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Longecity supplement name - Facebook poll results

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#1 brokenportal

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Posted 02 February 2012 - 01:03 AM

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LEV Prime is a name that works for our purpose. We can sell it to our in crowd, and to new crowds. Vimmortal works well for the community, who has already accepted other similar names, like Immortality Institute, enough to come here. Vimmortal works for Transhumanists but it does not appeal widely. As we are well aware, the word Immortality is a put-off to a lot of people. Thousands of people who buy the Longecity supplement can meme to people that see their bottle with the name LEV Prime. Thousands of people who buy the Longecity supplement can be compelled to buy LEV Prime for their friends and family. That can’t happen in nearly the same percents with Vimmortal.

I put in the footwork to get this project moving almost exclusively for the purpose of putting a viable name on a bottle, an invariable “leaflet on a bottle”, a message that can travel out into the homes of people that haven’t fully embraced the cause yet. Community involvement is a great addition to this project but seemingly only secondarily as important as the message we can spread with it.

Consider this poll with feedback I have gathered from my Facebook page. My page contains roughly 30% Transhumanists and 70% non Transhumanists.


1. Ira Pastor- Vimmortal - Just like it better
2. Calla Simms- I like Vimmortal. It looks better to me.
3. Eric Sanderson- Vimmortal- It has a better sound and look. its something that would be easy to remember ... just the name Vimmortal makes me want to learn more about it ... ... its one "word" main title .. which is perfect in my opinion.
4. Jamie Dunbaugh- Vimmortal. It has a better ring. LEV Prime sounds more generic.
5. Emanuele Tresca- Vimmortal easy to remember and better sound perhaps!
6. J David Frye- i have no idea what LEV is...but vImmortal sounds ground
7. Luanne J. Smith- I like Vimmortal better.
8. Lance Sievert- Vimmortal is easier to remember and seems more catchy.
9. Richard Heinz- Vimmortal.
10. Don Juice- Vimmortal sounds cooler.
11. Reginald Challis- Vimmortal for me.
12. Adam Falcon- It seems a bit weird to be trademarking anything with LEV in it.
13. Dino Thomas- Vimmortal
14. Michel Bourgois- Vimmortal
15. Summer Jamie Aspen- very cool i want some~! (Vimmortal)
16. Chad Steel- I really do not like either of them. I feel the names do not fit the product. But if you already invested thousands of dollars and a choice has to be made. Then my choice is Vimmorta. Because it kinda reminds me of immortal.
17. Jordan Foote- Vimmortal sounds a bit catchier. LEV Prime honestly sounds like a planet in Star Trek.
18. David Williamson- Vimmortal is my choice out of the two, they both sound a bit weird but that one sounds less weird and more likely to be noticed..
19. Angela L. Tombs- Vimmortal
20. Aron Vallinder- Vimmortal
21. Marlin May- As a couple of others have stated, LEV Prime does sound like a planet from Star Trek, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. I personally like Vimmortal (or V-Immortal), but I'd guess that the FDA wouldn't like either one little bit, so I'd steer clear of any form of "immortal" if I were you.
22. Guido Degrassi- well.. my choice whould be Vimmortal.. because that's my own goal. Must say that in so many years I met really few people that are not scared of immortality. Perhaps for the ordinary people healthy longevity is the maximum they can accept
23. Bill Lauritzen- Vimorta.
24. Dolores Monica Steadman- I like Vimmortal :-)
25. John F. Felix- I like Vimmortal. Visually, it reminds me of the old expression vim and verve.
26. Bret Ginx Alan- Vimmortal, all the way.
27. Yoselem Divincenzo- V-Immortal sounds good for me!
28. Brian Stetten- Vimmortal ...LEV sounds like a high speed rail train.
29. David Hawkins- I like Vimmortal. Purely subjective. I just like the way it sounds.
30. Anthony Butler- If I saw the words 'immortal' and 'nutrition' put together on the same sticker, I would choose Vimmortal.
31. John M Lynch- Vimmortal
32. Paul Gibbons- Vimmortal
33. Karlie Mason- Vimmortal
34. Emory Villines- Vimmortal

