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Cerebrolysin for Confidence, Self-Esteem


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Posted 27 September 2020 - 07:17 AM

I am interested in using cerebrolysin as an alternative to amphetamine because it's peptides stimulate the metabolism of the brain and children who are prescribed cerebrolysin can sometimes feel too much energetic. The last time I tried cerebrolysin I also felt very, very lowered anxiety. Obviously cerebrolysin is great also as a psychedelic (some ampakines are too) , but what are the characteristics as something to rely for utter confidence, like a sort of cocaine? What I mean is that if I take pramiracetam, I become so socially affable and utterly confident that I can say "Hi" to people walking on the sidewalk, or literally start conversations with strangers on the street. But probably when I did that, I was probably also taking some phenibut, I don't remember, but I want to avoid Phenibut.
I heard someone on Reddit saying that he tried every nootropic, and even BENZOS, but cerebrolysin was the only thing that really worked to so much extent.
I remember I took cerebrolysin during amphetamine comedown, resulting in me doing strange things I can't tell. But it really was amazing. Probably there is some feeling of power, it will never be like cocaine or phenibut or meth, but maybe I have not enough experience to confirm that, because this thing is too much powerful and scary to just say "Oh that's a nootropic!Uuuhh but it's just an overhyped sh1t from black or grey market that scams you like a silly placebo".
I am really thinking about using cerebrolysin seriously, but I have to know hoe it compares with adderall because I would really, really, really love cerebrolysin if what I can do with amphetamine in social settings could be done better with something like cerebrolysin, despite the cost
But probably pramiracetam is the best solution

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