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Brain Regeneration - A Key to Longevity

brain health molecular hydrogen pemf

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Posted 18 April 2022 - 07:55 AM

The effects of ageing on the brain are widespread and have multiple causes and effects. Ageing causes changes to the brain including it’s size, blood supply, and cognitive function.

Neuroprotective factors that reduce cardiovascular risk include regular exercise, a healthy diet, and low to moderate alcohol intake, seem to slow the ageing brain as does increased cognitive effort in the form of intellectual study or work.

Today, biological ageing is not tied absolutely to chronological ageing and it may be possible to slow biological ageing and even reduce the possibility of suffering from age related diseases such as dementia. A healthy life both physically and mentally may be the best defense against the changes of an ageing brain. Additional measures to prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce cellular death may also be crucial to live longer and younger.

The Age - Brain - Body Loop





Risks of stroke, memory impairment and dementia rise with age. There are changes in levels of neurotransmitters and hormones, this in-turn affects the entire body and we age. It is a negative feedback loop!

study published by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that stem cells in the brain's hypothalamus govern how fast aging occurs in the body. They do this by releasing molecules called microRNAs (miRNAs).

Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) therapy study on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) model revealed that PEMFs can stimulate an epigenetic regulation mediated by miRNAs, which would lead to a rebalancing of the neuropathways reversing brain damage in the process.

Similarly, molecular hydrogen has also been found to stimulate the brain cells in a way that allows miRNAs levels to return to normal levels.

With such spectacular findings on PEMF and molecular hydrogen, it’s no wonder these wellness technologies offer a ray of hope for a healthier tomorrow. I have always believed that heal the brain and the brain will heal the body. This healing occurs on 2 levels - physical and mental. Although the amazing thing is that these technologies work on all cells and tissues, not just the brain with little or no changes required in the apparatus to treat the entire body.

Asking Inflammation To Leave With Good Energy

The number one thing that goes wrong as we age is inflammation. Inflammation is part of the body’s immune system; it’s meant to protect you.

If you have an infection or an injury, like a sprain, inflammation helps destroy and remove the damaged tissue. But with chronic inflammation, it can also wear and tear our body and ALL body parts.

In the case of the brain, if you’re starting to accumulate the pathologies that causes Alzheimer’s disease—which happens in just about everybody after a certain age—certain bundles of nerve cells start dying, and the brain responds with inflammation to clean out that area.

If you want to age well, especially in your brain, you must be

1) stopping some of the inflammation itself

2) protecting cells against the damage that inflammation causes

3) giving cells more energy

It’s important to have solutions to limit inflammation in the body and brain. The solutions should help you sleep, handle stress, improve emotional control, exercise more and be more productive.

Both PEMF and H2 are also anti-inflammatories, it’s easy to find substantially improved energy, focus and clarity with regular use.

Last year in 2021, scientists from Denmark studied effects of PEMF on Parkinson's disease patients and found that daily 30 minutes application of pulsed magnetic fields transcranially improved movement speed and red blood cell production (erythropoietin).

Both H2 and PEMF have well been found to stop the inflammation and turn it down but also to protect our cells and give them bulletproof vests against the free radicals that are produced during inflammation and cause oxidative stress.


All over your body, as you get older, inflammation starts to take its toll; cells lose energy and they die. Part of making cells healthier is bringing them more energy by ramping up mitochondria—the parts of the cell that give it energy.

We do that with wellness technologies that don’t involve side-effects associated with conventional drugs and some of the most tried and tested products from all over the world. We try to take every shot we can to revitalize cells in the face of age-related inflammation.

Molecular Hydrogen Systems

Over the last two years, we tried many hydrogen systems, including some popular ones using Lye as a catalyst, and found those machines choke up in a couple of months and are very difficult to maintain. The newer technology we settled on is cleaner, more effective and easier to use and maintain. 
The Hi-Tech Hydrogen Inhaler Basic or the Hi-Tech Hydrogen Inhaler Pro that provides higher output and more controls are some great choices with servicing available in US. 

The H2 machines are simple to use and do not require anything complex. They can be placed anywhere in the house as the water is filled from top of the machine. Installation should not take more than a few minutes. All we have to do is fill in the water, connect the hoses/nasal cannulas and start the machine. 

The Basic system is small, weighs about 2 lbs., while the Pro system is larger and would occupy about 2 square feet. The Pro system also allows 2 people to use the system simultaneously and allows a much better dosages up to 600 ml/min of H2 and 300 ml/min of O2. The systems are currently on a ~25% discount and the very best in craftsmanship and high technology.


PEMF devices

When it comes to PEMF, there are many big brands out there. I want you to know that these brands are highly expensive compared to what we find effective enough and help save for other solutions. This whole-body PEMF mat for example has similar intensity as expensive brands, and the cost is much lesser.

Since 2012, I’ve been on the quest to have PEMF affordable to everyone and not cost thousands of dollars. We ship worldwide and shipping is included in the purchase price for most items to make it easier to decide. We also have special discounts for old customers, clinics and distributors.

I hope our research articles and product reviews help you making an informed choice and beneficial application of PEMF and other wellness technologies that we write about.


We welcome your questions and love working with practitioners including physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, functional medicine practitioners and natural medicine doctors among many others. Simply write to us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!



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