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Transparency in Biostasis Organizations. What should we ask and what do we need to know?

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Posted 31 March 2024 - 07:51 PM



When it comes to choosing a cryonics or biostasis provider – or whether to switch to a different one – you are or should be very interested in some of the details. A comparison would be going to hospital for major surgery. You will have discussed the procedure with one or more doctors, asked about alternatives and dangers of the procedure. You might ask how many times the surgeon has done this particular procedure and you might check ratings of the hospital. In the cases of surgery and of cryonics, your life is at stake



This article provides a current snapshot of transparency at the major biostasis organizations. A few observations to summarize the preceding discussion:

  • In the past, Alcor has excelled at transparency, publishing protocols, case reports, financial statements, regular communications, and much more. In the last few years, it has been becoming less transparent, with meetings increasingly closed and no minutes or meeting summaries provided, and less communication with members.

  • Tomorrow Biostasis has made a strong start with membership outreach and transparency, including universal CT scanning for all its patients.

  • Cryonics Institute has continued to excel at communicating with members and has recently started auditing financial statements but could do better at honest membership disclosure, publishing detailed protocols, and producing informative case reports (or annual meta-analysis) rather than just summaries.

Running a biostasis organization is challenging. Prioritizing transparency makes it even more challenging, especially in the short term. It is in the interest of the organization’s members to push to maintain and, where appropriate, expand transparency. By comparing the various organizations we can hope that competitive pressures will foster openness.


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