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Fear of PSSD - Supplements safe?

ssri tianeptine supplements antidepressants

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#1 Sascha100

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Posted 21 September 2020 - 11:36 AM

Hey guys,

Im wondering if Im freaking out for nothing or if my concerns are valid.

Ive been taking 3 SSRIs in the past, all very high doses, also one antipsychotic and Moclobemide. At the moment Im off them. Afterwards, Ive read about PSSD and it scares the crap out of me, even though severe cases might be rare. Now Im afraid of every supplement. Wanting to take my preworkout for the gym? Not possible, because there's Gingseng and Rhodiola Rosea which are both serotonergic in it. Wanting to restart Creatine? Too afraid, obviously has some serotonin (5HT1A desensitization mechanism) and on the PSSD and PFS forum there were 2 reports of Creatine worsening symptoms... Without my Creatine the gym isnt half as fun.... Started Tianeptine 2 months ago... Now Im afraid because it has serotonergic activity.. Am I overexaggerating here? It seems that most people who got PSSD used multiple SSRIS before it happened.. sometimes on SJW or 5HTP or other psychoactive substances that dont really have that much of serotonin activity..it seems as if the SSRIS are laying the foundation and afterwards something else could trigger it. But even supps like Creatine sufficient to cause PSSD? So.. what are your thoughts?

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#2 Sascha100

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Posted 24 September 2020 - 06:43 AM


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