LEV Prime:

1. Tim Suetens- I vote for LEV Prime - "immortal" is a grotesque word no one outside of the (very small) life extension community will take seriously. "LEV" has that "longevity" ring to it, which is exactly what ILE is about.
2. Mike Lorrey- I'm with Tim, LEV Prime, sounds better. LEV Prime sounds like its techy, and prime of life, that sorta thing. Vimmortal makes me think about vampire movies
3. Anthony Okafor- LEV PRIME FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. David Pryor- I agree with Tim's comments. Immortal is an evil word lol. LEV Prime! Prime is a good word! Like Primary....etc
5. Deanna Lee McGowan- Lev Prime
6. John Flerianos- very close choice.. will be hard to make a decision. I'd go for LEV Prime probably, but it really is extremely close.
7. Gabriel Vigon- I'd go with Prime just because immortal might throw people off or be more inclined to criticize it... alternatively, immortal does have a compelling nature and controversy that can bring attention
8. Jake Newland- Lev, since I would have a hard time taking something called "Vimmortal " seriously.
9. Grazia Giuli Annen- Lev Prime sounds better to me, too.
10. Khaled Rachidi- LEV Prime, in Vimmortal all what we see is "mortal"
11. Bryan Burgess- LEV prime. Because Optimus. "I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots."
12. Iván Antezana Quiroz- LEV, besides being an achronym, brings the idea of a good level. On the other side, "Vimmortal" sounds like a too easy promise nobody can really believe in.
13. Joseph Rosenthal- VImmortal sounds too sensational. Intelligent consumers may easily dismiss it as gimmicky or pseudo-scientific. It is also a misnomer, since realistic life extenionists no doubt realize that indefinite life extension is a more plausible objective than immortality.
14. Dan Read- It's got to be LEV Prime, it sounds more proactive, and yes I agree, VImmortal sounds like a health gimmick which is bound to give people a bad first impression.
15. Catarina Lamm- I prefer LEV Prime - Vimmortal sounds like something a sect would come up with while LEV sounds more "scientific"
16. Manning Blair Latham- I think LEV Prime is the best but agree that Vimmortal might be easier to remember.
17. Tanin Ehrami- Go for LEV PRIME. Vimmortal sounds like a bad vampire movie.
18. Lucas Keirse- Vimmortal sounds to negative and dark I think. I agree completely with Iván.
19. Marius Huseby- Lev Prime has a better ring to it. :)
20. Ramesh Manickam- i go for Lev Prime...sounds better.. :)
21. Philipp Schaub- ‎"Vimmortal" sounds too cheesy if you ask me. I'd immediately suspect quackery behind such a product. LEV Prime has a more respectable ring to it.
22. Liber Novus- Vim is sort of an anachronism. I choose L.E.V. Prime.
23. Russell Shaw Higgs- ‎... I think I agree with Dan's comment "It's got to be LEV Prime, it sounds more proactive, and yes I agree, VImmortal sounds like a health gimmick"
24. William A. Boyle- LEV Prime sounds better to me. Something with '-mortal' on the label might have some negative connotations (Even if it's really im-mortal).
25. Krishna Sharma- Lev Prime sounds unique I will go for it !
26. Mark Voelker- Vimmortal. LEV Prime sounds like a sci-fi planet, or a robot: "I AM LEV PRIME! You will obey!"
27. Christopher McGuire- I'd go with the LEV Prime name, Vimmortal might give people the wrong idea. Even though there's a disclaimer attached, I'd be worried about people wanting their money back after buying it and THEN reading said disclaimer...
28. Richard Sexton- LEV
29. Aubrey de Grey- Wow! Quite a compliment. […] my initial take is that it's a good idea and not problem, but I reckon it might indeed be problematic to add the TM. Can you email me and I'll discuss it internally?
30. Carl Tasios- LEV Prime.
31. Johannes VC- LEV prime. I agree with most of the arguments in favor of it here.
32. Ellis Dean Hovey- LEV Prime--hands down.
33. Gunnar Hardråde- I prefer LEV Prime of the two there. Vimmortal sounds a bit dodgy, to be honest. But what about VitaLEV?
34. Todd MacIsaac- LEV Prime sounds much better to me.
35. Michael Shumlich- I'd go with LEV Prime.
36. Jens Janson- LEV Prime, no doubt.
37. Barbara Adele Korn- LEV Prime gets my vote, too, Eric Schulke.
38. Gunnar Hardråde- I prefer LEV Prime of the two there. Vimmortal sounds a bit dodgy, to be honest. But what about VitaLEV?
39. Arsen Zahray- LEV Prime sounds and looks better
40. Simeon Knieling- LEV Prime sounds more serious, so I think people would rather buy this than Vimmortal. However, selecting one name over the other in pictures with different backgrounds is kind of hard because the background might subconsciously influence our decisions.
41. Fred Mayfield- This one - anything with immortal rings my BS bell loudly :-)
42. Christina Stephens- I vote for Prime
43. Eric D. Ryser- For the reason that I just "liked" per Fred Mayfield.
44. Gordon Adams- LEV Prime has a familiarity to it. Not sure why but to me it stands out.
45. Leonardo Nunes Ricucci- I vote for LEV Prime, because it has to reach a borad audience and the term Immortality conures up negative images for people and might not be apealing for a wide array of consumers. And if you are trying to reach a big share of the market you have to be attractive to your future customers and not intimidating or And also immortality at least how i see it is the inhability to die, if we reach radical life extension we are still mortals, we just stop ageing...
46. Carlos Ginés Vázquez- LEV Prime, inmortality is a name too big for any product
47. Spark Xt- Name LEV Prime is beautiful.. It trickles imagination more..
48. Paul Prida- LEV Prime sounds good !!!!
49. Andrew Gorospe- lev prime
50. Mitch Massey- Lev Prime, Lev prime sounds more like living well and Vimmortal sounds a bit over the top.
51. Quang Nguyễn- between the 2 LEV Prime is better
52. Rachelle Janice- Lev Prime is better to me.
53. Jen Derosa- LEV Prime For Me too...
54. Fara D. Megargee- LEV.
55. Dennis Crow- LEV1
56. Roddy Hovey- My vote is with LEV Prime.
57. Jerry Zaski- LEV Prime sounds powerful....like Optimus Prime :)
58. Tommy Hanninen- LEV has a good twang, the immortal thing makes things sound snake oily.
59. Kevin Koskella- LEV Prime is better to me
60. Jennifer Lambert ReCasino- I like this one! (LEV Prime)
61. Levi Jones- Vimortal sounds like cat food. Lev Prime
62. Sarah Marr- Depends on your audience. LEV's more obscure. On the other hand your supplement isn't going to make people immortal so LEV seems more appropriate.
63. Saye Taryor- LEV Prime
64. Luis Reinoso- LEV Prime sounds better to me.
65. Mario Siaboc- LEV Prime
66. Vital Sounouvou- LEV Prime is much better I think.

