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Patrick Theut "Reverse CAC score & Heart Disease"

cac chd

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#1 RWhigham

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Posted 03 August 2020 - 01:48 AM

Patrick Theut interview with "Decoding Superhuman" Boomer Anders
Patrick Theut interview with "The Fat Emperor" Ivor Cummins 
Patrick Theut is the creator of Koncentrated K.
Abstract from Patrick Theut's interview with Ivor Cummins   plus  [Editorial comments]
  • Heart disease reversal/prevention requires high serum levels of vitamin K1 and vitamin MK-7 .
  • Vitamin K: There is one K1 and 13 [misspoken] K2's.  [Edit: The K2's are MK-4 thru MK-13, where the number indicates the length of a molecule chain. So there are 10 of them.]
  • K1 is made by plants. It's high in broccoli & Kale.
  • K2's come from fermented food products or fermentation by gut bacteria. Carbs feed the wrong type of gut bacteria. Carbs can kill K2 production in your gut.  A low carb ketogenic diet is essential for the gut to make K2s. [Edit: Its best to supplement K2's instead of worrying about gut bacteria making them.]

Need for K1, vit-C, and "large fluffy" LDL

  • Macrophages inside your cell wall turn into foam cells that cause constant inflammation and the build up of plaque.
  • Initially, monocytes patrolling the inside of arteries pull damaged (gluconated or oxidized) lipids and bacteria out of the blood, then become macrophages inside the cell wall.
  • Once macrophages job is done they need to be killed, else they become "foam cells", bloated with droplets of cholesterol.
  • LDL carries K1 & vit-C. If it has enough K1 and Vit-C it will kill the macrophages that eat it. If there is not enough of either K1 or Vit-C, the macrophages will gorge on LDL and become foam cells.
  • This explains why a vegetarian diet high enough in K1 and vit-C could prevent athersclerosis.
  • Small LDL cannot carry enough K1, so small LDL will always feed foam cells. You need large fluffy LDL and enough K1 & Vit-C in order to stay healthy.

Need for vit-D & free-T3

  • You've got macrophages and foam cells growing and you've got to kill them.
  • If you have enough vit-D and enough free T3 (thyroid hormone), there will be proteins on the surface of macrophages that start spinning. This attracts HDL.

Need for MK-7, CoQ10, Micro-RNA, and "large fluffy" HDL

  • MK-7 on the HDL locks onto the spinning protein on macrophages or foam cells and locks it down.
  • The COQ10 on HDL then binds tightly to the macrophage. Then Micro-RNA from the HDL enters the macrophage (or foam cell) and kills it.
  • The HDL then sucks out the fat & cholesterol and when its all bloated it returns to the liver.
  • Small HDL cannot carry enough MK7, CoQ10, & Micro-RNA, so it cannot kill foam cells.
  • The difference in surface area between small & large HDL is 900%.
  • In addition, small HDL cannot orient MK7 & CoQ10 properly to lock onto a macrophage.

Need for magnesium

  • A little-known carrier protein is attracted into the artery wall by spinning proteins on macrophages.
  • If there is enough magnesium to loosen calcium from muscle cells in the arterial wall, this carrier protein can grab onto the calcium and remove it.


  • Inadequate diet will make LDL & HDL too small
  • Will not provide enough K1, vit-C, vit-D, free-T3, MK7, CoQ10, and magnesium.
  • High dietary levels create more K1 & vit-C on in LDL
  • High dietary levels create a better coating of MK-7, CoQ-10, and Micro-RNA on HDL
  • High dietary levels of vit-D and free-T3 create the spinning molecules on macrophages

HDL & LDL will kill & clean out macrophage foam cells with high serum levels of the following:

  •   LDL
  •   HDL
  •   Free T3     between 3.3 & 5.0 pg/ml
  •   K1, MK-4, & MK-7    koncentrated k supplies all these
  •   CoQ10
  •   Vit D3    vit-D, 25-OH between 60 &70
  •   Vit E
  •   Vit C       Patrick takes 6 g/d, but realizes that is too high for most people
  •   Magnesium
  •   Selenium     optimum is 200 ug/day (total including food)
  •   Omega 3's with fat     [I take DHA & EPA extracts and avoid fish oil]
  •   Do not take Calcium or Arginine
  •   Take Lysine & Citrulline 

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#2 pamojja

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Posted 03 August 2020 - 12:11 PM

One thing to add, since not many would take the time to watch long videos, is that Patrick since almost 2 decades has sieved anything he could find in the available scientific literature (his product page is a testimony to that in respect to K-vitamins only), and is propably the only individual who lab-tested himself the most.


For example, by repeatedly testing undercarboxylated osteocalcin as a proxi for vitamin K2, he found that no high doses of K2 vitamins can be too much, to bring it down to healthier levels. So he know's his own metabolism very well. And many of his recommentations originate from that.


