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Signaling pathways of dietary energy restriction and metabolism on brain physiology and in age-related neuro ...

dietary restriction brain metabolism

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Posted 29 September 2020 - 09:01 PM





F U L L   T I T L E :    Signaling pathways of dietary energy restriction and metabolism on brain physiology and in age-related neurodegenerative diseases




P A Y W A L L E D    S O U R C E :    Mechanisms of Aging and Development     (In Press, Journal Pre-proof)








  •  While dietary energy restriction (ER) has been established as an effective method to promote longevity in animal models, it is less clear to what extent it may serve to improve age-related neurological pathologies in model systems
  •  We here review current progress that has been made regarding ER’s effects on brain physiology and aging-related neurological disorders
  •  We also discuss translational aspects, focusing on data available in humans and pointing to evidence that is still lacking
  •  Finally, we include a discussion of processes underlying ER effects, highlighting in particular proteostatic mechanisms influenced by ER
Several laboratory animal models have shown that dietary energy restriction (ER) can promote longevity and improve various health aspects in old age. However, whether the entire spectrum of ER-induced short- and long-term physiological and metabolic adaptions is translatable to humans remains to be determined. In this review article, we present recent evidence towards the elucidation of the impact of ER on brain physiology and in age-related neurodegenerative diseases. We also discuss modulatory influences of ER on metabolism and overall on human health, limitations of current experimental designs as well as future perspectives for ER trials in humans. Finally, we summarize signaling pathways and processes known to be affected by both aging and ER with a special emphasis on the link between ER and cellular proteostasis.
1. Introduction
    1.1. Dietary energy restriction and neurodegenerative diseases
    1.2. Dietary energy restriction, metabolism and human health
2. CER
    2.1. ADF/EOD and 5:2 diet
    2.2. Time-restricted fasting
    2.3. Limitations of current ER human trials and perspectives
    2.4. Dietary energy restriction and brain physiology
    2.5. Conclusion







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