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Resveratrol might not have antiaging properties

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Posted 09 December 2011 - 06:09 AM

Antiaging and redwine was big words and got Sirtus notice but if one drug can fix all the different chronic degenerative diseases, then it would eliminate all the other existing drugs.

Yes, and thus the company selling the one and only True Cure would make several gazillion dollars, go down in history and save billions of people. Yes, that certainly sounds like a bad deal to me. Are you sure big pharma is suppressing "teh Cures"?

They also have to look to the future, if one drug kills all other drugs then once the patent runs out... uh oh. The statins alone generate tens of billions.... some cost 200$ a month. Cancer drugs are also pretty expensive, I've heard thousands of dollars.

Is this drug going to be sold for 100s of dollars a month? if it is sold low cost, or worse yet if unpatentable natural compounds are found with similar effects, it is going to eat into multiple markets and into future drugs.

Not saying that they're doing it. But it is naive to think that they'll sell a low cost drug that cannibalizes their entire industry and destroys their future.

With regards to resveratrol the initial study, iirc, showed that it tripled human cell survival to gamma radiation.
It has also been seen to delay amyloid accumulation in vivo and reverse it vitro, iirc.
There were several years when all the studies I heard were positive, from yeast to fish, from various groups. And many articles regarding short term use in animals and even humans with positive results in various areas.

But more recently a negative wave has emerged. Is it a strategic misinformation campaign ala tobacco companies or climate change denial or is there truth to it?
I'd have to scavenge the literature to see, but if positive studies from around the world still keep flowing, I would be highly suspect of the negative ones.

CR is out because it just doesnt extend human lifespan enough to be worth the loss of quality of life. ( A couple of years at best at the expense of feeling good and strong, ...uh yeah right, I am all over that).

Eating nuts gives you a couple of years. A healthy lifestyle gives you 10 years*(seventh day adventist study). The children of centenarians are seen as being protected from cardiovascular disease and not much else... guess what, amongst the many beneficial changes seen in CR society members is peak human cardiovascular profiles... so it would seem they would in effect have similar or even better protection from cardiovascular disease as compared to centenarian children.

Healthy lifestyle seems to take you from
7Xs to 8Xs
I'd like to see the detailed stats on centenarian relatives and children, but if odds are high enough we should at least expect
8Xs to 9Xs

Going from 7Xs to 9Xs would be about 20 years, and in a time of uncertainty regarding escape velocity, those 20 years could be the difference between getting or not getting 1000+ years.

'CR practitioners,' 'seem to be protected not only, of course, against obesity but type-2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, and we have data that suggests some of the risk factors for cancer are lower.'Luigi Fontana

Technology Review: What's the most striking finding you've seen in those following a calorie-restricted diet so far?

John Holloszy: They are powerfully protected against the diseases of old age, such as heart disease. They have low levels of cholesterol and triglycerides and extremely low blood pressure -- similar to a young child, around 100/60. As a result of the low blood pressure, they have less strain on the arteries, which are much more elastic than usual for people of their age. Their hearts resemble the heart of a person 17 years younger. They also have very good insulin sensitivity, so they are not going to get Type 2 diabetes.

TR: What about their levels of inflammation? That is another factor that's been the focus of a lot of aging research in the last few years.

JH: As we get older, we get an increasing amount of inflammation, which is probably a very important part of the aging process. CRONies have very low levels of inflammation. C reactive protein, for example, is a marker and cause of inflammation. An average value for a middle-age person is about 2.5; but CRONies have levels of 0.2. It's just amazing.-link

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