bandwidth, or if something more elemental is at work in the neurochemistry; acetylcholine is the primary target. I'll have to try this another day and see if this replicates.



As the day draws to an end I find I that I had not accomplished as much as I would have liked. This is rather typical of recent, despite intentions. My former self was extremely productive, so it has required a degree of self forgiveness over the duration. I'll shoot for more tomorrow.


This is enough for now, I will followup with a more detailed account of history should others find it useful. Cheers! 

#2 Infinite1

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Posted 16 October 2019 - 10:24 PM

10/16/19 Health log



Morning assessment

Fatigue: 50%

Motivation: 50%

Social anxiety: 60%


Sleep quality: Poor, losing faith in my Fitbit to accurately keep track, which reports 7.5 hours, however with a rating of poor to fair, which might be somewhat correct on the quality portion but rather ambitious on the number of hours.



Breakfast: 4 eggs and 1/3 lb of turkey bacon. I take my pills same as detailed in the first post with small variances (e.g. 4g Vit C vs. 1 etc.)


It takes quite a bit of time to get moving, that is my pace it seems these days.


Infrared Sauna. I go ahead and get into my sauna, I have a infared sauna that I've modified somewhat. The unit is a cheaper make, and therefore isn't the desired NIR version rather the FAR. I've installed a NIR heat lamp bulb to the ceiling of the unit for the benefits of NIR light – most notably up-regulation of COX. I have also an oxygen concentrator that remains outside the sauna but with the plumbing into the sauna for concurrent oxygen therapy via nasal cannula. Also a Himalayan salt lamp, just for a bit of hippy-ness. I do also employ essential oils, and put a few drops into the water reservoir of the concentrator. I do 35 minutes at 140 degrees with the heat lamp above, and then take a cold shower, for a bit of a Finnish end.


3:00PM I hit a necessary sleep wall. I have for some time experienced these strange periods of almost narcoleptic-like necessity to lay down. I attribute this instance to the CSM mobilizing mycotoxins. To conceptualize, it is a profound downwards force coupled with an odd vertigo. During these rests I don't really sleep usually, but there remains a strange heaviness and somewhat delirium. Interestingly if I do happen to lay down upon the precise onset of these episodes then it often will give way to a higher state not only arousal-wise, but also a noticeable shift in consciousness. I refer to these as micro phase transitions that are taking place. If however I do not lay down and ignore the strong urge, then it seems to go the other direction inevitably. Very strange, I must admit.


Late afternoon assessment:

Fatigue: 25%

Motivation: 70%

Social anxiety: 10%


I am now in a good state of mind, I might almost say great. I begin organizing and cleaning my house, and I do so in a moderately quick pace, whereas I would would be dumbfounded where to begin and muster only enough energy to throw a few things out in the garage, and a desperate attempt at sweeping etc. I am undeniably in an alternate state of being at present, one that feels more like “home” and much closer to my former self.


Segmentation of consciousness. Normally there is a segmented feeling, feeling shattered and scrambling to gather the pieces. Now I am almost forcibly aware of a connection with the “rhythm of life”. Everything appears brighter, the temporal aperture now allows for the appreciation of the present. In fact this is evidenced in my very writing this; as I would normally not invest time nor energy into a simple log. Interestingly I am able to feel greater articulation in movement and awareness of skin sensations, such as gentle arm hair movement in motion etc. I normally attempt to reserve making any glowing remarks this early into trialing anything, but undoubtedly this is a wonderful experience.


Social anxiety- little in the afternoon. Still need to break the cycle of years of being rather antisocial as a result of feeling like death. So there appears to be some carry over from this, but in a new context independent of mine currently I do not feel there would be anything notable. I am starting to long for the days of being witty, it now seems tangible, and am enjoying contemplation of this. 


Working out this evening went great, considering it had been well over a week since my last weight lifting workout. Normally I am dogged after a set, here, at present, I am barely breathing at a higher rate than normal and not expressively tired, in fact I've bought my PC with my and am typing paragraphs between sets as things surface in my mind.


