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Anybody here successfully treating ASD/ASD-like symptoms?

asd asperger treatments oxytocin

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#1 bosharpe

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Posted 13 October 2020 - 06:09 PM

Anybody treating ASD here?


I've been reading around on Reddit, Epiphany BlogSpot and Spectrum news. Seems to be a long list of potential supplements/drugs to treat social issues & repetitive OCD tendencies. I'm willing to experiment but wondered if somebody here might point me in the right direction with anecdotal experience. 


Many thanks!



#2 Heinsbeans

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Posted 24 October 2020 - 06:48 AM

I do have ADHD-like symptoms but I'm not diagnosed. However, my psychologist suspects that I may be in the spectrum. But I'm not too sure if I actually have it or not. Either way, I strongly believe I have some kind of condition that causes impairment/sub-optimally functioning EF.

I've tried pretty much all of the supplements before I started taking pharmaceutical drugs. And sadly, none of them really helped me in any way. 
So far, I've reacted the most to:
Moda/armodafinil daily + 2.5mg Trintellix every other day (5mg tablet split in half)
40 - 60mg Indian generic atomoxetine

If you have comorbid depression, I think the modafinil + SSRIs combo is more ideal. But if your EF is really bad like mine, I would lean more towards using Strattera or stimulants if you can get them prescribed.
Between modafinil and atomoxetine, I've personally reacted the most positively to atomoxetine myself.
I've also tried 10mg Lexapro for 7 months and 120mg Cymbalta for 7 months as well, but neither of them helped me much. In fact, Lexapro significanlty impaired my short-term memory when I was on it. 
In contrast, although Trintellix barely helps either, it has been the only atypical SSRI that gave me the least cognitive impairments and other SRI-related side effects. So it took me by a surprise when I saw that it had such a low rating on drugs.com compared to Lexapro.

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