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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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Survival means the early construction of Ultraintelligence

superintelligence agi a.i.

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#1 Julia36

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Posted 12 February 2014 - 03:56 PM

Cant see a way round this.

We build accelerating intelligence and successfully contain it or get wiped by growing numbers of risks.
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#2 xks201

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Posted 09 March 2014 - 12:33 AM

We have been doing this since the caveman invented fire. I have faith in humanity.
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#3 Julia36

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Posted 27 December 2014 - 07:51 PM

Keep praying

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#4 Keizo

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Posted 15 January 2015 - 02:15 PM

Technology and progress

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#5 Julia36

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Posted 16 January 2015 - 05:50 AM


No longer certain Keizo.


Machine systems have had recursive software since LISP

Some are self-actuating, including taking decisions in the environment whether to kill people on a battlefield or not.


Their rate of intelligence growth is exponential and causing alarm:


eg these scientists many working in the field have signed a petition to check A.I.


Open letter signatories include:

Stuart Russell, Berkeley, Professor of Computer Science, director of the Center for Intelligent Systems, and co-author of the standard textbook Artificial Intelligence: a Modern Approach.
Tom Dietterich, Oregon State, President of AAAI, Professor and Director of Intelligent Systems
Eric Horvitz, Microsoft research director, ex AAAI president, co-chair of the AAAI presidential panel on long-term AI futures
Bart Selman, Cornell, Professor of Computer Science, co-chair of the AAAI presidential panel on long-term AI futures
Francesca Rossi, Padova & Harvard, Professor of Computer Science, IJCAI President and Co-chair of AAAI committee on impact of AI and Ethical Issues
Demis Hassabis, co-founder of DeepMind
Shane Legg, co-founder of DeepMind
Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind
Dileep George, co-founder of Vicarious
Scott Phoenix, co-founder of Vicarious
Yann LeCun, head of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Peter Norvig, Director of research at Google and co-author of the standard textbook Artificial Intelligence: a Modern Approach
Michael Wooldridge, Oxford, Head of Dept. of Computer Science, Chair of European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence
Leslie Pack Kaelbling, MIT, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, founder of the Journal of Machine Learning Research
Tom Mitchell, CMU, former President of AAAI, chair of Machine Learning Department
Geoffrey Hinton, University of Toronto and Google Inc.
Toby Walsh, Univ. of New South Wales & NICTA, Professor of AI and President of the AI Access Foundation
Murray Shanahan, Imperial College, Professor of Cognitive Robotics
Michael Osborne, Oxford, Associate Professor of Machine Learning
David Parkes, Harvard, Professor of Computer Science
Laurent Orseau, Google DeepMind
Ilya Sutskever, Google, AI researcher
Blaise Aguera y Arcas, Google, AI researcher
Joscha Bach, MIT, AI researcher
Bill Hibbard, Madison, AI researcher
Steve Omohundro, AI researcher
Ben Goertzel, OpenCog Foundation
Richard Mallah, Cambridge Semantics, Director of Advanced Analytics, AI researcher
Alexander Wissner-Gross, Harvard, Fellow at the Institute for Applied Computational Science
Adrian Weller, Cambridge, AI researcher
Jacob Steinhardt, Stanford, AI Ph.D. student
Nick Hay, Berkeley, AI Ph.D. student
Jaan Tallinn, co-founder of Skype, CSER and FLI
Elon Musk, SpaceX, Tesla Motors
Luke Nosek, Founders Fund
Aaron VanDevender, Founders Fund
Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT, Professor at and director of MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy
Margaret Boden, U. Sussex, Professor of Cognitive Science
Martin Rees, Cambridge, Professor Emeritus of Cosmology and Astrophysics, Gruber & Crafoord laureate
Huw Price, Cambridge, Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy

Nick Bostrom, Oxford, Professor of Philosophy, Director of FHI
Stephen Hawking, Director of research at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge, 2012 Fundamental Physics Prize laureate for his work on quantum gravity
Luke Muehlhauser, Executive Director of Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI)
Eliezer Yudkowsky, MIRI researcher, co-founder of MIRI (then known as SIAI)
Katja Grace, MIRI researcher
Benja Fallenstein, MIRI researcher
Nate Soares, MIRI researcher
Paul Christiano, Berkeley, Computer Science graduate student
Anders Sandberg, Oxford, FHI researcher
Daniel Dewey, Oxford, FHI researcher
Stuart Armstrong, Oxford, FHI researcher
Toby Ord, FHI researcher, Founder of Giving What We Can
Neil Jacobstein, Singularity University
Dominik Grewe, Google DeepMind
Roman V. Yampolskiy, University of Louisville
Vincent C. Müller, ACT/Anatolia College
Amnon H Eden, University Essex
Henry Kautz, University of Rochester
Boris Debic, Google, Chief History Officer
Kevin Leyton-Brown, University of British Columbia, Professor of Computer Science
Trevor Back, Google DeepMind
Moshe Vardi, Rice University, editor-in-chief of Communications of the ACM
Peter Sincak, prof. TU Kosice, Slovakia
Tom Schaul, Google DeepMind
Grady Booch, IBM Fellow
Alan Mackworth, Professor of Computer Science, University of British Columbia. Ex AAAI President
Andrew Davison, Professor of Robot Vision, Director of the Dyson Robotics Lab at Imperial College London
Daniel Weld, WRF / TJ Cable Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington
Michael Witbrock, Cycorp Inc & AI4Good.org
Stephen L. Reed, ai-coin.com
Thomas Stone, Co-founder of PredictionIO
Dan Roth, University of Illinois, Editor in Chief of The Journal of AI Research (JAIR)
Babak Hodjat, Sentient Technologies
Vincent Vanhoucke, Google, AI researcher
Itamar Arel, Stanford University, Prof. of Computer Science
Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, Director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Spanish National Research Council
Antoine Blondeau, Sentient Technologies
Henrietta Eyre, Black Swan Data
Guruduth Banavar, VP, Cognitive Computing, IBM Research
George Dvorsky, Contributing Editor, io9; Chair of the Board, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Yoshua Bengio, Université de Montréal
George Church, Harvard & MIT
Vernor Vinge, San Diego, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
Steve Crossan, Google
Charina Choi, Google
Matthew Putman, CEO of Nanotronics Imaging
Owain Evans, MIT, Ph.D. student in probabilistic computing
Viktoriya Krakovna, Harvard, Statistics Ph.D. student, FLI co-founder
Janos Kramar, FLI researcher
Ryan Calo, U. Washington, Assistant Professor of Law
Heather Roff Perkins, U. Denver, visiting professor
Tomaso Poggio, Director, Center for Brains, Minds and Machines
Joshua Greene, Harvard, Associate Professor of Psychology
Anthony Aguirre, Santa Cruz, Professor of Physics, co-founder of FLI
Frank Wilczek, MIT, Professor of Physics, Nobel Laureate for his work on the strong nuclear force
Marin Soljacic, MIT, Professor of Physics, McArthur Fellow, Founder of WiTricity
Max Tegmark, MIT, Professor of Physics, co-founder of FLI and FQXi
Meia Chita-Tegmark, Boston University, co-founder of FLI
Michael Vassar, founder of MetaMed and ex-president of MIRI (then known as SIAI)
Seán Ó Héigeartaigh, University of Cambridge, Executive Director, CSER
Andrew Snyder-Beattie, Future of Humanity Institute, Project Manager
Cecilia Tilli, Oxford, FHI researcher
Geoff Anders, founder of Leverage Research
JB Straubel, co-founder of Tesla
Sam Harris, Project Reason
Ajay Agrawal, U. Toronto
James Manyika, McKinsey
James Moor, Dartmouth
Wendell Wallach, Yale