For many with biotoxin illness there is an undeniable feeling of dread in the very pit of your stomach. I actually was not aware that this was a commonality until very recent, within the wonderful virtual experience I ran across this reported by many. This has all but be abolished, except when I think about it there is just a tinge. That by far has been the worst of all symptoms, even when barely able to walk and put one foot in front of the other, the constant feeling of the darkest dread remained far worse.


I am rather disheartened to find that tomorrow will be my last day with 9-ME-BC until a new order has arrived. This will leave me at the 5 day mark, which in publication did not produce any statistically lasting cognitive benefits, these were reserved for those rats running a 10 day course. I will cycle and try once more with enthusiasm. https://onlinelibrar...59.2012.07713.x


The next few days I will be out of town for a family gathering, so I may be somewhat sparse in reporting depending on whether there is anything to report. 

Edited by Infinite1, 16 October 2019 - 10:29 PM.

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#3 joesixpack

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Posted 17 October 2019 - 02:42 AM

I am sorry to hear about your situation. I have a good friend that could not get diagnosed and was never treated. He is in the same boat you are, which is awful.


Have you tried NR and/or C60 supplementation?

#4 Infinite1

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Posted 17 October 2019 - 03:31 AM

Hi Joe,


Many thanks for the message, yes it's certainly a test to the depths of one's soul, not trying to sugar coat it. PM me if I can be of any assistance, I don't mind. 


I have supplemented with NR in the past, with some benefit -- granted a lot of flux with both disease, medication, and supplements. Actually the Synapsin nasal spray that I'm currently employing includes this along with RG3 and B12. 


I have some C60 in my cabinet, I may include it now, but as you can gather it's hard to squeeze everything in sometimes. I will most likely add this with methylene blue. For chronic mold exposure there is diminished mitochondrial functioning, respiratory chain deficits/dysfunction, and COX downregulation -- so here MB should be of benefit. Supraphysiologic T3 is also on the menu for mitogenesis, this is one of my favorite combinations for this purpose. 



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#5 Infinite1

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Posted 18 October 2019 - 05:58 AM

Just a quick note, with not much to report today.

I've been on the road to visit family and haven't been able to stay on course with my regime. As it turns out I over estimated the amount of Semax I brought with; as the bottle has a rather thick base to it, appearances didn't match actual volume. Without the use of two agents today it became apparent these two are central to the protocol, and by positive response. Some benefits remained without their use, however to a much smaller scale. On a more positive note I have received shopping confirmation for my order's arrival this coming Monday. Full steam ahead at that time! Now to try to sleep, insomnia in full effect this evening.

#6 Infinite1

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Posted 22 November 2019 - 08:47 PM

Sorry for being less then responsive in posting updates. There has been a number of ups and downs over the duration, more the latter I suppose. I've completed a second cycle of the same combination of peptides and nootropics. It appears the glowing response was not to be repeated, so I can only assume the initial response was a sort of honeymoon with these agents. 


It has become more apparent in diving through the mold literature and anecdotals that litter the internet, that the possibility of heavy cross contamination is quite high given the length of exposure and the profoundly high concentrations. It seems that there is an observed sensitization period for most going through the detoxification process, this coupled with cross contamination can become the new "ceiling" for eliciting reactions unless further exposure can be reduced to very low levels. I personally find this dynamic is follows the same response curve as that of behavioral extinction; and most likely they share the same physiologic underpinnings. It is very important to remain mold free, otherwise there exists the possibility of spontaneous reacquisition. 


All this said, most people do not return to health without drastic actions. Removal of all possibly contaminated porous materials, mattresses, furniture, books and papers etc. It seems my largest hindrance in this process has been being overly conservative in my approach at many steps along the path; only in hindsight finding out my assumed wisdom was more or less ego based naivety. I will now need to address this variable, and will need to most likely replace furniture, bed, and carpets. 


This process no doubt is a long winded process, to effectively reverse the pathogenesis of something as multifaceted is quite an undertaking. To effectively address this, not only do we need to reverse some epigenetic processes, repair damage sustained, and then address maladaptive responses (behavioral/immune/hormonal etc.). So, not necessarily an easy undertaking. I have a few different models I like to use to convey pathogenesis, currently something rather neglected within our healthcare system. For those that are familiar with the Price is Right game show, this should look familiar. I personally like this model as it retains ordering effects, and contextual emergence of pathology (e.g. epigenetics). This is obviously rather simplified, and in reality there would be many parallel running paths within various domains, intradependently operating with differing constraining variables/nodes. Thus the expression of a pathology wouldn't be contingent to one "bin" but rather the combination of several. 


