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Suggestions for supplements after a clonazepam taper?

clonazepam supplements taper withdrawal

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Posted 18 November 2020 - 03:46 PM

So I currently take .075mg clonazepam, and in 2 weeks, I will be off of it entirely! This is the final drug in a stack of 5 I have been weaning off of the past years. From clonazepam withdrawal, I am feeling some increased symptoms as of the last few days, some cognitive and ruminative things.
As I traverse that healing space, which supplements would be safe to try to address generalized anxiety, without building dependence or toying with my GABA receptors? Assuming my lifestyle is sound otherwise (I'm active, meditative, eat paleo, etc).
I was thinking Silexan, but I read anecdotally that it could cause dependence. Is this safe to take?
Looking forward to trying Kava again some day, without any psychiatric medication interactions.
Probably Black Seed Oil, though I'd have to be careful, since I'm sensitive to cholinergics.
L-Theanine has also given me strange AMPA effects in the past, but I'm curious to try it without interactions.
I already take Magnesium Glycinate 240-360mg nightly.

Outside of lifestyle and diet, what are things to consider when trying supplements again, and what are some supplements that are worth a shot? Thanks for any advice!

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