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Nootropics and Brain Healing

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#1 Rachel Joy Loney

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Posted 29 January 2014 - 10:06 AM

Hi everybody,

Im just going to jump right in and tell ya'll my story. As a young girl I was abused and developed unhealthy thought patterns. I began using drugs at age 14, first marijuana and then drinking. I dont remember a lot of the details, but I know that I very quickly smoked weed every day, and was quick involved with taking ecstasy from ages 15-17? I had an 18 month period of sobriety, followed by a few years of heavy and excessive marijuana use - with weekend drinking, and mixing with other drugs (DXM, perkasets, concerta, ect..) I started on cocaine when I was about 20 - it was usually only every a weekend thing. The last few years have been pretty consistent - Heavy marijuana use, heavy weekend drinking, and then I started smoking crack and doing cocaine as well on the weekends. I would normally use adavan or something to calm myself down. All that being said, I have put a lot of junk into my body, as well as not taking care of myself (physically or emotionally) I have put myself in a lot of bad situations.

I have been cleaning up my life for the past fews months and will sometimes go for over a month without using anything, I do slip up every once and a while but if I use anything its at way lower doses - Ive been waiting for my mind to heal. I am starting counselling and will be working with community mental health to get some proper diagnoses.

I have been focusing on self love lately, which included nutrition and exercise. I am loooking for information on the best way to repair my brain. Its pretty obvious I have a plethora of psychological issues, as well as trust/intimacy issues. Right now it looks like I have a nice mix of social/general anxiety, ADHD, rapid cycling bipolar, and dissociation that goes on. Who knows - I dont really care to be honest - I will take SSRIS and what other crap, but I am more interesting in fixing the neurological issues if that is posssible. How can I get smarter?! lol.

Anyone with nootropics experience have any advice?

Its hard for me to discribe my symptoms because I have very little idea or perception of how other people think, so its hard to know what is different about me. I do notice concentration issues, mood swings, attention problems, awareness problems, and memory problems. Not just remembering events, I have a hard time learning from mistakes because its as if they didnt happen? Idk - maybe thats just chronic stupidity?

I would love any insight, if any one has a better understanding of what I have done to my brain and what I can do to heal and improve, please share. As much information as possible. I want to keep getting better socially, spiritually, and physically. I will be going to university this year and hope to get my MD by the time I am 30. Please, share some references if you have any access to material on this subject.

Here is some interesting information Ive found about the affects of drugs that I would love to have explained/commented on.

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#2 Ashenhurst

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Posted 29 January 2014 - 04:43 PM

It looks like you're on the right track! As for repairing the damage to your brain you should read up on NSI-189.
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#3 Manticone

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Posted 04 April 2016 - 08:37 PM

I would make a list of all the supplements known to help with blood flow to the brain and neuron regrowth (for example, I have been reading that turmeric can help. EFAs are vital). And try a range of different mind games that help focus attention, speed, flexibility etc. There are free N-Back games on the internet. Lumosity is also fun, and I do feel as if I am focusing more intensely after a month of playing the games.


My sister had a massive infection a few years back, and developed sepsis. She was put on huge levels of antibiotics...which lead to a severe case of candida, and for years afterward she said she felt spacey (brain fog). One thing that she said helped her was the ketogenic diet. It's a harder diet to follow if you are vegetarian, for example, but it can help with focus and concentration. I would caution to not stay on such a diet long term, as it can be harder than a well rounded diet re: kidney function. But in short bursts? She definitely noticed an increase in mental clarity.


Myself...I chew nicotine gum, which helps reduce migraine pain and a sort of fog that the auras from the migraines caused. It's also been studied in conjunction with disorders like epilepsy etc. Many people are noticing in improvements in focus and attention. I wouldn't buy the gum if you've ever smoked (it may trigger you to want to smoke again)...but if you've never smoked, it's something I would advise reading up on. I have been migraine free for a month now (I know this is not your issue, only that it is being used to treat a variety of neurological conditions).


Also, don't overlook obvious things, such as sleep, detoxification of stimulants (even caffeine), and nutritional issues. Even a mild iron anemia, for example, can cause major problems with concentration. 


Keep a daily mood and health log, and track what you eat. Many people are sensitive to various foodstuffs, but might feel foggy or slowed down on certain foods...and if you consistently feel like rubbish after eating a particular food, even if it's healthy, consider supplementing that food with something else.


Good luck!! 


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Posted 02 May 2016 - 07:37 AM

  • Mild OTC aromatase inhibitors (resveratrol or indole 3 carbinol, resveratrol has lots of other benefits too) and some mild T boosting supps (T will help you recover the dopamine sensitivity in the right places so you can stabilize the moody stuff) just use with care, women can apparently misunderstand their feelings when their T goes up and have anger problems.... just think of it as bravado)
  • Pregnenolone (creates neurosteroids, and steroids)
  • GnRH (more steroidal support for recovery)
  • Taurine
  • Mg Threonate
  • Thiamine HCl (HCl part is VERY important, 500mg doses)
  • Niagen? I think this might work good for ketoacidosis and can restore youthful, more regenerative function

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