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Wellbutrin/Bupropion contradictions?

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#31 kottke

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Posted 09 October 2007 - 01:39 AM

Were you on the glycine at the same time as the Wellbutrin?  I've been meaning to post about the interaction between the two.  Specifically, taking glycine and wellbutrin together will produce symptoms of wellbutrin overdose, at least in my experience.

What I was doing was taking 3g of glycine at bedtime, which was suggested to be beneficial for sleep quality in some recent studies.  I began to notice that I was feeling extremely, uncomfortably alert and overaroused (best way I can describe it) in the 2-5 hour range after dosing wellbutrin.  This progressed and began to include weird tingling feelings in my head, anxiety, increased intraocular pressure (literally felt like my eyes were bugging out, think Arnold in Total Recall on the Mars surface), elevated heart rate, and nearly feinting at times.  Most of these are symptoms of wellbutrin overdose or in mechanistic terms, super elevated norepinephrine levels.

Turns out that glycine inhibits norepinephrine release, and this is probably why it improves sleep quality.  I theorized that taking a large dose of glycine in one shot every night had desensitized my glycine receptors and was exaggerating the effects of the wellbutrin.  I took a gram of glycine in the middle of the day when all of the above symptoms were starting to kick in again, and sure enough it staved them off and returned me to normal in about 15 minutes.  I then began to wean myself off the glycine at night, and take small 300-500mg doses during the day to ward off the "NE attacks".  A week later I'm glycine free and back to enjoying the usual wellbutrin benefits without feeling like I'm having a stroke/seizure/panic attack simultaneously.

So the moral of the story is, don't take glycine if you're on wellbutrin.  [tung]

Funk: this interaction is almost identical to the experience i had with wellbutrin and inositol combo. One of my first posts on this board was actually me freaking out and asking a plethora of questions about how this could have happend. The mechanics i don't really know much about but i do know that i had absolutely ever symptom you had with emphasis on the intraocular pressure. I thought that my head was going to explode and i was going to die. I'm guessing its do to the inositol increasing the sensitivity of the D-2 receptors and other receptors shown in studies, but whatever the case, 2 Days after this crazy occurence i went to the doctor and he said that i was bipolar and that i was having a manic phase, which was NOT the case! (at least in its entirety) He prescribed me ativan and took me off the welburtrin emediately and then f'n prescribed me Zyprexa for bipolar. I refused to take it and then.... well the story continues.

Wellbutrin worked amazing for the first 2 weeks [thumb]

#32 FunkOdyssey

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Posted 09 October 2007 - 01:27 PM

Glycine and inositol share some common characteristics -- calming effect on the CNS, anti-anxiety, mildly sedating. It may be that the brain's protective tolerance that develops to the stimulating effects of wellbutrin is reversed when you hit it with these calming agents, setting you up for a relative "overdose" when you next take wellbutrin.

You might want to cautiously try a low dose of wellbutrin again, without using any benzo's/glyine/inositol/alcohol/etc, and see how you fare. All I had to do was get rid of the glycine and I'm back on the good side of the drug. [thumb]

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#33 kottke

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Posted 12 October 2007 - 04:41 AM

I tottaly agree. I also feel that inositol plays the extra roll of upregulating or at least "reseting" adaption to a higher degree through that thing it does to receptors.

I have to say im out on trying wellbutrin again for It helped me see things a different way but i can't deal with its over stimulatory effects. I mean i even stopped deprenyl and its been 2 weeks and 3 days since i last dosed. Working out hardcore, whey and creatine, and spending two hours- that's two hours- of mindfulness meditation per day has really unlocked some speed and vision in me. Pretty anti-ADHD so far

As for any other contradictions i feel most of the obvious ones have been covered. For dreamwolf particularly i would just stop taking dopaminergics right now if your going to go with wellbutrin.

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