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Alcor Life Insurance?

alcor life insurance

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#1 LongLiveTheNewFlesh

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Posted 07 May 2022 - 03:26 AM

Hello fellow cryonics followers,

I am by no means rich. Alcor is very expensive compared to Cryonics Institute. I wish to go with Alcor Life Extension Foundation because all that money has to be going into something great. Cryonics Institute costs less and my thinking then where does that little money go? Also all the big wigs like Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Science Fiction authors, a nanotechnology specialist, etc, etc. and many many interesting very very smart, some genius level are signed up with Alcor.

Anyway on Life Insurance. Let’s say I have about $10,000 in my bank that’s it. Alcor is asking for $200,000 ( or is it $300,000 ) for full body life extension, which is I want. Not to mention they ask for more money for there cryonics magazine which is fine, because I’m interested in the lastest up to date information on cryonics. I have a book on the top cryonics articles, so I’m interested. Also I think they ask for another $200,000 for all the pre-preparation they must due or something like that.

Does anyone know roughly a full body life extension would cost, including all there extra costs like paying for there magazine, which is pretty much mandatory, and everything you might know I need to pay that I don’t know about?

I guess my question is can Life Insurance help me reach such a large sum of money?

Thanks friends

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