Doing a lot of lab-testing myself (not even nearly as much), I want to point out that there are immense differences in bio-chemical individuality. For example my selenium only came in the optimal range with 370 mcg/d of selenium (incl. food).


He thinks a carrot a day gives enough preforemed vitamin A. And the liver know's by itself how much is actually needed. In his later video he admits that there are of course genetic differences. I also found carrots not enough, but the need for high doses of preformed vitamin A to raise serum levels to optimal.


My ubiome showed I've complete lack in vitamin K1 to K2 metabolizing bacteria, despite being low carb since a decade.

Only Mg-sulfate IVs, beside supplementing up to 2.5 g of oral elemental Mg a day, finally started to improve my severe Mg-deficiency.

My rhinitis eats up so much vitamin C for its antihistamine properties, I actually supplemented 24 g/d, and would still do better with more of that stuff.

So take what it takes, acertained with frequent lab-testing.


Despite obviously being deficient in freeT3 and Mg, I too could halt the mercyless growth in calcification. We are all deferent.

Edited by pamojja, 03 August 2020 - 12:13 PM.

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#3 Mind

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Posted 03 August 2020 - 05:22 PM

I recently interviewed Patrick about his updated regimen and health. I will post here when the video is posted.

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#4 docmaas

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Posted 03 August 2020 - 10:34 PM

Looking forward to the interview.



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#5 Gal220

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 06:27 PM

I think the protocol would benefit by adding some collagen and it is really close to the modified Linus Pauling protocol most sites are using - Link , Link2

Keep in mind these caveats for the protocol, especially insulin/type 2 diabetes.  In general though, any health protocol will work better if you get your SUGAR under control


Another good thread on reducing CAC is on the forums HERE

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#6 Gal220

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 07:13 PM

Life extensions health booster might be something to cut down on pills - k1, k2(mk-4 ,6 , 7, and 9) , gamma E, lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene , saffron, chlorophillin

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#7 docmaas

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Posted 02 October 2020 - 10:23 PM

I recently interviewed Patrick about his updated regimen and health. I will post here when the video is posted.





#8 Gal220

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Posted 03 October 2020 - 04:38 AM




while we wait for Mike


Patricks story - some take aways


-"There are two dosages of “vitamins”.  One is maintenance and the other is therapeutic and it is key to know the difference. "  -  Key indeed, no idea how he gets his numbers.  Ive read crazy doses of omega 3 for brain dmg as well though.

-Bad APOE gene means you need to take more K, apparently a test for this.

-thyroid status and TSH below 1.0 is desired with Free T3 over 3.0 is best

-Avoid vaccinations especially MMR (Measles, mumps and rubella).

-Over 4grams of C - this wont do any good without good sugar control as C competes with glucose for insulin and loses.

-recommends 2 carrots for vitamin A(i do eat one a day and they vary quite a bit, grams would have been helpful) - some people are really poor at converting, retinol makes more sense(Liver or COD liver oil)

-exercise - One must keep one’s heartrate over 90% for over 45 min to positively impact the HDL.  One is better off at 60% to 65% for an hour.

-one can reverse Type 2 Diabetes by using Vanadium - ***new information for me, hopefully its true. however, I am aware of many facets to this, like uric acid(quercetin, luteolin, cherry help) destroys pancreatic beta cells. fenugreek also helps beta cells. DHEA aids insulin resistance, 2 mgs for every decade over 30yrs of age ***

-keep your Magnesium over 1 gram per day as Mg - high dose here, but not crazy, wonder how he got this number. 400-600 is what I normally read.

-if one has an issue with B-12 metabolism then use MTFR so get tested for that genetic defect  -  use a good multivitamin with all the preferred forms and dont worry about it.

-astaxanthin - he takes it, but neglects to mention a dosage here.


Vitamin K and cardiac - good info but nothing for regimen


Vitamin K and cardiac Part 2 - Long read (no dates or indication this page is being updated, Patrick needs an editor, obviously well read but leaves out important points like how he arrived at doses)

-huge list of suggested tests

- HDL should be higher than 60, LDL be between 110 to 175, and TGs lower than 100.

