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MY DOOM & Other Worms

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#1 randolfe

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Posted 30 January 2004 - 01:20 AM

Like probably everyone else, I have been deleting all those "Hi" and "test" emails from unknown people which reportedly carry the MY DOOM VIRUS/WORM.

#2 randolfe

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Posted 30 January 2004 - 01:28 AM

I must have hit the "submit" key at the end of the sentence. Well, I read an interesting article today in wired which will help anyone dealing with this since it gives links to a source for software that removed the worm/virus from your computer.
Actually, the scan didn't find it on my computer. However, I notice a few days ago getting returned emails to people I had never sent emails to. One was from aq server which said I had sent an email with a MAILMAN_R virus attached to it.
When I booted up today Kaanza kept popping up on my computer. I finally knocked it down and deleted it because they say it is the files sharing system where this thing lurks.
What amazes me is the thought of what would happen if a worm actually caused the internet to crash, most of the key computers in the world to crash, etc? I think we might be like modern people tossed back almost to the 20th Century.
Life is fragile. Our society is fragile. Technology itself is fragile. I worry more about a real "DOOM WORM" that I do about the Singularity and AI. A more virulent version of the DOOM worm is supposed to kick in on Feb. 1st. Read the article.

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