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the work of Dr vladimir volkov

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#31 pjc89103

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Posted 15 October 2010 - 09:29 PM

If there's anything to the Alpha Omega concoction, there has to be more to it than just protons, however. If they don't disclose the method for manufacturing it, then all you can do is take their word that they have this magic stuff that doubles the lifespan of mice. That seems like a claim that should have some backing if we're to accept it...

The method for manufacturing it and even making it at home , was, at one time, made known by Vladimir Volkov.
It was in PART TWO of his "Hydrogen against aging, illnesses and death!"
From what I understand, PART ONE was free, and PART TWO required a subscription fee of $100.00.
That option, however, is no longer available.

Perhaps someone on the list has or has seen the formula or method?


#32 Ames

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Posted 01 June 2011 - 10:04 PM

Just a quick comment:

I read Volkovs work many years ago. Its a good/great theory and you can choose to cut around the metaphysical/astrological aspects that are attached at the end. Intelligence breeds eccentricity in some cases.

Essentially, he states that aging is caused by the leeching of H+ ions from tissue due to lack of an adequate amount of hydrogen donors (carbonic acid), to reduce oxidants, in the blood as we age. Once H+ is leeched from tissue, by definition, in dries out and becomes sclerotic. According to him, cancer is the bodies reaction to attempt to create blood flow around the sclerotic tissue. He also elegantly tied the premise of the reduced availability of H+ donors into oxygen metabolism and how the same mechanism of lack of H+ availability reduces O2 availability due to the bodies reduced ability to reduce biliverdin to bilirubin. He states that biliverdin is the toxic byproduct of O2 metabolism and its buildup in cells reduces the bodies ability to further metabolize O2. This reduced ability to metabolize O2 is what eventually leads to death.

Anyone who dismisses the work outright hasn't read close enough. Im the last guy to put credence into hair-brained theories, but this one is above average and the man has some legit creds. If you can find the original theory, read it. I've used its premise to create some solutions for myself that have worked quite well (toward the end of preserving or promoting the accumulation of H+ donors in the body).

Just discover what the best donors are. To the best of my knowledge, the best donors are carbonic acid and saturated fat (in very small amounts).

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