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Could Antibiotics be the Source of Your Dysfunctions?

fluoroquinolones mitochondrial damage oxidative stress tendonitis muscle pain

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Posted 20 March 2020 - 08:19 PM

Several years ago I developed symptoms, including muscle aches, tendon pain, and mild peripheral neuropathy. I could no longer condition my muscles at the gym. My GP said it could be part of the fibromyalgia syndrome. Eventually I chalked it up to aging, but thought it strange because the onset of the symptoms was fairly rapid. That was 10 years ago. Recently I was prescribed Cipro for urinary tract infection. After the second dose I felt nervous, heart palpitations, and joint pain and muscle aches. Since then it’s been nothing but bad days. 


I’m thinking now that I was exposed long ago to fluoroquinolones and there was an initial damage but not severe or direct enough to make a connection to the antibiotic. Then with this last exposure, it hit the tipping point - a critical mass had accumulated, because as I understand it, the effects of these drugs are permanent. So I’m wondering how many millions of undiagnosed or misdiagnosed cases are out there. How many people are carrying a fluoroquinolone load from years past, and with the next prescription end up severely and permanently damaged, or dead? Meanwhile the pharmaceutical industry does everything it can to distract, deny, and dissuade research into the syndrome. Nearly all the research done so far is from Europe or China. 


Has anyone out there been dealing with this problem and if so, have you found any efficacious treatments, or even partially effective interventions with antioxidants, methylene blue, etc.?








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