Sean Legassick, MobGeo
Shamil Chandaria, London U, Institute of Philosophy
Michele Reilly, Turing Inc.
Michael Andregg, Fathom Computing
Ulrich Junker, IBM
Miroslaw Truszczynski, University of Kentucky
Christian Steinruecken, University of Cambridge, graduate student in AI
Mark Waser, Digital Wisdom Institute
Douglas Clark, CEO, Métier
Steven Schmatz, University of Michigan
Corey Henderson, Computer Security Researcher
Jeffrey D. Rupp
Amit Kumar, VP & GM, Yahoo Small Business
Jesus Cepeda, PhD in Robotics and AI, Monterrey, Mexico
Rodolfo Rosini, CEO, Storybricks
CD Athuraliya, Machine learning student, USJP, WSO2
Kathryn McElroy, UX Designer for IBM Watson
Massimo Di Pierro, DePaul University
Anirban Bhattacharya, Computer Science Researcher
Lan Laucirica, SpaceX
Jesse Brown, UC San Francisco, Neuroscience postdoctoral scholar
Barun K Saha, PhD student at IIT Kharagpur
Jonathan Yates, IBM Watson Group EMEA
Sam Richard, UI Architect, IBM Watson
James Miller, Smith College, Author Singularity Rising
Joel Pitt, Independent Researcher (ex-OpenCog)
Achu Wilson, C.T.O Sastra Robotics
Jiří Tulach, CTO, Position s.r.o.
Alexandru Litoiu, Yale University
Mark Watson, Author and consultant specializing in artificial intelligence
Michael Kuhlmann, Colony Networks
George Kachergis, Postdoctoral researcher at New York University
Brian Driscoll, Sr. Systems Engineer, Osprey Software Development
Louis Choquel, Entrepreneur, Software Engineer
Roberto Paura, Italian Institute for the Future
Soheil Yasrebi, Loverino Inc.
David Duvenaud, Harvard University
James Babcock, Praxamed
Peter Marshall, memememobile.com, CEO
Marc Bejarano
Igor Trajkovski, Time.mk
Appu Shaji, Head, R&D, EyeEm
Tim Daly, CMU LTI Senior Research Programmer
Stefan Schubert, LSE Philosophy
Colin Lewis, RobotEnomics
Jared Peters, co-founder of Origamir Robotics
Darryl McAdams, Language Engine
Mike Slinn, Micronautics Research
Tsvi Benson-Tilsen, University of Chicago, MIRI associate
Nathaniel Thomas, Stanford University, PhD student in quantum computing
Kyle Lussier, Founder / CEO of Tickle.me and Countervaillance
Marek Rosa, CEO at Keen Software House
Diana Hu, Data Scientist, OnCue TV
Alejandro Machado, Carnegie Mellon University, graduate student
Max Kesin, Palantir, ML developer
Alexandros Marinos, CEO, Resin.io
Patrick LaVictoire, MIRI research associate
Michael Warner, AI researcher
John Hering, Lookout
Ronnie Vuine, Micropsi industries
Chris Nicholson, Skymind
Rene Verheij, AI programmer
Rudy Krol, Amazon Web Services
Simon Hughes, PhD Candidate Machine Learning, DePaul
Aneesh Subramanian, University of Oxford
Jon Baer, AI researcher
James McDermott, University College Dublin
Zavain Dar, VC and Lecturer
Derek Brown, LinkedIn, Addepar
Gabriel Synnaeve, Ecole Normale Supérieure / EHESS
Denny Vrandecic, Google, Founder of Wikidata
Robert W. Williams, Univ Tenn & Human Brain Project
Peteris Erins, Consultant at McKinsey & Company
Anubhav Ashok, University of Texas at Austin, Student and Apple Intern 2014
Naomi Moneypenny, AI Researcher & Chief Technology Officer, ManyWorlds, Inc
David Cieslak, Aunalytics
Stephan Zuchner, U of Miami, Professor and Chair for Human Genetics; Co-founder The Genesis Project and ViaGenetics Inc
Evan Goldschmidt, Google
Anna Salamon, Center for Applied Rationality
Mark Koltko-Rivera, The Ontos Companies
John Hammersley, co-founder of Overleaf / WriteLaTeX
Malcolm Greaves, CMU
Rob Bensinger, MIRI researcher
Marcello Herreshoff, MIRI research associate, Google
Paul Pallaghy, Neo AI Systems P/L, Melbourne, Australia
Percy Liang, Stanford
Theresa Carbonneau, STG
Gert de Cooman, Ghent University
Daniel Roth, Commongene.org and Aspire Rock
Nicholas Kong, Google
Jeff Nelson, Founder, Chromebook project @ Google

