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AMPK / mTOR Supplement Cycling

ampk mtor catabolic cycling curcumin metformin egcg

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#1 Douglas Woytuik

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Posted 30 October 2019 - 09:56 PM

I've been doing a fair bit of digging into how the various supplements I use affect the AMPK / mTOR pathways. 


A significant number of the supplements I use for general anti-aging are AMPK activators.  I view this as a positive since I think increasing AMPK activation may be key to health aging and potentially age reversal via promoting autophagy.  


What I am looking for help with is what people think about / have found evidence for, the idea of cycling on and off of the AMPK activating compounds.  I am fairly certain that the body needs to have a healthy balance between anabolic processes (mTOR dependent) and catabolic processes (AMPK dependent).


I believe for those of us not doing calorie restriction, we are in Anabolic mode most of the time, hence the benefits of AMPK activation, but one can always swing the pendulum too far the other way.


I am thinking of the following regime.  Fasting overnight most days from 9pm until noon.  Taking the bulk of AMPK boosting compounds every other day upon waking.


These alternate day AM compounds would be 850mg metformin, 500mg curcumin, 50mg pterostilbene, 170mg asprin, 250mg EGCG.  


The remainder of the stack is fairly time independent, but a second 50mg of pterostilbene would be every night prior to bed.


I'd love feedback and encourage a discussion on supplement timing/cycling as related to AMPK and MTOR.

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