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Self-experimentation - Combination of anti-aging approaches

self-experimentation try anti-aging approaches share biomarkers

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Posted 27 December 2020 - 09:30 PM

I am self-experimenting with a combination of several anti-aging approaches and I share my biomarkers on YouTube.

I take blood tests before and after each experiment.


I am seeking for collaborators willing to share biomarker data and build a community of trust.


This is the YouTube channel where I share my biomarkers (Click here to go to YouTube):



In the next videos I will share my results trying dietary supplements that claim some degree of rejuvenation, taking a blood test before and after trying them, as well as measuring my body mass, muscle, and other variables that normally change with age. I am a guinea pig of myself who measures benefit and risk using mathematics.


We need to create a community of trust in which we learn from the experience of other subscribers, from their results when combining supplements, hormones, therapies, fasting, diets, among other things, always supporting ourselves with the scientific method. If you would like to rejuvenate and live healthy, I recommend you to subscribe to my channel.


See a doctor before starting any treatment. In some cases it is beneficial, but in other cases it is dangerous.


Support my work on Patreon so I can keep on doing research and sharing my result.


Get in touch with me for further information: silvaneyra@gmail.com





Support my work so I can keep on doing research and sharing my results:



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