Christian Kaiser, Order of Magnitude Labs
Gabriel Garrett, Artificial Consciousness Engineer
Miles Brundage, Arizona State University
Matthew Luciw, Boston University, Neurala, AI researcher
Vijay Saraswat, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Ben Hamner, Chief Science Officer, Kaggle
William Eden, Vice President, Thiel Capital
Dan Von Kohorn, v2 Ratings
Nicholas Haan, Singularity University
Kristian Rönn, CEO and co-founder of Meta Mind AB, previously Projects Officer at the Future of Humanity Institute
Roger K. Moore, University of Sheffield, Professor of Spoken Language Processing
Alyssa Vance, Google Machine Learning
Josef Svenningsson, Chalmers University of Technology
David Bhowmik, Imperial College London
David Wood, Chair, London Futurists
Jelena Luketina, Aalto Deep Learning group
Andres Reibel, PhD Imperial College
Mark McAndrew, Founder, Worldwide Computer Company (Charity Engine)
Nic Greenway, Aiseedo.com
Matthias Nickles, National University of Ireland, Galway
Dr Alexander Karran, UK Transhumanist Party
Ron Chrisley, COGS, University of Sussex
Mandar Pitale, Safety Engineer - Autonomous Driving
Dr Bill Bigge, Creative Robotics Ltd
Steve Hamm, IBM, co-author of Smart Machines: IBM's Watson and the Era of Cognitive Computing
Olle Häggström, Professor of mathematical statistics, Chalmers University of Technology
Safi Ysf, Casablanca AI PhD student
Charles Galambos, Co-founder, Aiseedo
James Wen, IBM Chief Solution Architect
Kevin Gurney, Professor of Computational Neuroscience, University of Sheffield
Jan Botha, Google Research
Clark Mitchell, University of West Florida, Artificial Intelligence Research Group Student President
Randal A. Koene, Founder of Carboncopies.org
Gabor Melli, PredictionWorks
Jussi Rintanen, Aalto University
Uwe Stoll, PhD researcher, Machine Learning, Semantic Web
Ayse Pinar Saygin, UC San Diego, Department of Cognitive Science, Neurosciences Program, Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination, Inst for Neural Computation, Qualcomm Institute
Tony Prescott, Sheffield Robotics
Jason Alan Snyder, SVP, Group Director, North America, Creative Technology, Momentum Worldwide
Dmitry Kaminskiy, Senior Partner, Deep Knowledge Ventures
Jamie Keene, Google DeepMind
Trent Ashburn, Founder, WireOver
Thomas M. Powers, Director, Center for Science, Ethics & Public Policy, University of Delaware
Antonio Orbe, IBM
Daniel Bigham, NLP Consultant
Peter Warren, Editor Future Intelligence
Prof. Alan Winfield, Bristol Robotics Lab
Steve Cooper, Stanford University
David Abel, Brown University
Stowe Boyd, Gigaom Research
Nick Beck, Google
Girish Nadkarni, ABB Technology Ventures
Maria Vircik, Technical university of kosice, slovak republic
Chaniotakis M. George, Artificial Consciousness Engineer
Denis Poussart, Université Laval,Québec, Canada
Oren Etzioni, Allen Inst. for AI
Justin Lane, University of Oxford, Emory Technology
Kevin Brown, CEO MessageNet Systems
Ernest Davis, New York University
Daniel Roggen, University of Sussex
Anand Ramakotti, Tesla Motors
Vincenzo Chiochia, University of Zurich
Valerie Frissen, Professor of ICT & Social Change, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Thomas Mueller, Co-founder of SpaceX
Danne Stayskal, Sr. AI Research Scientist
Patrick Ehlen, Loop AI
Emad Barsoum, Columbia University, Doctoral Student in Computer Vision, Principle SDE in Microsoft
Max D. Comess, PhD, Mission Operations, Space Exploration Technologies
Kalyan Moy Gupta, President & Founder, Knexus Research Corp.
Stephane Meystre, NLP researcher, faculty and CEO, University of Utah, Clinacuity
Shantanu Sharma, Lead Scientist, GE
Tell Mueller-Pettenpohl, Machine Learning Engineer at Wattcost
Javier Luraschi, Microsoft Research
Marta Ferraz, BioHybrid Robotics
Jessica Taylor, Stanford, AI masters student
Marios Daoutis
Alex Mennen, student, UC Berkeley
Pegor Papazian, Bazillion Beings, Founder
Frits Vaandrager, Radboud University, Professor of Computer Science, Vice dean Faculty of Science
Pierre Wolper, Professor of Computer Science, University of Liège, Belgium
Sukrit Shankar, Cambridge University, PhD student
Elena Marchiori, Radboud University Nijmegen
