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Problems I've had and tests I've had

healty food poisoning brain health mental health

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Posted 07 May 2022 - 11:33 AM

Hello everyone, Happy day everyone...
I had food poisoning 8 months ago. I threw up 30 times that day. Then, I've been experiencing some symptoms that have persisted ever since. I also went through a very stressful period.
What are the symptoms?
-Constantly variable bowel problems for 6 months. Constant constipation. Constant bloating.
-Hair and beard growth stopped. It grows very slowly. Too slow.
- Anxiety, apprehension (especially in the evening)
- Feeling sluggish and tired.
- Extremely volatile mood. (negative at noon, anxiety and worry in the evening. Symptoms such as serotonin withdrawal)
-Extreme low motivation
I dont' enjoy anything I did. Like an extreme lack of dopamine.
- Most importantly, low libido, sexual reluctance. (normally my libido is very high)
-Extreme low motivation
-Heart palpitations
-Feeling of worthlessness.
-I am very merciful. I'm never angry.
Usually like hormonal issues.
I experience these to this day after food poisoning. By the way, I used "olfrex" antipsychotic drug because it made me sleep after being poisoned, its active ingredient "olanzapine" was only 1.5 months. (its function is beta receptor blocker) but I didn't know. Again, some supplements I used after poisoning;
-Olanzapine (1.5 months) for sleep.
- L-Theanine
- Rhidiola
-lion's mane
-lemon balm tea
-valerian extract
-5HTP (short time)
-St. John's Wort
1-2 more reinforcements that I don't remember.
I guessed it as low testosterone due to the above symptoms and had 2 tests done. The tests are 2 months apart.


First test;



Last test;


I found these tests normal. That's why I had other tests done. Vitamin values and a similar test.










Iron value = 61 reference value 65 - 175
Also, I used b12 for 1 month before I had a blood test.
He has high cholesterol. But the iron value also seems to be slightly below the reference value 61. The doctor did not tell me anything.
Supplements I currently use;
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D3
And I'm exercising.
It's been about 2 weeks since I started using these supplements. Anxiety, anxiety symptoms were reduced by half. So it's down 50%. Mood disturbance (feeling good in the morning, feeling bad in the afternoon, feeling anxious in the evening) decreased by 50%.
The symptoms I am experiencing now are;
-Low libido. It still hasn't fixed.
-I am very merciful. I'm never angry. I used to be someone who got angry easily. I can also be unresponsive to events that make me angry. (I guess it's like the estrogen is elevated.)
- I'm unhappy.
-50% anxiety, worry.
--Hair and beard growth stopped. It grows very slowly. Too slow.
Can you help me? Thank you so much. Most importantly, how are my vitamin values? Should I take an iron supplement? Is the thyroid working well? These symptoms are a bit like a thyroid disorder. I do not know.


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