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an iPod like pill

flavor mouthfeel dosing scent

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#1 treonsverdery

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Posted 13 February 2012 - 11:21 PM

When you think about it, the iPod did well as a result of superior user interface.

I mildly suggest we talk here about a pill with a really superb user interface.


First, flavor. the pill coating should be the most wonderful flavor as well as mouthfeel we can think of.
at another discussion area, Pink fluid antibiotic was considered highly yummy. the pharmacists definition of that flavor is cherry banana mint.

Another possible flavor might be whatever the most popular Jelly Belly flavor is.

Also, many nutrients are better absorbed at a mucous membrane. Im aware that this is not a resveratrol pill, yet it might be beneficial to have a truly delicious coating that took long enough to dissolve that there was oral absorption of say B12, resveratrol, or even the longevity peptide epitalon Also from a user perspective if it tastes good, takes a while to enjoy, people might like it thus remember it, reorder it.

Dosing Regimen
Most people here have seen graphs showing that a twice a day multivitamin keeps serum levels more constant. Thus perhaps two pills a day, colored yellow n blue could be morning as well as evening pills. It is possible that the evening fat deposition effect favors absorption or bioconversion of lipid soluble vitamins during the evening, or alertness from B vitamins at the morning.

Sensory Decoration
many pills have a freshness sachet to absorb moisture. Certain scents are measured as causing higher approval rating or communicating value. Thinking iPod, I think it would be possible to scent the freshness sachet so the pills smelled hypnotically powerful yet delicious.

Greater value
Se-methylcysteine is published as reducing cancer, thus the Se at the pill could be from the most oncopreventative form of Se.
every one of the vitamins present could be from the form most published as actively beneficial.

Do others have suggestions about iPodding the pill? Perhaps dividable tablet or the like?

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#2 treonsverdery

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 08:16 PM

Nutrient release at a basic environment of the GI tract
There are gelatin capsules as well as coatings that release drugs at the more basic part of the GI tract rather than at stomach acid.
It could be that using this with the Imminst supplement creates greater nutrient availability.

Does anyone here know if 100 pct RDI is based on nutrients required to prevent disease, (the IU approach) or is it functional absorbed dose to prevent disease at a nonhuman mammal? If I take 100 pct RDI of a nutrient then 90 pt of it is acid hydrolyzed that’s very different than 100 pt of a nutrient released at the more basic part of the GI tract, where if only a third of the nutrient were made nonabsorbed would deliver three times the effective dose even at 100 pt on the label statement. This could triple vitamin D absorption possibly reducing cancer.

What should the supplement label say
The label of a supplement makes a large difference to the user, it can educate, contain URLs, or be decorated to dramatically improve pill taking compliance (famous vivid colored pill container which, I remember accurately, gets 20 pt or more people to remember to use their medication) Image http://www.nashih.co...ill-bottle.html Posted Image

If it is possible the imminst supplement could say something like
These 10 compounds all give ten to 40 pt or greater longevity increase to mammals.
While perhaps every sane person avoids tobacco products, some of the chemicals are published at peer reviewed journals to increase lifespan 2 or three times the amount that tobacco reduces it We urge you to visit our imminst.org website to learn more. Deprenyl, metformin, probiotic wrz300, resveratrol, epitalon, MUP, more. Visit Imminst online to find the next 10 chemicals on this list.

That way even though the imminst vitamin is merely a vitamin it will continually inform the users 365/y twice a day that there are other effective longevity chemicals.

Is this a gift item
That Mind’s description of this supplement is that it is just a USRDI vitamin brings up a wonderful opportunity. Vast numbers of people would be willing to take an ordinary multivitamin, thus if given as a gift, the Imminst supplement might actually be used even among the merely mildly sympathetic. Thus these people read the label material describing the double digit longevity gains to mammals from various imminst researchable drugs 365/y twice a day as well as fondly remember the existence of the giver.

Are Europeans glamorous, I have thought about the Imminst supplement as USRDI, what if the label talks up World RDI,
that is regardless of the country on earth the Imminst supplement gives you 100 pt of the WRDI nutrients at every country, thus if European or Japanese have higher standards that’s the amount at the pill. 100 pt of the recommended German or Swiss Vitamin E requirement, 20 pt more than the US RDI. This sounds, as well as might be, enlightened. It is slightly better nutrient engineering, while merely increasing the vitamin content mildly while Remaining at the very well tolerated amount.

There are a number of label approaches.
From the award winning vivid usability, to the Dr Bronners approach http://en.wikipedia....Emanuel_Bronner
Posted ImageDr. Bronners provides vast amounts of eensty text to read, with some audiences that might be good. I think the idea was originally that people hiking around the woods would read something slightly Emersonian on their universal toiletries or something. While its only moderately plausible from a production perspective Imminst could give people the opportunity online to choose the label of their supplement, or gift to another depending on the perceived personality of the recipient.

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#3 Mind

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 09:36 PM

Thanks for the fresh ideas.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: flavor, mouthfeel, dosing, scent

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