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#7 Infinite1

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Posted 22 November 2019 - 10:35 PM

Just a quick post. Here are a few facebook groups that are rather helpful for those dealing with either mycotoxicosis, or tick borne diseases. There is most certainly high co-occurance of the two, as you can see with members being 25k+



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#8 Mind

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Posted 25 November 2019 - 07:00 PM

I have been bitten by ticks hundreds of times in my life, and it is likely I have had Lyme's disease or a tick-borne disease at least 5 times, however, I have never had a positive test for any tick-borne disease, only typical symptoms that correlated closely in time with tick bites.


I read over a decade ago that perhaps Lyme's could be a chronic disability. Because of this, I improved my diet (less carbs/sugar), tried to optimize my supplement regimen, and continued to exercise regularly. This seems to have kept me healthy and functioning well, without any drastic measures.

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#9 Infinite1

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Posted 27 November 2019 - 04:17 AM

I have been bitten by ticks hundreds of times in my life, and it is likely I have had Lyme's disease or a tick-borne disease at least 5 times, however, I have never had a positive test for any tick-borne disease, only typical symptoms that correlated closely in time with tick bites.

I read over a decade ago that perhaps Lyme's could be a chronic disability. Because of this, I improved my diet (less carbs/sugar), tried to optimize my supplement regimen, and continued to exercise regularly. This seems to have kept me healthy and functioning well, without any drastic measures.

Thanks, Mind! Indeed, that most likely would be the case for many. The key to all of this is to determine why someone does not return to health. So in your case I assume you were not exposed to high concentrations of mycotoxins during your lyme recovery(ies).

What is rather interesting is this may work the opposite direction as well -- finding those that have been exposed to mold with a certain genetic predisposition to mycotoxicosis, with a variant of the HLA gene haplotype, many soon test positive for lyme's and related co-infections. Most of these individuals do not necessarily recall an instance of a tick bite, thus it begs the question. It would be a somewhat radical shift in the medical paradigm, although I think it is rather elegant/intuitive, to think that a large portion of the population most likely has been exposed to lyme's disease (among others) throughout their life...only then manifesting following an experience of great immune suppression; chronic mold, trauma (e.g. death in the family, divorce), stress, lack of sleep etc. For some the mold becomes the central node in order to hopefully rescue immune system status and abolish everything that comes out of the woodwork; EBV, mycoplasma, candidiasis etc. Not all of these pathogens were transmitted at the same time, so it is rather foolish not to consider many other potential latent infections as effective contributors to chronic illness. For others more unfortunate this turns into autoimmunity with the potential to progress, to those more "exotic" illnesses: Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS, MS, FM, etc.

With regard to your negative testing, this is of no surprise, false negatives are quite common for these labs as they inherently assume immune competency (antibodies). You most likely either were tested before there was a robust immune system response 1-4 weeks after transmission, or after the immune system has been compromised 2-6 months after. For myself I only tested positive on a single band, western blot, then got the idea of using a "provocation" using a broad spectrum antibiotic. After using minocycline for 2 weeks and then retesting I then met criteria, with 4 or 5 bands. You could also use something like grapefruit seed extract instead for a non RX option, and also optimal for removing biofilm should that be part of the issue. Keep in mind that the antibodies being tested for are simply to protein compositions of various "parts" of the bacterium -- so in treatment with the lysising you will then have an immune system response, and presumably positive markers.

My diet now for a decade has been pretty on point. I've been GF since I was 19, and now 36. With that I have had very limited dairy, and almost no sugar -- I'm actually very disciplined in this regard. This along with copious amounts of supplements, exercise and auxiliaries most likely kept me afloat for some time. Lastly I should mention that at this time my primary diagnosis is mycotoxicosis and LD is secondary. Thus my assumed LD symptoms were most likely more so toxic mold rather than purely LD.

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