Miscellaneous feedback that didn’t specify either:

1. Russell Shaw Higgs- ‎... my initial impressions: Vimmortal sounds and rhymes in my head like "Be Immortal". LEV Prime, is perhaps more of an info opening to the concept of Longevity Escape Velocity. Is there any reason why both can't be used? Does it have to be just one? Thinking about it LEV PRIME sounds better. It's smoother sounding. Vimmortal is a bit more awkward sounding.
2. Jonathan Després- I think LEV PRIME is more aggressive and the word prime is good, however VIMMORTAL is easier to remember, more soft, but there is no question behind this word.
3. Anthony Hopper- As you mentioned in a post, if you are going to create a website centered around your book or expect sales to be based on searches, then it needs be something that sticks in one's head, so to speak--usually that means shorter words that still connect to the topic (or allow people to link to the topic in their heads).--so VPrime might be better than the other, alternatives. IMO only...
4. Philipp Schaub- Independent of personal opinions, it might be worth checking up on the existing research on name-design for products. PR is a well-studied field. Also, why not try both and see which runs better with the retailers and/or consumers? It's just the printing of labels, after all, not a huge change in production. In the long run it might pay off to invest a little more effort into this issue.
5. Chris Sebastian Douglas Author- I'd make a combo of two and use "LEVITAL" (10% TM commission if approved.) :)
6. Tara Euphoria Infinity Blackman- Ok I will be just thinking what about changing the V to a B and then you have Bimmortal which is the Long term goal don't you think ?? Thats what I would do as Bimmortal has much for punch and repercusssions for behaviour - cos your going to watch what you do from a consciousness point of view;- Also it will be a huge market before you know it - you might as well get a head start with the name and it's meaning ~ Smiles Tara
7. Stephen Mark Whittaker vimmorta is a mouthful vitamorta would be better as its double syllable
8. Eric R. Albrigh-t LEV Prime is a solid name. Perhaps too solid. The product must be worth it. On the other hand, Vimmortal has the virtue of having its intended purpose encapsulated in its name to make it more real for consumers. Just my thoughts.
9. Cozmik Zen- hmmm, honestly, neither of them do it for me, sorry.

