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Binding affinities of Mirtazapine

mirtazapine seretonin antiseretonin histamine anxiety panic adrenaline

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Posted 15 September 2020 - 05:27 AM

- Does anyone know much about the 5HT2 antagonist affinities for this medication?


I am on Lexapro 12.5mg at the moment trying to reduce it to 10mg due to the sexual dampening and lack of motivation. My intention with mirtazapine was to aid sleep, gut issues (dysmotility/delayed gastric emptying) & antagonize shitty seretonin receptors from lexapro.


First night I had 30mg, I wokeup feeling quite good and motivation, and coffee nearly actually worked for once!! instead of just making me anxious...However, 3rd day Ive woken up and just felt really anxious. Like panicy and butterfliles in my stomach, could not stop ruminating on random thoughts, just full on stuck in thought loops frozen in fear. So, I popped 1mg etizolam ontop of my daily .5-1mg Ativan, and this seemed to get me out of it. Due to this I plan on taking 15mg nightly. I am very sensitive to anything that increases adrenaline.


Am I still able to get the positive anti seretonin effects from mirtazapine on 15mg? I don't want to be simply taking a H1 antagonist - and feel as if the adrenergic component may become tolerable with enough support on the seretonergic side of things. I hate the fact the h1 is so strong so Im hoping this effect will fade out...


I may even up my dose of lithium if need me, I belief this is meant to reduce seretonin over time anyway. 



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