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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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#1 dagonweb

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 06:33 AM

I am an active H+ in the western netherlands. I am I *very* busy with this cause in another context but
ImmInst is quite high on my radar. I am fairly well connected with most name transhumanists, specifically
van Nedervelde and Prisco. I met with Damien Crowe (holy shit what a character!), on behalf of Aubrey
in 2005, and my activities date from before that.

I widely argued life extension loudly as far back as in the 1980s.

I have fairly high expectations of life extension and considering a nano-revolution I assume that in the
next 20 years the average benefit for people in my country will be 20 years of therapies, and for me
somewhat less, i.e. 10. From then on this will sharply rise, and my expectation I have a 50% chance of
gaining several decades, and about 25% of achieving 'escape velocity' altogether.

I am not a rabid fan of IRL. Comitteee meetings are as close to dante's inferno as I can envision. I am
disabled IRL and my extremely constrained means are a considerable source of embarasment. My disease
flares up severely in winters and I am left largely incapacitated. The one thing I am particularly
good at is public speaking, even though my personal style might alienated some. I am designer, concept
artist, VR specialist. I photoshop, I author (english by and large) and I create select 3D content.

What you see is not what you get.

SEVERELY pressed for money in 2010-2011 due to ongoing personal projects.

Add me on MSN, Skype as 'dagonweb' and as 'dagon nowhere' in SL.

#2 booal2020

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Posted 11 January 2020 - 11:01 PM

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