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I think I predicted the future with my mind/brain

future predicting

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#1 kurdishfella

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Posted 13 June 2020 - 01:39 AM

I was laying in my bed yesterday as I usually do on my phone and right outside of my house I heard 2-3 people. I think they were on a motor bike. As I realized they were there the first thing that came to my mind was ''Do Not Crash''. It just popped out of nowhere so I was confused because I wasn't even thinking much about them just aware they were there. 


24 hours later I thought I heard the same people and they were on their bikes again, and guess what, they crashed onto each other on the same street maybe few feet away... I'm not sure if it was the same people because this time they were on regular bikes but regardless it happened, and my timeline may not be 100% but this has made me realize that you can somehow predict the future and perhaps change it if possible if you have the conscious abilities to do so which everyone can learn. And yes they were all right they didn't get hurt bad I heard them talk. What's funny is English is my 3rd language but I use it so much it has become like my main language and I am slowly forgetting the other two as I don't use them as much.

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