-No Junk Food/Junk Carbs

-No Junk Oils:  Good oils:  butter, lard, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, macadamia nut oil, olive oil (find the real stuff).
-Eat once per day (the body is designed for this per Noakes) - not a believer on this point, especially if lifting and exercising well.
-per Noakes:  60% fat, 30% protein, 10% complex carbs or like I tell folks, get a supreme pizza and eat the topping (then give the crust to those you don’t like - - - - lol lol). - patrick has a dark side..
-Drink a half to one gallon of water a day
-CoQ10 - - - in the ubiquinol form - - - 200mg (cannot take too much) - imo a wreckless statement, but it would get expensive doing more...200mg isnt cheap.
-Vitamin C - - - somewhere between 2 grams per day and 16 grams per day  - assuming he is using bowel tolerance test, doesnt say how he arrived at 6grams. Time release C is better in my opinion, I bet he is peeing out a ton of it.
-Vitamin D - - - in Upper Michigan we have no sun - - - the author uses 10,000 ius in the summer and 20,000 ius in the winter to maintain 65 ng/ml “D” level  - Do not agree, would like to see some proof. Be interesting if he did a bone density test, especially without taking any calcium.
-Vitamin K - - - one koncentratedk
-Magnesium - - - 3 to 4 - - - 1300mg Magnesium Malate pills
-Thyroid Med - - - some amount of Armour Thryoid so as to get your Free T3 in range.  The author uses 2 grains (which is a lot).  Suggest one chews it.
-Now take the Fish Oil, D, E, K, and “10” with milk or a fatty food, i would suggest coconut.  Absorption aid.
-Fish Oil - - - about 6 grams per day - Another high dosage, just think about the blood thinning alone, along with the other oils.
-Vitamin E mixed toco - no dosage, but really necessary taking that much fish oil to prevent oxidation.
-Citrulline, (3-6 grams per day) - Citrulline induces the production of Arginine thus Citrulline is a safer way to provide the right amount of Arginine to the body.
-Lysine also helps via reduction in blood pressure (read as less stress on the pipes) - - - consider 3 to 6 grams per day.
-Selenium is implicated in CAD.  The author lives in a Selenium deficient area and as such takes 100mcg - covered if you take a good multi.
-B complex - Assuming you don’t have a Folate metabolism issue, like the author, it is suggested as a good starting point about 4 Multi-B’s per day, known as “B-150’s”.
-Blood pressure must be low (best time to take your BP is whilst still in bed) (you don’t want to stress your pipes all the time as your pipes need recovery time also). -Magnesium and Lysine drop your BP if you take enough.  Surprising he had an issue at all taking 6 grams of fish oil.
-Sleep is encouraged as that is when your body fixes itself
-Stress (cortisol) is to be minimized. Learn to relax
-Cox-1 and Cox-2 are managed via Aspirin - curcumin, boswellia, and ginger would be better options imo.

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#9 Gal220

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Posted 03 October 2020 - 07:00 PM

One way to cut down on the 6 gram fish oil would be to take high epa fish oil, around 3 grams.


From Dr.Ray

"EPA is more beneficial for the lining of arteries and prevents heart attacks and strokes"

"As this link shows people with arthritis need more omega-3 fatty acids (EPA), namely 2.7 grams or more (=2700 mg or more) per day"

"When you start fish oil supplements for arthritis it takes about 2 to 3 months for the fish oil to work before the inflammation is under control"


OmegaVia on high EPA fish oil


NPS - To elicit an anti-inflammatory effect, a threshold intake of 2.7 g per day EPA has been suggested



Kyolic garlic + coq10 has been used successfully Dr.Budhoff in trials (also)

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#10 Mind

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Posted 04 October 2020 - 12:28 PM

The video I did was mainly for a lay audience. It doesn't get into heavy scientific details, but it does give you Patrick's successful story in general and does delve into his supplement regimen. I am just getting clearance for posting it here, since it was recorded at a business I own.

#11 Mind

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Posted 05 October 2020 - 10:18 AM

Here is a link to the interview. Again, it is not a "rejuvenation science" interview, just an astounding story of how a paper-company engineer took a deep dive into the mechanisms of heart disease and figured out a way to reverse his heart disease - which runs against the mainstream medical advice of managing heart problems with drugs - instead of actually curing the condition.


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#12 motorcitykid

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Posted 06 October 2020 - 02:42 AM

@Mind and Patrick - great interview!

Edited by motorcitykid, 06 October 2020 - 02:42 AM.

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#13 Gal220

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Posted 06 October 2020 - 05:42 AM

18:48 in the video for his regimen, not all of it is on the list though, need to listen to the conversation.   


Some of the doses seem pretty crazy(5g magnesium malate), I think the updated Linus Pauling protocol drinks are more reasonable and testimonies sound good.  Maybe add some collagen and kyolic garlic to the regimen.


Like the caveat page for one of the drinks, Paul mentions mentions several things to make sure the protocol is going to work(his dragon picture), I just dont agree with all his dosages.

Edited by Gal220, 06 October 2020 - 05:44 AM.

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#14 aribadabar

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Posted 07 October 2020 - 12:59 AM

Some of the doses seem pretty crazy(5g magnesium malate),

5g Mg malate delivers 750mg of elemental Mg - while a bit on the high side, it not too "crazy".

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