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Combating steroid dementia syndrome? (damage caused by cortisol)

prednisone budesonide cortisol steroids steroid dementia syndrome

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#1 cpark91

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Posted 25 December 2019 - 02:24 PM

I take budesonide to fight my Irritable Bowel Disease (lymphocytic colitis). My memory and verbal IQ have gotten worse, probably among many other things. 


See: https://en.wikipedia...Pathophysiology


> Elevated glucocorticoid activity is associated with down-regulation of GRs (known as "glucocorticoid cascade hypothesis"[5]), which diminishes neuroreparative activity and attenuates neurogenesis that can result in decreased hippocampal volume with prolonged glucocorticoid exposure.[6]

Any ideas on how to combat the deleterious effects of this drug?

#2 ibtisam_midlet

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Posted 25 December 2019 - 02:59 PM

you don't say why the doctor put you in corticosteroid but i guess its for inflammatory.

so whats about stopping budesonide and switching to other treatment for Irritable Bowel Disease that is not corticosteroid type


you might face rebound effect, depend on the time you have taking budesonide, it will re-upregulte glucocorticoid cascade hypothesis.


i don't know much about inflammatory medications, but what i know is there some medically used antibodyس for treat inflammatory of COPD acne etc.. they aren't made specifically for Irritable Bowel Disease but they are strong look this one of them >>OMALIZUMAB

It has been used to try to control severe allergic asthma, which does not respond to high doses of corticosteroids

she have 29 day half life, she will decrease the body production of histamine but not in CNS, because antibody are big, so they can't cross blood brain barrier, that will make its  non-sadative and will not decrease your cognitive performance


its not

just talk to your doctor about this, she will guide you.

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