Andrew Philippides, Reader, Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics, University of Sussex
Andy Holyer, University of Sussex, Teaching Fellow in Computer Science
Armando Vieira, DataAI
James Barrat, Filmmaker & author of Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era
Pawel Pachniewski, AI Researcher
John Lazzaro, UC Berkeley (retired)
Ben Taylor, Co-founder of Rainbird Technologies
Gusz Eiben, Professor of Computational Intelligence, VU University Amsterdam
Jack Stilgoe, UCL
Paul Jones, NCSU
Alejandro Madruga, researcher at Infomed
Marcel Bullinga, Futurist & Trendwatcher. Author of "Welcome to the Future Cloud - 2025 in 100 Predictions"
John Carroll, Sussex, Professor of Computational Linguistics
Walter Freeman, University of California at Berkeley
Robert Loos, Founder and Managing Director of Robotics Today
Ronald Craig Arkin, Georgia Institute of Technology
Dirk Beernaert, Adviser cross-cutting Innovation - European Commission - DG CONNECT
Barney Pell, Co-Founder of Powerset, Moon Express, and LocoMobi; Associate Founder of Singularity University
Atılım Güneş Baydin, Hamilton Institute, National University of Ireland Maynooth
William Yang Wang, CMU
David Kekich, Maximum Life Foundation
Michel Simard, National Research Council Canada
Irina Rish, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Ban Kawas, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center -- Cognitive Computing Research
De Wang, PhD Candidate in Machine Learning
张进, Google
John Bracaglia, Google
David Orban, Faculty & Advisor, Singularity University
Jean-Simon Gervais, Cybersecurity specialist
S Aditya Gautam, AI Researcher
Enric Plaza, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Keith Goolsbey, Cycorp
Dave Moore, Berkeley, AI Ph.D. student
Simon Osindero, A.I. Architect, Yahoo Inc.
Tiago Pereira do Nascimento, Head of the Embedded Systems and Robotics Lab at Federal University of Paraíba - Brazil
Chris Vallejos, Google, Product Designer
Kris Notaro, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Yihao Zhou, Robotics Engineering and Computer Science Student in Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Abraham Bernstein, University of Zurich, Professor of Informatics
João Pinto, UFRR, Computer Science Student
Duygu Damar, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law
Nicola Guarino, National Research Council, Italy
Jon Kiddy, Georgia Institute of Technology, Computer Science graduate student in Computational Perception & Robotics
Mark Swartz, CEO, Founder - NEURAL - Artificial Intelligent, Cloud Platform which LEARNS and ADAPTS.
Brendan Billy, Tesla Motors
Meinolf Sellmann, IBM Research
Aaron Dorondo, Google
Joanie Lemercier, JL studio
Alex France, Brandsumo Ltd
David Harvilicz, CEO, Kernel.com
Daniel Lockyer, Computer Science Student
Shagun Akarsh, Software Engineer
Joshua Singer, Stanford CS '19
Sean Lorber, SIB, IP, CIT
Jelmar Gerritsen, Student
Alberto Mota, AGLOBALWAY
Jeffrey Derose, CUNY College of Staten Island Computer Science Student
Hradayesh Nimavat, Data Science researcher
Natalija Donaj, Dr. Dent. Med., University of Ljubljana, Slovenis
Conall Laverty, Founder & Director at Woogie
Maël Primet, co-founder of Snips
Dana Timmons
Kamil Kolasiński
Samir Moussa, Computer Scientist
Tony Pavičević
Lukas Andersson, Student at Nordic Institute of Technology
Noah Mazon
Daniel James, British Airways
Mark Heyert, Collective Digital Studio
Ola Carlander
Sherri Caron
Graham Reilly, Royal Holloway University of London, Student.
Mark Ligameri
Edward Chapman, Lancaster University
Tamas Locher, Purpose Industries
Pete Johnson, Owner of PCDATALINCS
Blain Tomlinson, WalkJoy, Inc.
Ray Jimenez, Vignettes Learning
Jim Vleck, Software Engineer
Manuel Serrano, AMImechE
Shawn Rimmell, Founder, GLOBAL Automation Technologies
Channon Norris, Surgical robotics
Josh Caplan, Tea of the People
Rand Hindi, CEO, Snips
Rajesh Dash, Stanford University
Adam Campbell
Jack Hunt, University of Oxford
Chad Steinback
Mislav Renić, University of Zagreb
Michael Sinanian, University of Michigan Law School, JD Candidate
Davide Marcato, Student
Nathan Pinnell, Student
Alexander Lundborg, Student
Stephen Parsons, University of Kentucky
