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Boosting Senolytics with Ultrasound?

ultrasound senolytics cancer aging

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#1 zorba990

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Posted 19 September 2020 - 06:07 PM

Based on this study, that shows synergy with pre-treatment of tissue with ultrasound, I am wondering if I can magnify senolytic effects in a tissue in a similar manner.

Induction of cancer-specific cytotoxicity towards human prostate and skin cells using quercetin and ultrasound


Bioflavonoids, such as quercetin, have recently emerged as a new class of chemotherapeutic drugs for the treatment of various cancer types, but are marred by their low potency and poor selectivity. We report that a short application of low-frequency ultrasound selectively sensitises prostate and skin cancer cells against quercetin. Pretreatment of cells with ultrasound (20 kHz, 2 W cm−2, 60 s) selectively induced cytotoxicity in skin and prostate cancer cells, while having minimal effect on corresponding normal cell lines. About 90% of the viable skin cancer cell population was lost within 48 h after ultrasound-quercetin (50 μ M) treatment. Ultrasound reduced the LC50 of quercetin for skin cancer cells by almost 80-fold, while showing no effect on LC50 for nonmalignant skin cells.

It may be interesting to try this with Fisetin and skin tags, for instance.
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