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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans


living in the same region to work with this stuff

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#1 brokenportal

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Posted 22 October 2004 - 12:11 AM

If any body has any ideas for getting people closer together let me know. I think we need to pick a region and start influencing people that already see the dire importance of extending life spans into moving into that area so we can work together more. Lets pick a region and then start listing apartments and jobs in that area in here. If you support this idea then let me know. If you have any other ideas please post them here.

#2 mrfesta

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Posted 24 October 2004 - 01:21 AM

So you are saying we should all move to the same geographic location? I don't understand that logic when we have the power of the internet to communicate with.

My idea would be to hand out the tri-fold flyer along with a personal typed message to all of your neighbors or all the houses in lets say a 50 mile radius :) You could include some of your contact info. and maybe that if they support this they could donate 1$ and get a bumper sticker. So rather than all of us moving to one location, why not find supporters that are already around you....that just don't know it yet?

#3 brokenportal

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Posted 28 November 2004 - 04:52 AM

maybe... I think there would be benefit in more like minded people being in the same area to work together though, you dont sense any of the benefit in that? Maybe the internet is good enough... I have advertised and searched around here. Nobody seems to care about their lives though. Strange thought isnt it? Seems like an agregious contradiction to me. Not care, about, life... Isnt that like going to a football game and not caring if your seats face the game or not?

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#4 John Schloendorn

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Posted 12 December 2004 - 03:01 PM

Isnt that like going to a football game and not caring if your seats face the game or not?

Seems indeed much worse to me.

I also like moving together, if only for the atmosphere this creates. I'd love to meet you guys in person just to have someone around who feel like I do. The best such idea around is Aubrey's IBG. I'm sure there'd be plenty of room for non-life scientists as well, be it as assistant researchers or runnning departments for immortalist advertisement, fundraising, law, politics, whatever, we can think of something for everyone.

#5 Mind

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Posted 12 December 2004 - 03:06 PM

Imminst is of course planning a conference in November of 2005 in Atlanta. This would be a good opportunity for people to meet and make further plans for defeating aging.

#6 rillastate

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 08:19 AM

At first, this idea sounded great to me. Once I thought about it for a sec I started wondering if moving closer into the same region, say the same city, to advocate and advertise to the public about life-extension would come off as sort of cultish in a sense?

If you are proposing the idea of moving closer together into the same region with the goal of addressing the local public in numbers, I would be very sceptical because although the theory "two heads are better than one" is a good theory, I don't think today's society would be very open or comfortable with this strategy - it could come off as somewhat johova witnessy or mormony.

Now, if you are proposing the idea of moving closer together into the same region with a goal of being able to communicate with each other on a more efficient level and ultimately be able to organize into some sort of structured unit such as a company or organization in which we'd have to be in close proximatey to one another in order to conduct business then that idea, although abstract, sounds very good to me as long as we organize ourselves, conduct business or work for a cause that doesn't seem....weird.

As long as you are NOT suggesting we all move into the same area for the purpose of being able to walk down the street holding hands and cheering, "immortality, immortality for all!" in public or gathering into groups of 100 and knocking on every door in every neighborhood, city by city, then i'm all ears.

Although I doubt it would or could happen or that i'd want to be a candidate, I'd like to hear your ideas behind your thoughts. What purpose would it serve? How could we help spread awareness in packs better than spread out without seeming like crazy tom cruise-like scientologists on a mission? Would we hold our regular diversified day jobs as we do now but hold in-person conference meeting once a month? Or do you suggest we all get into find new fields of work that deal with the science, technology, politics, media, social/ethics of the coming technologies so that we obtain funding, speed progress, and change attitudes toward ethical issues such as stem cell and life extension therapies? Or further, that we start our own company consisting of many different departments and subdepartments which are all geared toward Aging Issues or something of the sort? What exactly are you proposing?

#7 Mark Hamalainen

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 09:11 PM

Spreading awareness is nice. However, having a proof of concept experiment in mice, as the IBG is desgined to achieve, is orders of magnitude mower powerful. If people come together, it should be the scientists and necessary support in order to found an IBG.

There are certainly scientists out there who would be interested, all that is needed is the funds. I don't think grouping together is likely to help us get that money faster.

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