Tuan Bui, Mobosurvey founder
Muhammad Hafiz, Control & Mechatronics Engineering Department, UTM
Mamur Hossain, Cyfro Inc.
Jan Fischer, ESADE Business School
Stephen J. Palaszewski, Ph.D., Blue Danube Labs, Consultant
Gabriel Voaides
Nicole Demers, Web Developer
Michael Stephenson, Student
Alexandr Bormintsev
Luiz Bragais, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Computer Science graduate
Vicente Silveira, LinkedIn
Cristopher Ontiveros, Entrepreneur
Ibrahim Hyder, University of Waterloo
Michael Plazek, Engineering Student
Clay Norris, Tech Enthusiast
Walter Patrick Smith, Further Future
Shane Hudson
Alex Nimmer
Sergey Mikhailov, Software engineer
Pavel Voronov, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft
Jeffrey Weiren Wang, School of Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
Damien Lejeune, Maastricht University (DKE)
Halil Şahin, Industrial Engineer
Dileep Kumar K, Institute of Human Resource Development (Govt. of Kerala), Jr. System Analyst
Larry J. Manson
Mathew Madhavacheril, Graduate Student, Stony Brook University
Sander Lac
Brett Prince, Marketaire
Herluf Dahlin, ee engineer/msc psychology
Ryan Wisth
Zachary Collins, Stublisher, Inc.
Josh Buxton, Student
Eduardo Jezierski, CEO/CTO InSTEDD
Jacob Berggren, Engineering student
Wolfgang Feist, Professor of Energy Efficient Construction, University of Innsbruck UIBK
Raphael Giesecke, Aalto University, School of Science
Ben Ellmann
Nader Assi, Student, future entrepreneur
Alton Foreman
Terry Hopkins
James William Graham, iOS Developer at Find & Form | AI Researcher
Lester Nare, CEO at Digitalcade
Brandon Levine, Openbucks
John Komkov, Stanford University
Gabriel Anderson, VaynerPublishing, Data architect
Mayoor Rao, Engineer, Infosys
Gert Post, Founder of Heimdallr Smart Networks
MJ Gray, Student, University of Liverpool
LeAnthony Mathews, Rutgers
Antonio Nikishaev
Len Richards, CIC Member
Jenny Ottosson, CEO and Founder of Corylus Technologies
Peter Stephan Gschladt
Scott Ellison, Quirkhammer, LLC
Brian Reilly, Student
Martin Winkler, cFos Software
Lyubomir Baburov, Science promoter
Davide Radice, Amazon
Zane Whitney, Student
Dave Coleman
Jim Bowerman
Alexandre Landry
Daniel van der Mierden, High Teck Internet Applications
Jürgen Messing
Connor Brown
Konstantin Andryushchenko, International Business Executive
Brian Musuku, Student
Andrew Martin
Bryan Anderson, Student, The University of Alabama
Sean Newman Maroni, Betaversity
Layla Mah, Lead Architect, VR & Advanced Rendering, AMD
Doanh Do
Michael Elliot
Ariff Azraai, Department of Control and Mechatronic Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Julian de Rond, Student RSM Rotterdam
Jacob Fenton, Student
Peter Monien
Andrew Hollenbach, Geologist
Prem Nair, CS Student at Princeton University
Abdulah Baniardalan, Social Behavior
Thomas Lahore
Liz Hanson, FE Lecturer (retired)
Crystal Li, Independent Researcher
Seth Worden
Shannon Fiume, Autofracture LLC
Zach Osterhout
Jasper Walden, Technical University of Berlin
Ilia Vorontsov
Jonas Hermsmeier
Stephen Fraser, Blackgrid Ltd.
Varun Kumar
Bryan Gomez, Red Ferguson
Dior Phillips
Logan Brown, Computer Science Student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Jordhy Ledesma, Information Providers
Nicolas Lawler, Student
Andrew Kemendo, National Intelligence University
Ciaran Doyle
Labbé Thomas
Lourdes Serrano, Startup Weekend Guayaquil
John Wilkerson
Md Islam, CEO of Hack Guild
Patrick Maloney, Startup Grind
Lawrence Ajadi
Katy Moe, Software Developer, Kahoot!
Matt Dalzell
Mardoqueo Sueldo
Tushar Soni
Duc Ngo
Brian Shirai, Independent Programming Language Researcher
Orla Polten, St John's College, Cambridge
Roko Jelavic, Ericsson
Rolf Lohr, Tesla Owners US
Navneeth Gopalakrishnan
Nino Miletić
Rob Phillips, Drone Researcher
Hayden Garvey
Todd Ariss, Independent researcher
Ozzie Gooen, Software Engineer
Rafael Augusto Peressinoto, Co-founder, ShowCase PRO
Alan Sammarone, Software Engineer
Geir Smestad
David Chen, Independent Researcher
Neil Martin, Video game programmer
John Gentry, Student
Evgenii Ilyushin, Lomonosov Moscow State University
TR Eagan
Sven Erb, Control Systems Engineer
