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Enhanced Creativity: Views and/or experiences with nootropics

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#1 do.code

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 08:24 PM

I've seen a few comments on this site about people finding creative benefits but not come across any more in depth discussion on the matter, so I wanted to start a thread for people to share their opinions and observations about nootropics and it's effect, good, bad or neutral, on creative ability.

I think creativity can be different for everyone, things like colour perception, spatial awareness, inventive thinking, problem solving, noticing things you wouldn't normally etc etc Pretty much anything associated with right side brain activity. I don't know if anyone has ever monitored the right brain activity with nootropics...? Be good to get some feedback from people who rely on creativity on a daily basis or have tested different stacks for their creative benefits.

Be great to hear your thoughts!

#2 NootPoint

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Posted 13 November 2013 - 03:55 AM

I'm sorry I have no experience or knowledge to share here, as I'm just about to begin incorporating noots into my life. However, this is a topic that greatly interests me (being a creative type myself), so I would love to hear what people have to say on the matter.


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#3 MizTen

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Posted 13 November 2013 - 05:37 AM

I've been experimenting with noots for several months for different purposes, creative enhancement being one that I put on a back burner, not that it wasn't important to me. But now I'm more motivated to work on enhancing my creativity as some of my other goals with noots are being met.

Some of the noots that have distinct stimulant effects don't seem all that helpful, as they make me more prone to get things organized and under control and less likely to step into the flow.

Some of the noots (sunifiram, Piracetam) that cause mild hypomania along with sensory enhancement seemed like they might be helpful. But it hasn't really turned out that way for me yet.

I think that when I can balance focus with a relaxed state, my creativity is higher and I'm more productive.

Theanine may be good for that. Also I've had significant sensory enhancement from large quantities of rooibos tea.

Creative enhancement is my next nootropic project. It may turn out that meditation, self-hypnosis, and shamanic journeying are really better (and cheaper) than chemical noots. But the chemical noots do help with focus, drive, and memory, thus they help with skill building. Skill mastery definitely helps creativity, though not essential.

#4 LabRat

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Posted 13 November 2013 - 11:57 AM

I have noticed a powerful creative enhancement. A simple example would be thinking of potential company names for a new project (a variation on the terrible 'what shall we call the band?' problem), and going from 'ummmmmm......' to reeling off a list of dozens of potential names, continuously and effortlessly. Another example would be in thinking of advertising ideas, or film scenes (my work), both in terms of coming up with more original creative content more easily, and being able to visualise it very clearly. At times the creative push is so strong you can end up thinking, 'I must wrist a book about xxx while also doing yyy as an art project and patent this new invention blah blah blah...'

On the downside, I wonder if there's a kind of over enthusiasm at work, you must be careful to be critical of the ideas in a less excited state and make sure they are not the self-indulgent ramblings of someone who has suddenly decided they are a chemically assisted creative genius. Also, I have come to believe there is no such thing as a free lunch, no high without an accompanying low, and that all smarts are basically unbalancing and should be used in moderation. Having said that, some of the ideas are genuinely good and hold water in the real world, and the kick-start to creativity can be very helpful.

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#5 Indigodoll

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 04:09 AM

Oh wow..this is my first post here, but something I can relate to and have a keen interest in as well. I'm an artsy type too, and have been experimenting with mostly natural nootropics for the last two months with some successes. Creative ideas have always come to me...ideas themselves typically flutter around in my head like they are tenants who pay rent. I thought what I needed was enhanced creativity beyond the stuff I already came up. However, I discovered by accident, taking things that helped to reduce anxiety and depression, helped me not worry so much about enhanced creativity. Instead now I can focus on doing the work, little by little without the overwhelm that can come from feeling like the work isn't good enough. Then it's like hey, I created something cool there, and the way to execute the idea came a bit clearer and faster.

I even ventured down the road to see what it would be like to have that extreme focus of not at all being distracted--that was an experimental time as well (it was a pure accident, like "oh let's see what happens when I add this")...the funny thing is, for me, taking stuff that increased dopamine more than usual (NOW L-Tyrosine and Mega Mind by Source Naturals in one day on top of 2 Yerba Mate cups) provided a lot of focus, but it was like the part of my brain that wanders and likes finding connections in different things was turned off...so I didn't even have any inclination to do any creative projects and designs didn't come fluidly. I didn't like that. I was like, Holy Crap..this is what it must be like in other ppl's head's who aren't always thinking about making artsy stuff..Then it got boring! I haven't gone back there mentally nor have I taken those specific products anymore.

I also work at an Art School and I see of lot students with similar challenges of being easily distracted, not focused, forgetful and having issues with anxiety.

I'm still working on my stack of stuff, but within the last two months I've experienced notable changes in my mood and energy levels throughout the day. Since my brain isn't fried after work everyday, I now have some time to devote to my own endeavors.

I take:
Upon Waking
SAMe 200
Kacip Fatimah (malaysan herb reputed to balance hormones and increase libido, like male version Tong Kat Ali...But the only thing I notice it does is potentiate the first three supplements and make me feel really really calm and at peace..that helps with creativity b/c I'm not stressed

Later in AM
Red Korean Ginseng
ARO Pre Workout Supplement by vitacost (Has creatine, yerba mata, rhodiola, guarana, eleuthero root and other stuff)

With breakfast/food
-Women MultiVitamin pack from Isagenix
-Ashwaghanda -Adaptogen
-Eleuthro Root (Siberean Ginseng)- Adaptogen
-Gingko Biloba - Memory
-Gotu Kola -Memory
-Ubiquinol CO QH - Brain Health (dunno specific mechanism, but I feel good when I take it)
-Vitamin D
Phosphatidlyserine Complex (Vitacost)---this stuff gets a mixed review because I feel good on it and it allows me to be creative but focused when I am working..but it increases my desire to be social, which means I take it I'm more prone to wander off into a conversation with some one or physically go explore something. I am naturally a social person and I never meet strangers...when I'm in the mood to be chatty. The problem with Phosphatidylserine is it induces my social charm and chattiness even when I have other things I need to be working on

-Women MultiVitamin PM pack from Isagenix
-Ashwaghanda -Adaptogen
-Eleuthro Root (Siberean Ginseng)- Adaptogen
-Gingko Biloba - Memory
-Gotu Kola -Memory
Sometime PS Complex depending on the kind of day I had

Alpha GPC and CDP at 300mgs each taken at different times gave me headaches, which produced grumpiness and didn't help with creativity. I still need to play with the dosages maybe.

It also helps to know your body and your brain to figure this stuff out if you aren't the scientific type...lol I'm the artsy intuitive type who doesn't mind experimenting and taking chances. I figured out that I needed stuff that increased Acetylcholine and Dopamine (keeps the creativity flowing but I can stay motivated and focused on one project without dropping it and starting something different!...Nootropics help a lot with that!)

That helped me get a better handle on what kind of stuff to take and what to leave alone. I think that's a good place to start as it relates to finding what will enhance creativity.

OMG, I typed a freaking essay. I will blame that on the Phosphatidylserine!! :blush: :-D

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