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#2 caliban

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Posted 02 February 2012 - 01:27 AM

can we move to project forum?

#3 brokenportal

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Posted 02 February 2012 - 01:36 AM

Had you recently moved it to advertisers? I thought that I accidentally posted it in advertisers and so I moved it to to votes and important issues. I was thinking about posting it in places like that but Im not sure if all of these people would be happy with their comments being accessible like that, not sure.

#4 brokenportal

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Posted 02 February 2012 - 02:07 AM

I see that I had included William Boyle's pro LEV Prime comments twice. So I omitted one of them and polled another person. That ended up adding one more to Vimmortal. There may be other doubles but I didnt notice any more between the two.

#5 Mind

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Posted 04 February 2012 - 11:00 PM

Great to see all of the input. This discussion reminds me of the name-change discussions. Similar arguments. Here is what I said in another thread:

LEV Prime was suggested and that is not too bad, because of the abbreviation, but I wouldn't want to be too misleading. With Vimmortal, you could argue that it might be misleading, unless you consider that it was created by people who are striving for unlimited lifespans - then it makes sense on at least one level and is not misleading. I like to think (or maybe I am dreaming, lol) that radical life extension becomes more popular every passing day, making the word "vimmortal" less laughable and more marketable. Progress is slow with this meme, but we are not going backward, so maybe we can stick it out with Vimmortal for another run.

LEV Prime is a pretty good name, but I am still for sticking with Vimmortal in order to give it more time to test out in the marketplace. In the end, members here should decide, IMO.


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Posted 06 February 2012 - 02:18 AM

Personally, I prefer LEV Prime so you can add that to your list :). I think it is important to get better exposure - it took effort to find Vimmortal on Anthony's web page, maybe a dedicated page that redirects to Anthony's site for payment?

#7 brokenportal

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Posted 12 February 2012 - 02:42 AM

Aubrey liked it but his marketing people are afraid it will blur the lines between LEV SENS and LEV Supplements. So unfortunately the big push I was making for this name is done.

Hopefully any momentum and positive things this one had going for it will transfer to this name here. The uphill battle just got steeper.

Posted Image

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#8 brokenportal

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 11:23 PM

I was originally headed in the direction of making a pitch for a name like VLongecity. Caliban indicates name problem implications with it. I think it is a very important opportunity there for us that we have the chance with the new organization name, Longecity, to brand it as "the new longevity" a word that means indefinite life extension, that means unlimited lifespans. There is a need for such a word. This multi-vitamin would provide a great opportunity to move in the direction of branding it that way.

But, maybe he's right that we just cant use the organization name like that. So I switched gears to another name that can work, LEV Prime. Thats out the window.

Now we have Longevity Prime.

I've been trying really hard to keep this from turning into a debate among multiple names with new ones sprouting up left and right, not that that is necessarily a bad thing, but for the purposes of this project I don't think it's ideal. I would like to add one more though: ILE Prime. (Indefinite Life Extension Primer)


Longevity Prime
ILE Prime

Each one of these is a name that can finesse the meme into the homes of new people. That is the #1 objective in choosing a name for this.

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