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Has Vince Giuliano's supplement stack worked on him?


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#1 osris

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Posted 21 June 2021 - 02:29 PM

Has Vince Giuliano's supplement stack worked on him?


He's been researching longevity and taking lots of supplements for at least 15 years, but he still looks old.


Not being funny or disrespectful. Just wondering if he's doing something "ineffective".

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#2 anon

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Posted 27 June 2021 - 06:28 AM

Interesting, thanks for the pointer. I wonder, who is this Vince Giuliano guy and how old is he? Quickly search online didn't turn up much.

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#3 Mind

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Posted 27 June 2021 - 09:37 AM

Here is his summary of the aging process and what to do about it: http://www.vincegiul...ngfirewalls.htm


He sells this anti-inflammatory supplement: https://synergybiohe...b-synergy-gold/


If he is just focusing on inflammation, then I would not expect him to get any younger, only age at a slower pace. I think he looks pretty good for being in his 80s (can't find the exact reference for his age, but it was in a blog post not too long ago)

The question at the beginning is relevant for many older biohackers. To me it is obvious that they are healthy for their age, but as obviously, the supplements and lifestyle hacks they are doing are not reversing grey hair or wrinkles.

#4 Harkijn

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Posted 27 June 2021 - 02:17 PM

Vince Giuliano is 91 or 92 years old. That alone gives him some credibility. But he has been on the longevity track since many many years, from way before he made his own supplement. (  He was for instance one of the first to point to glucosamine.) Sohe is no proof of safety or effectiveness of 4herbssynergy.

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#5 pamojja

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Posted 28 June 2021 - 06:23 PM

There is a 2 years old blog-post by Vincent just about that: https://www.anti-agi...the-way-to-100/



Funny Things Are Happening To Me On The Way To 100


This is a highly personal blog entry, generally light in its approach but containing some relevant scientific content.  It raconteurs a variety of topics, and is intended to provide context and information about me for blog readers.  It is especially for those who follow what I have been saying about keeping healthy and active and who would like to track how I am actually doing.  The adage “Pay more attention to what he is doing than to what he is saying” is good advice too-often applicable to politics and also to any published advice on health and longevity.  I write this from the perspective of a longevity researcher who is about to turn 90 and is projecting out how he thinks things will go between now and 100 and perhaps even until he reaches 110.  In the process I disclose a few matters about myself that might be new and surprising even to my longstanding readers.  It describes my recent journey from being just an intellectual-teller to also being a craftsman-entrepreneur.


First of all, I continue to be healthy, active, productive and professionally involved and expect to continue doing so until at least 100.

  • I can still wrestle and twist my 100-pound lawnmower over the rugged, rocky and rooted 1.5-acre terrain that is my house front and back yard. And dig up heavy rocks and chainsaw big fallen tree branches. Just did some of that.
  • I am getting deeper and deeper involved in managing my new dietary supplement business, 4 Herb Synergy, believing that it offers the best single intervention I have now for contributing to my own health and longevity.
    • I can still manage to pursue my 4-year-old grandson around and outside the house with hope of catching him, and pick up and hold my wiggly 3-year old granddaughter while paying attention to my wife asking me to take out the trash NOW.
    • I am still to my knowledge free of any of the degenerative diseases of old age that kill people – diabetes, dementias, cancers, inflammatory disorders of various kinds. And I have the temerity to believe I can keep myself that way.
    • I am still intending to pursue my longevity science career toll I am 100 or more, always out to acquire new insights, writing what is on my mind, talking at professional meetings when invited, and doing podcasts.
  • I am still waking up in the middle of the night with possibly crazy ideas on biological science topics and staggering off to a computer to capture them. Sometimes my wife wakes up and catches me doing this and asks “Are you all right?”  I can feel a bit sheepish when I explain what I am doing to her.
  • Just about everything I said in the previous personal blog update   ON LONGEVITY INTERVENTIONS – MAINLY PERSONAL published in April of this year is still valid.  This present blog is also highly personal, but mainly relates to additional topics.

rest at side


Certainly his supplement stack worked to keep him chronic disease free at age 92, and has long been free of the symptoms of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis he had many years ago.




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#6 Phoebus

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Posted 29 June 2021 - 03:06 AM


Regenerative medicine has already had a profound impact on my personal life.  Let me tell you about corneal ulcers and NGF (nerve growth factor).  For over a year my wife was treated for recurrent corneal ulcers – infections in the cornea of one eye which were treated by antibiotics but kept coming back.  These were very painful and negatively impacted her vision and quality of life, despite that she was being treated by nationally famous practitioners -researchers in corneal health at Mass Eye and Ear Hospital.  Finally, with their recommendation, my wife was insurance-approved for a very expensive treatment that would regenerate her corneal nerves, actually grow new nerves, which would enable migration onto the cornea of stem cells which would in turn prevent the infections and ulcers.  The nerve-growth factor medication is called Oxervate, This drug was approved by the FDA only in 2018 Dr. Reza Dana, my wife’s senior physician at Mass Eye and Ear hospital, helped get it approved for use in the US.  The first administration to a US patient was reported in 2019 and my wife’s  treatment started soon thereafter.  “Cenegermin is the active ingredient in Oxervate. It is the recombinant version of human nerve growth factor (NGF), discovered by biochemist and neurologist Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini of Italy. Her groundbreaking work on cenegermin earned her the Nobel Prize(ref).“  For more details, see Topical recombinant human nerve growth factor an innovation in ocular surface disease treatment

The Oxervate arrived weekly for 8 weeks at our garage door in 70 pound boxes which were actually small insulated refrigerators. Most of the weight was dry ice, solid frozen carbon dioxide there to make sure the Oxervate stays cold. Oxervate payload in each box weighed less than an ounce, less than the weight of a pickle slice.    My wife finished her Oxervate treatment over a week ago, and she and her physicians and I so far think that the regenerative treatment is working, though it’s far too early to be sure.  This is a real example of high technology regenerative medicine that is available right now.   So regenerative medicine is already beyond being just something on-the-come which I think will impact our future.  I will do my best to stay on top of this area in this blog and fully expect to experience other personal impacts of it soon.



Super interesting! His wife is doing the NGF regen treatment that Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini pioneered. Very interested to see how that goes. 


FYI Rita Levi-Montaclini took a daily solution of NGF in the form of eye drops, and stated that her brain was more active in her 100's than it was in her 20's. She died at age 103 

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