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To RDA,or not to RDA.Please help with my new regimen.

regimen multi joints bone optimal rda

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#1 Atropy

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Posted 22 April 2013 - 01:25 PM

Firstly,thanks to everyone who shares their knowledge on this website.

Now,I really want to get my vitamin and mineral intake beyond the basic RDA,to where my body can perform optimally.I would like to do this without over supplementing.

So I'm going to order some supplements today to help me do that.My daily food intake is not too terrible,except for my high levels of sodium.
Below is my daily food intake,give or take,minus a few greens from my ethnic diet(some ethnic foods not included on Chrono).
I included the 2 Omega pills I usually take and some whey protein.
The Pic on the left includes 1 Multi Basics 3 multi pill.The pic on the right does not include a multi vitamin.

Attached File  1 multi basics pill..jpg   191.05KB   41 downloadsAttached File  No multi basics..jpg   187.18KB   44 downloads

I'm not too sure if 9260% RDA of b12 is a good amount.

Goals:Form a good base for health.
Form a good base for nootropics.
Feel and perform the best way I can.
Increase bone density(calcification).
Rebuild/maintain Joints/cartiledge.

Current Regimen:

2 x 1g Omega 3 fish oil Carlson's Lab gems.
1/4 dose source naturals life force multi.
1 x Glucosomine pill Schiff Move Free.

My intended regimen will be:

2 x 1g Omega 3 fish oil Carlson's Lab gems.
1-2 x Multi-basic 3 pill/s.(Dosage?)
Vitamin D3 (Dosage?)
Vitamin K2 (form,type and dosage?)
Magnesium (dosage?)
Vitamin C(dosage,form,type?)
Something that will rebuild or maintain joints.(Suggestions,dosages?)

Not too sure I need to supplement the ones below,do I?:

Potassium(Seems like it would be a good idea to get at least the RDA).
Phosphorus(Seem to be deficient).
Zinc(Seem to be deficient,I hear good things about Zinc).
Omega 6 (surprised its so low,thought it might be abit higher).

Just a background on me, I'm 28,I train cardio and some strength training 5 days a week for 45 min.
I am currently on imipramine,dlpa and tryptophan for anxiety and depression.

I used to train with weights,without alternating body parts and I believe it could have helped wear my joints out.I take one glucosomine pill per day,but I suspect it has only helped with any joint pain during excercise,instead of maintaining and rebuilding my joints.

I don't eat much red meat,mostly pork or hotdogs.

Please edit or adjust my regimen.Thanks very much.

#2 Atropy

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Posted 23 April 2013 - 01:35 AM

Any small adjustment in any area of my supplementation will do fine.

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