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European sources of nootropics

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#1 alpha2A

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Posted 28 April 2009 - 11:20 AM

As many of you know, importing smart drugs, or indeed almost any drug - not even considering the heavily controlled substances (heroin, amphetamine, etc.) - from India, the US and other locations outside of the EU into Sweden, Finland, etc. (are the Nordic countries worse than other European countries?) tends to be associated with a significant risk of annoyances such as customs delays or even the occasional confiscation (or in plain text, "theft"). In comparison, ordering products from within the EU seems to be very hassle-free, although I've read reports of Swedes ordering from the Netherlands having their packages opened and searched (perhaps for cannabis?).

However, I'm not aware of any European sources at all as far as most smart drugs are concerned, and bulk or powder products seem to be even harder to find. There are some exceptions like N-Acetylcarnitine, caffeine, phenibut etc. for which I have excellent European sources. Piracetam and the other -racetams, however, present a greater challenge. Memantine is an exception, at least for me, as I was able to acquire it in larger quantities (and with 99% purity) than I will be able to use from a European chemical supply company. On the other hand, many people may be alien to dealing with sources that don't market their products in colourfull consumer-oriented containers, but rather supply them with warnings such as "harmful if swallowed"!

Phenylpiracetam is something I haven't been able to find even internationally at a decent price, and it appears that even the well-known source of high-priced phenylpiracetam has had or is having great difficulty acquiring more of the product. I've heard that this racetam is easy to synthesise from the cheap and readilty available precursor phenibut, but my current chemical expertise is insufficient evaluate that matter without much time-consuming research. However, surely there must be European chemists (actual chemists rather than pharmacists) who are more proficient in the practical methods of organic chemistry, and who are also interested in nootropics or at least in making some money from these relatively risk-free substances that are so low in supply despite considerable demand. After all, people are continuing to deal in such substances as MDMA and other amphetamines despite the ongoing war on drugs that constantly threatens entrepreneurs with years of imprisonment (the potential rewards for those highly successful in that business, however, may exceed those of successful nootropic entrepreneurs).

What are your experiences in finding European sources?

#2 w0lfalot

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 03:12 PM

I mostly use ebay, amazon to quickly find what I need.

Although I am also very interested in finding more european (trusted) sources of high quality (makes you more confident that what you're getting is high quality)

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