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Rejuvant AKG


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#1 Mind

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Posted 11 March 2021 - 08:45 PM

Many people have commented about Rejuvant AKG. Why is it $200 USD per bottle (30 day supply)?


In today's world, it cannot possibly cost that much to synthesize this molecule. It seems there is a incredible opportunity for new competition. What do you think?

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#2 Oakman

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Posted 11 March 2021 - 11:05 PM

I think you are both right and wrong...


Right - barely anything too special about their pills, i.e., timed release, different formulations for male and female and CaAKG. They say the tested hundreds of formulations. What goals (that they can prove) about 'longevity' were met? The mammals they refer to often are mice, not people. $200/bottle sounds ridiculous to me.  Perhaps the old sales ploy i.e., 'the more expensive the better the product must be', works for them. I'm a sceptic.


Wrong (maybe) - Tom Weldon of Ponce de Leon Health > https://www.linkedin...ncedeleonhealth has an intriguing resume. He hold  holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and an M.B.A. in Operations and Systems Management from Indiana University. He's achieved many things and monetized much of it, it seems. That helps his chances for being successful doing whatever significantly.


With a nice website and words some other formula might be successful or not. As recent erratic stock and crypto prices have shown us, something's value is simply what's someone will pay for it, not much else. There are other longevity formulations already. A good question, has Rejuvant (or would something similar on the market) been a monetary success? I do not know, could be worth a shot.

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#3 starshade

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Posted 13 June 2021 - 10:27 AM

MaxxHerb sells Ca-AKG at a fraction of a cost, in powder.

Judging the timing of the Rejuvant company formation coinciding with the release of paper on CaAKG, I think they are predators hoping to make as much profit as possible before other companies make it cheaper and available. It worked. Took many months for other brands to release their versions of CaAKG. So I applaud to their very short-term business strategy.

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#4 ironfistx

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Posted 31 December 2022 - 11:33 PM

The product mentioned in your post is still very expensive - $150 per month if you choose their non-subscription deal.


Is Maxxherb a good brand?

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