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The gene therapy sex change and rejuvenation

#rejuvenation #genes #gene-therapy

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#1 caston

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Posted 10 June 2021 - 11:17 AM

I was watching the show "Mastermind" on Australian ABC I couldn't help but notice one of the female contestants in her 60's had far more masculine characteristics than she would have had when she was young. I believe the same thing happens with men too. They become more feminine as they get older.



The battle of the sexes is a never-ending war waged within ourselves as male and female elements of our own bodies continually fight each other for supremacy. This is the astonishing implication of a pioneering study showing that it is possible to flick a genetic switch that turns female ovary cells into male testicular tissue.

For decades, the battle of the sexes has been accepted by biologists as a real phenomenon with males and females competing against each other - when their interests do not coincide - for the continued survival of their genes in the next generation. Now scientists have been able to show that a gender war is constantly raging between the genes and cells of one individual.

One of the great dogmas of biology is that gender is fixed from birth, determined by the inheritance of certain genes on the X and Y sex chromosomes. But this simplistic idea has been exploded by the latest study, which demonstrated that fully-developed adult females can undergo a partial sex change following a genetic modification to a single gene.




I was thinking that could be a possible pathway to defeating aging. Instead of being an old man or old woman we transform into the opposite gender using a combination of  SENS, gene therapy and tissue engineering to give us new faces, limbs, vital organs and reproductive organs. 


Our lives would look more like this birth -> 50 years as male - > 50 years as female -> 50 years as male -> 50 years as female -> 50 years as male and so on until we die from some kind of accident


Would something like this be an easier (as in less resistance) path than being rejuvenated as the same gender?


The types of resistance we need to consider also include legal hurdles and social acceptance. Some people have reported looking younger after using sex change hormones.

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#2 caston

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Posted 14 June 2021 - 01:35 AM

Rather than trying to stop or slow aging (swimming against the river of time) we take advantage of the dormant program for the opposing gender puberty and development until menopause. So rather than trying to restore T levels after male menopause we consider that program to have run its course. The genes that fought (and continue to fight) to establish female development are given the upper hand with the full assistance of regenerative medicine such as tissue engineering and replenishment of stem cell niches.


It would be interesting to see how this would affect the way men and women treated each other.

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