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once found, will immortality be afordable?

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#31 Musli

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Posted 16 March 2012 - 07:51 PM

Costs will fall from "millionaires only" to "average guy can save up for it" very quickly. Why? Because whoever happens to offer the therapies will need clients, and once there's no more rich people willing to undergo these therapies (if only for such money), they will have to lower the price to find new clients. And such a situation will take place a few times till they reach optimal ratio (number of regular users x price). And if competition arises, prices will go down even more.

#32 mpe

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Posted 17 March 2012 - 11:26 AM

Before anything can be broadly or freely available, it must first be available. If its only available to the rich at first, that's not a big deal. Like automobiles, air travel, mobile phones and penicillin the price will initially be ridiculously high, but it will fall as availability increases and very quickly as well, after all no politician could ever get elected or reelected without promising and then be seen to deliver antiaging technologies to the electorate.

That said it would be very unwise to not save a considerable amount of money for early or partial treatments which may make the difference for you, particularly if you are over 45, after all if you are in your 70s to 90s and have had 20 to 30 years to save half a million or more and have not done so, you only have yourself to blame. Personally if I find myself in that position with insufficient money, the house and all other assets will be up for sale.

After all what's the point of being old, decrepit, asset rich and cash poor, much better to be young, broke and homeless. You can always earn money back again.

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