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PAYWALLED__Benefits of Metformin in Attenuating the Hallmarks of Aging

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Posted 09 May 2020 - 11:01 PM






P A Y W A L L E D   S O U R C E :   Cell Metabolism







Biological aging involves an interplay of conserved and targetable molecular mechanisms, summarized as the hallmarks of aging. Metformin, a biguanide that combats age-related disorders and improves health span, is the first drug to be tested for its age-targeting effects in the large clinical trial—TAME (targeting aging by metformin). This review focuses on metformin’s mechanisms in attenuating hallmarks of aging and their interconnectivity, by improving nutrient sensing, enhancing autophagy and intercellular communication, protecting against macromolecular damage, delaying stem cell aging, modulating mitochondrial function, regulating transcription, and lowering telomere attrition and senescence. These characteristics make metformin an attractive gerotherapeutic to translate to human trials.















Main Text
Mechanisms of Metformin in Targeting Biological Aging
Effects of Metformin on Attenuating Individual Hallmarks of Aging
Primary Targets of Metformin among Aging Hallmarks
Secondary Targets of Metformin among Aging Hallmarks
Side Effects of Metformin
Conclusions and Perspectives

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