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European Longevity Initiative's proposal

#european #longevity #initiative #proposal

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#1 Flavio Ferlitz

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Posted 17 May 2021 - 03:03 PM

Hello, follows here an update I got from HEALES about a Europea initiative that seems to be going strong, in case someone is new to it. Best. Flavio Ferlitz
Attila Csordas   14 mai à 14 h 07
we have 302 votes, now and European Army is at 294 accelerating in the last couple of days, we can't lose the top position, please get us more endorsements, please, here's template I use usually
X, please endorse and share European Longevity Initiative's proposal at Conference on #FutureOfEurope website called Science-intensive healthy longevity technologies: development and access, this is a real life political test to show our commitment to healthy longevity cause/mission at EU level.Our proposal is already the top voted one in Health category!1. Voters need to register at https://futureu.europa.eu/
2. Once logged in, please go to https://futureu.euro...3/proposals/826
3. Click ‘Endorse’
Science-intensive healthy longevity technologies: development and access
AvatarAttila Csordas
20/04/2021 23:27    56 commentaires
        I represent the European Longevity Initiative, an advocacy group with members from 13+ EU countries, scientists, entrepreneurs, professionals from relevant categories.
        We would like to propose effective legal, budgetary, regulatory and institutional commitments to enable science intensive healthy longevity research and technologies, large scale aging focused geroprotective clinical trials and equitable access to these technologies to increase healthy life expectancy in the European Union.
        1. legal commitment: acknowledge the malleability of biological aging & the translational geroscience paradigm as the ultimate enabler of age-neutral human health in the EU’s legislative DNA. This specific EU legislation then can be used to justify the other 3 derivative commitments throughout.
        2. budgetary commitment: A sizeable proportion of the EU R&D budget dedicated specifically for developing science intensive healthy longevity technologies.
        3. regulatory commitment: Green light for Europe-wide aging focused geroprotective clinical trials by specific, enabling EMA regulation.
        4. institutional commitment: setting up a coordinated European Institute for Healthy Longevity research in EU member states, backed by the previous 3 commitments.
        On April 15, 2021 I have published an Opinion Piece and Detailed Commentary on the EU Green Paper on Ageing available at the website Longevity.Technology.
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