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could these supplements or diet have caused GERD?

swallowing difficulties

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#1 ironfistx

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Posted 08 March 2020 - 05:08 AM

A few days ago I got some nasty GERD.  I had the following symptoms.


Difficulty swallowing sometimes have to swallow 2 times to get the food down

chest pain

air hunger

snoring, wtf I rarely snore

excess saliva production


I worked to find out what might have caused this.  I realized the following.


A few days before this started, I ate some mushrooms, porcini, becaused I wished to get some health benefits from them.  I don't really like mushrooms, I fried them with olive oil.

A few days before this started, I ate some sprouts I bought at the store without washing them at first, because I thought they were washed.  Following, I found they weren't, washed them, and ate more.

A few weeks before this started, I ended a dose of Wobenzym having 15 pills per day maybe this messed with digestive environment

A few weeks before this, I started eating a lot of a precise kind of almond bar like 3 per day for weeks.  the ingredients didn't look horrible but maybe too many of something?  They were low sugar.

A few days before this, I got heart palpitations from a few drops of concentrace in water

A few days before this, I got heart palpitations from eating two bananas

I had been drinking mineral water for a few weeks before this

I had been drinking alkaline water a few meals before this


Based on what i've read GERD is caused by LOW stomach acid, not too much.  So things like chemicals that reduce stomach acid probably don't help.


Thoughts on what might have caused this?  I regularly eat low sugar, but lots of carbs, much rice, olive oil, somewhat vegetarian, I don't drink alcohol, no soda, basically water 99% of the time.


Here are some weird traits.  I can eat friend hash beef with butter on it, a really greasy food, and it doesn't make it worse.  Fellows say that greasy fat food makes it worse.  This is easy to swallow so I've been eating more of it.


I'm stressed as heck but I'm sure being aforementioned doesn't help.


I've stopped all supplementation.

Edited by ironfistx, 08 March 2020 - 05:21 AM.

#2 mkp6019

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Posted 18 March 2020 - 12:54 PM

I do think for me, swallowing supplement pills increases GERD. Not sure if I don't consume enough water or don't consume before eating meals that is the biggest factor. That being said the best way to avoid GERD is to avoid Chocolate, Sugar, Tomatoes, Milk, Grains and to eat smaller balanced meals. Drinking bone broth between meals is also helpful.

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#3 bixbyte

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Posted 19 March 2020 - 04:34 PM

Try Melatonin 1 or 3 mg for your stress before you go to Bed? And place books or something under your bed supports at your head so your bed is at least 6 inches higher at your head

and 6 inches lower at your feet. That way your saliva and digestion fluids will run down hill to your feet. The digestion fluids (acid reflux) could be rising uphill to your mouth while you sleep.

The snore probably suctions up the GERD into your mouth while you are asleep. 

Also, you could try an OTC GERD medication like Previcid, Prilosec, Cimetidine, Zantac, or Pepcid .....   

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