Markus Schacher, KnowBody at KnowGravity Inc.
Keith Abdulla
Steven Miller
Martin Kember
Morteza Zandieh, KTH AI Master, Centroid Studio
Tony Jing
Hannu Rajaniemi, Helix Nanotechnologies, Inc.
Christian Rishøj
Jan Germann, TU-Braunschweig, Student of Computer Science
Mark Doering-Powell, American Society of Cinematographers
Hakan Gülmez
Feliciano Guimarães
Jens Krabbe
Morgan Sutherland
Pierce Loftin
Ales Flidr, Harvard College Student
Tommy van der Wal, Individual with IT and Social interests
Brian Bugert
Faiz Ahmad, Independent Researcher
Bhav Ashok, CognitiveScale
Robert Johnson
Alessandro Prest, LogoGrab, ETH Zurich
Tuhin Srivastava
Cory Forsyth
Sarah Rosenhahn, Artist
Joao Fabiano, Oxford, Ph.D. student
Tess Smidt, Berkeley, Computational Materials Physics PhD Student
Nicholas Sailer, Betaversity
David Kooijmans
Warren Smith, Computer Engineer Waterloo, Mobile Engineer @ Uber
Paul Nurse, Business Lobyist
Patrick Janson, Electrician
Agyey Arya, Student
Michael Fester, Co-founder of Snips
Igor Shelegov
Bart De Ceulaer
John Park
Rahul Ranjan, The Walt Disney Company
Diego Martinez, Software developer at Wordstream
Jasper Makkinje, University College Roosevelt
Wade Needham
Henrik Åberg
Micah Mangione, Arizona State University
Don DeArmond III
Andrew Crandall
Roberto Thais, HireArt
Collin Creach, Barton Malow
Rhodes Hileman
Jakub Dlabka, LABRISK, VSB-TUO
Dale Galiniak, Downers Grove Public Library
Adam Kinder
Caleb J. Walker
Kris Staber, Arx anima
Carter Pedersen
Peter Müller, RWTH Aachen University
Saurabh Shrivastava
Mark Johnson, Student
Edward Barker, Biologist
Thomas Beeg
Martin J. Clemens, Science Blogger
Jack Arenas, Goldman Sachs
Jeremy Nixon, Harvard College
Marc Hache, CRS
John Siner, Indiana University
Adam Zima
Wojciech Komór, Warsaw School of Economics
Niels Andriesse, Archimedes Calculator, TU Delft Aerospace Engineering
Vasileios Selamis
Ted Thayer, Space Physics
Paolo Palombo
Edward Thomson
Carlota Martinho
Federico Gobbo, Universiteit van Amsterdam
John Elliott PhD, Chromalloy Castings Senior Quality System Engineer
Jonathan Alencar
Emil Gilliam, Google
Elliot Sumner
Joshua Lee
Axel Eriksson, 3D Hjälp
Oliver Habryka, UC Berkeley student
Tom Manderson, University of Queensland
Patrick Rothkegel
Tyler Neely, Distributed Systems, Security, and Brain-Computer Interface Engineer
Sergio Mejía Ch., Co-founder and Director of Web Technology Platforms
Gabriel Diamond, Astromythology Institute
Olavi Soosaar, AI researcher
Matthew McAuliffe
Max Silverlind, Nordic Institute of Technology
Gabriel West, Utah State University
Mihaela Buza
James Proud
Matt Fagan
Raffaele Barberio, Key4Biz Founder and Director
Sean Clark, Kurasie
Duncan Murray, Acute Software
Genoka Thomassy
Logan Lambert, University of Dayton
Yury Ignatov, AI researcher
Chris Dyer
Richard Gelissen
Christian Kuzniewski
Sando George
Tim Barreto
Jeremy Mawson
Jose Maria Martin
Erwin Hoogerwoord, TU/e
Eric Matzner, Futurist
Susan Holden Martin, MBA, J.D., Steering Committee, The Mars Society, Inc.
Scott Garrabrant, UCLA, Mathematics Ph.D. student
Jeff Ross
Alfonso Gómez-Jordana Mañas, Google
Marko Delic
Luca Ponzoni, Sissa
Ellis Reppo, Founder Salinger Enterprises
Remy Goldschmidt, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, student
Bradley Johnson, SolarCity LV
Nikolaj Berntsen, CTO GenieBelt
Michael Crosscombe, University of Bristol
Raphael Royo-Reece
Ben West, CEO, Concinnity
Henry McKay
Kaspar Etter, GBS Switzerland
Justin Hertzell
Marin Assaliyski, Hummingbird Technologies
Vlad Andersson
Phil Wolff, Privacy Advocate
Sadjit Metovic
Alexandr Shirokov, Research Programmer at University of Auckland
Steve Phillips, Santa Barbara Hackerspace
Alexey Turchin
Matthew Kolodzik
Riley Carney, Harvard College Student
Peter T. Morgan
Mark Babatunde
William Hertling, Writer and Futurist
Chao Wang, Technology Enthusiast
Ian Dunteman
Paul Vogel
James Herring
Harry Moreno, Engineer at R3DM
Jim Carter, Arkansas State University
Jennifer Wasson
Greg Kieser, Systems theorist at Agenda Supersystemic
Alan Özalp
Mathieu Roy, Université Laval
Alexi Parizeau, Goldsmiths, University of London student
Liz Ramirez
Aaron Powers, Academy of Art University
Samuel Hilton, HM Treasury
