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Experiences with Mesocarb?


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#1 Laika

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Posted 08 July 2020 - 05:23 PM

My knowledge of pharmacology is lacking but from what I understand it's a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. I've read that it does not affect norepinephrine and some speculate that, due to this circumstance, it might not have much of an effect. Others claim that it might be a cleaner version of dextroamphetamine.


It supposedly enhances resistance to cold weather.


Wikipedia labels it a nootropic and mentions that is has a lack of abuse potential.


I read in one source published by a pharmaceutical company that it has been studied for treating "mental retardation" and it is currently in (phase 2?) studies for Parkinson's treatment.


I'm interested in what a Mesocarb experience would be like and can't seem to find it described anywhere on the internet. Apparently, it's not available outside of Russia in spite of it being used in US studies. 


I'm surprised that no one on the internet seems to know what it's like to be under the influence of Mesocarb, especially since it's not exactly a new drug. If it is available in Russia, shouldn't there be Russian nootropic forums in which posters are describing Mesocarb experiences? 

#2 gintrux

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Posted 11 July 2020 - 09:18 PM

Also interested. Please share if you find any russian reports. Maybe try google translate to find keywords for yandex.ru search & use chrome's web translate feature?

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#3 Laika

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Posted 11 July 2020 - 10:34 PM

Also interested. Please share if you find any russian reports. Maybe try google translate to find keywords for yandex.ru search & use chrome's web translate feature?


I thought you guys would have done this by now. :)


I spent about 20 minute searching Yandex (Google translate has come a long way since I was in college...) and found this forum: https://neuroleptic....иднокарб/page-1


I'm learning a few things...


There is a lot of discussion here about whether it's addictive and whether cessation causes withdrawal:



In fact, Sydnocarb causes a fairly strong psychological dependence. In some ways, it is even more malignant compared to the stimulants of the amphetamine group - if tolerance develops very quickly on the latter, such that even very high doses of amphetamine cannot create the desired effects, but retaining completely unpleasant side effects,



I read contrived posts about sydnocarb addiction, - smiled. He himself once used it, took a total of 15 packs in 2-3 years ... and did not acquire any dependence. A normal stimulant, milder than phenamine, but the negative points are that it causes a significant increase in blood pressure and tachycardia



I took Sydnocarb for several years, no dependence was observed. The only thing is, if you immediately cancel the daily dose of 15 mg, the head hurts, you need to gradually reduce the dose within 2-3 days. A wonderful preparation, drowsiness by day disappeared, and ease of falling asleep in the evening appeared. It is unfortunate that he was "left" ...



By the way, it is surprising, but the fact that, according to the experience of using Sydnocarb in the army, quite a lot of experience is gained. No one seriously considered addiction and depression there, the fact that no addiction was ascertained as a fact. Nobody pays special attention to blood pressure or tachycardia in combat on adrenaline. It was used by special forces of all stripes at combat or long reconnaissance exits from Afghanistan until recently. The main problem with it is different - at a certain stage, both individual and group hallucinations arise against the background of nervous exhaustion and prolonged night vigils. There were many cases when a small war started in the night, and then it turned out that ghosts actually fought. 

I'm not sure what to make of the last one but it's interesting to read that it was used in the army. It also seems like it's used in the body building community. I think posters are saying that people like to drink alcohol on it...


I found some more experiences on a military website: http://vrazvedka.ru/...opic.php?t=6045




In the 1990s, the drug began to be used not only for medicinal purposes. As you know, in 1993-1995, access to medicines received various commercial organizations involved in wholesale. Thanks to this, the drug “from list A” went to the people. The amazing properties of this medicine that Sydnocarb had on people were discovered. Very approximate doses and their effects are described below.

10 tablets in a single dose (10 mg), with an interval of 1-2 minutes:
causes severe euphoria lasting 3-4 hours. It doesn’t matter what state the person is in (tired, intoxicated), the result is always the same. After the end of the action (6-7 hours), depression appears.

2-3 tablets one-time:
truckers could fall asleep without risk for 5-7 hours to drive a vehicle;
dramatically increased brain function contributes to the solution of various problems. For example, students and schoolchildren could easily and quickly perform complex tasks, write voluminous works;
20-40 minutes after administration, physical strength is restored;
restores well-being after drinking alcohol (that is, in other words, kills a hangover).

1 tablet:
after 30-40 minutes, it has a positive effect on general well-being; the mood improves, the desire to do something appears. [source not specified 45 days] The

person taking the drug does not feel how it dissolves and begins to act. Everything happens absolutely naturally, without drastic changes in physiology. Absolutely no addiction. There were practically no cases when the drug had a negative effect.


And more people talking about how there is no need to sleep on it and that it causes hallucinations.


Sounds a lot like amphetamine...


There's more technical discussion about it Sydnocarb in a Modafinil topic but a lot of it is getting lost in translation: https://www.yaplakal...pic1206951.html


If you want to do your own search, you can find more information using the brand name Sydnocarb or Сиднокарб


My search terms were: Sydnocarb Experience Forum or Сиднокарб опыт форум

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: nootropic

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