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Moderate Your Own Regimen Thread!

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#1 chrono

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Posted 09 September 2010 - 04:35 PM

Members have the option to utilize moderation powers in their regimen thread. This can be useful for maintaining an up-to-date list in the first post, and keeping the discussion on-topic.

While you have discretion in deciding what constitutes appropriate discussion, I suggest using this ability with tact and restraint. Heavy moderation will reduce the likelihood that users will participate in your thread. ;)

Several buttons should appear at the bottom of posts.
  • Edit allows you to edit all posts in the thread (note that there is no way to undo edits).
  • Unapprove will hide the post from view of users. This can also be useful for 'reserving' posts at the top of the thread for later use.
  • Delete will remove the post from active status: in the next dialog box, clicking Remove will allow the post to be toggled and restored by moderators, while Delete will remove it irreversibly. Using Remove, and typing a brief reason for deletion, is generally better practice.

If you wish to use this function, please PM me with a link to your thread. Implementation by the appropriate administrator may take several days, but feel free to inquire if you think you've been forgotten.

Registered users: please consider joining as a full member. Doing so will afford you several benefits, help with site upkeep, and show support for our mission!

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