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chapter topic lengths,

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#1 brokenportal

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 10:44 PM

So we have been discussing whether or not we want to shorten the chapter sign up topics or not. I think we should shorten them so as to not discourage people who might not want to read through the whole thing to get to the point of signing up. We dont want to lose the info though because it will be critical, especially to newer people. The chapter topics can all be found via the links at http://imminst.org/chapters

There are three parts to those topics, about imminst, about chapters, and sign up form. We want to see about eliminating the "about imminst" section by putting all that info in http://imminst.org/about

We would then prominently link to the "about" section in the chapters topics and on the chapters main page.

What do you all think? Add it to the about page? If we get general consensus, work the details out a bit, then we can look to move it to a vote.

#2 ilia

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Posted 18 April 2010 - 11:53 AM

Yes, I think it will be good. I put the whole length announcements in all the regional forums because I thought that people who are new to ImmInst (especially from other countries) may find it more convenient to have all the information in one place. For example, if we post a link at a friendly forum (e.g. the Chinese transhumanist network), people will immediately see what we are about, and what the regional chapters are for. Plus, if we ask people to translate this announcement into their languages (and the motivational part is perhaps the most important one), it might be easier for them to have the whole text in front of them, rather than combining it from different parts.

But if, as you say, the motivational part about ImmInst is put in the http://imminst.org/about and then linked to prominently from the chapter topics (including the request to translate), that may work well too, because then it will provide additional motivation not only to people who are interested in local organizations, but to everybody who wishes to learn more about ImmInst. With such a prominent display, the present chapter announcements in the regional forums can of course be shortened as you suggest.

Regarding placing the links in the regional chapter announcements to particular country chapter announcements (for example the links from the general US and Canada chapter announcement to two separate country announcements, I thought this could work too. A recent discussion showed that some people are more comfortable being affiliated in a particular country, and some in a broader region, and some are equally comfortable with both. So the inclusion of both general regional and specific country topics aimed to accommodate both sentiments. Plus, if I understood you correctly, when people sign up for local chapters, new chapter topics will be opened, branching into the broader country or regional topics. So I thought the inclusion of the 2 links was a beginning for such a branching. But if you think these links are confusing, they can of course be deleted together with the particular country chapter topics.

I agree that adding google translate button would be great for the regional forums, not only to help English speakers orient within other language topics, but also for non-native English speakers.

And I really think we need a link from the front page to the general chapters page http://imminst.org/chapters either in the form of a button, or a simpler kind of permanent link. I really think this could increase the chapters project visibility dramatically.

So if this needs to be voted for, I would suggest voting as a set:

1) Placing the ImmInst manifesto at the http://imminst.org/about section, and correspondingly shortening the Chapter announcements.
2) Adding “Google translate” option
3) Adding a link from the front page to the general chapters page http://imminst.org/chapters

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