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rapamyin and white blood count.

rapamycin immunosuppressant

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#1 poonja

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Posted 14 January 2022 - 10:56 PM

75 year old man.  Just got my annual check up and learned that my white blood cell count was 3.1 with the low normal being 4.0  I take 5 mg of rapamycin each week.  I know that rapamycin is normally an immunosuppressant when taken on a daily basis.  Should I stop taking the rap and do you think that taking erpamycin weekly is too often. I just learned that Dr Green and one other prominent person have changed their regimen to larger doses every other week as opposed to weekly.  I was planning to make that change even before learning of my low white blood cell count.

#2 TimeMachine

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Posted 18 January 2022 - 01:05 PM


I'm no expert on the use of rapamycin but your low WBC is cause for concern. I would take a break on you protocol and recheck your WBC in a few months. If not improved could be another cause. If the counts return to normal then I would try a reduced dose, eg.2mg every other week and recheck WBC periodically. Just my take. I have just started Rapa but being extra cautious and only taking 1.25 every two weeks and will go from there. Might be good to contact Dr. Green or other MD experienced with the use of Rapa to get informed opinion. Good luck.

#3 TimeMachine

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Posted 18 January 2022 - 01:29 PM

ps...a decent overview on blood disorders from Life Extension...



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