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"Smart peptides" - An advanced anti-aging biohack (soon to be banned?)

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#1 jroseland

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Posted 29 June 2021 - 06:45 PM

You guys and gals know that I'm a bit obsessed with biohacking immunity, we share this world with some seriously nasty microscopic denizens that I want to not have to worry about!


So I've built up a war chest of different immune-enhancing supplements, drugs, and tools. The newest edition to the war chest is this bioregulatory peptide, CRYSTAGEN® - from Dr. Khavinson's laboratory - a bioregulatory "smart peptide" enhanced immunity...




This package of CRYSTAGEN® is going in the "bio-prepping" corner of my immune war chest because I already have a lot of good prevention habits and biohacks; vitamins, nutrients, fasting, red light therapy, and the adaptogenic tea that I sip daily. CRYSTAGEN® I see as more of a "break in case of emergency" biohack, if myself or a loved one was facing a serious infection or autoimmune condition.


These bioregulatory "smart peptides" are not exactly cheap and they are tools for specific purposes (like reversing degenerative eyesight conditions). Before you order or use them you'll want to educate yourself a bit more, start with my nearly 6000-word article and corresponding podcast, Perplexed by Peptides? - Bioregulatory peptides EXPLAINED... 




For those looking for healing solutions outside the mainstream offerings of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, these peptides are worth learning about. I would not be surprised to see these peptides banned in the near future as they are of Russian origin and political relations between the West and Russia are growing increasingly cold. Safe, effective, and relatively affordable biohacking tools like bioregulatory peptides are just the sort of the thing that western "health" agencies love to ban.

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