Vincent Borrel, co-founder, Head of Technology at Swelen
Marcus Blankenship
T. J. Whelan
Brian Shields
Bryce Woodworth
Joaquin Casaubon, University of Texas
Peter Xing, Transhumanism Australia
Yibing Wang
Rafael Sánchez Lamoso, Software & Automation Engineer
Thibaut Smith, FSLHome
Gregory Cranston, Nuclear Engineer
Juan Delard de R., Data Scientist / Psychohistorian
Bradley Prince, University of Calgary Medical Student Association President
Faizi Javaid, Robotics Student
Narendran Thangarajan, CS Grad Student, UC San Diego
Geoffrey Brennan, 33rd Square
Jean Chassoul
Arets Paeglis, Latvian Transhumanist Association
Irene Elisabeth Hitchcock, Mother of RJH
William A. Mills
Jon Gehrke MD, Des Moines orthopedic surgeons
Arush Kakkar, Delhi Technological University
Sebastian Conybeare, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, student.
Peter Atashian, Programmer
Renan de Cornouaille
Gloria El Bey, African People Against Covert Technology
Adam Holt, Author
Brady Lacko, Electrical Engineering Student at the University of British Columbia
Roberto Gomez
Tim Golding, Health and safety professional
Erwann de Carheil, Translator
Sandy Maguire, University of Waterloo
Troy D. Inderlee, AI Systems Manager of Jackonword Ent.
David Bergwall
Justin Wardell
Dan Dipierro
Robert Hanson, author, the quantum sausage machine
Chase Moores, FLI Researcher
Daniel Miller, MIT
Michelle Andresen
Russell D. Nomer, CISSP, ITIL V3, CEO of Russell Nomer Consulting, Inc.
Fernando Ribeiro
Murali Narasimman, Head of Technology, GE
Frank Betancourt
Kevin Lawrence, Software Developer, Researcher, and Educator
Zacharias Westergren, Indiana University Bloomington
Cliff Peskin, Co-President BuzzBuzzHome
Dawid de Beer
Pierre Huguet, Software architect - Technology instructor UCSD
Aleksey Ruditskiy, Georgia Institute of Technology
Dillon Forbes
Douglas Frank, Non Profit Governmental Affairs
Leslie F. DeLashmutt, Jr., Retired -- California Dept of Health
Ashish Patel, Sr. Manager Development & Solution Architect
Qi Guo, Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Kiernan
Matthew Martinez
Jason Powell
Greg Graham
Chong Eng Ng
Connor Stookey
Peter Jaric, Software developer
Alec Quaite, Aviation Consultant
Adrian Dorrius
Clayton Smith
Kemal Delic, Hewlett-Packard
Mohak Bhambry
Cristian Parodi
Vithushan Vijayaratnam, University of Westminster
Matthias Debernardini
Noah Powell, AI Pioneer
Cory Costanzo, Costanzo Orthodontics
Sam Wallace, Swinburne University, Student
Peter L. Bass, Development Advisory Services
Alan Longmuir, Deakin University
Michael Altenburg, MAF Group, Partner
J Brown, Retired
András Tóth
Christian Ohlendorff Knudsen
Jeff Overbeek, Engineer
Alex Kalogeropoulos, Founder and CEO of The Social Station
Abhinav Tushar, Student
Matthew Sigmon, Media production
Rod Gibson, IBM
Derek Armstrong, Mabus Tech
Mark Markens
Roderick Campbell, co-founder of CommitChange
Chris Watkins
Magnus Hedlund, PhD student, Uppsala University
Chris Walker, Agile Precis, LLC
Jasper Horrell, Deep Data
Kristjan Korjus, PhD student at University of Tartu
Prasanna Chilukamarri, Systems Engineer
Jacques Loussert
Ivo Elshof, Best4u Group
Laurent Alexandre, CEO NBIC finance
Andrew Melchior, Third Space Agency
Ignacio Oliveros, IO CONSULT
Adem Kotil
Theresa Lauraeus, PhD. Aalto University,Business Administration
Tanya Suarez
Stefan Zwierlein, Freie Universität Berlin
Alex Tamman, AJT research
Felix Winstone
Nell Watson, DexEthics
David Kok
Anthony Milou
Winfried Hamer
Joseph Kellner, University of California, Berkeley
Pedro Barros
Jacopo Giola, Futurist
Thierry Marianne, Weaving the Web
Henri Sormunen, Student
Yasmeen Drummond, epidemiologist
Stephane Morali
Suresh Bhat, Indian, Hindu, Democrat
Kevin Hutchinson, Founder of LeanSignals.com
Richard Hull, co-founder Light Castle
Mario Profili, Chief SW Architect
Philip Brandner
Jon Nordby, Software Engineer, The Grid
Juan Carlos Castilla-Rubio, Planetary Skin Institute
Martin Lequeux Gruninger, EPITECH Student
Robert Del Naja, Musician/artist: Massive Attack
Joel Nordstrom
Zenghui Liu
Mats Lewan, Technology and Science journalist, Ny Teknik, Stockholm, Sweden.
Mike Touzard
Kieren Heikkinen, Civil Engineer
Leann Purdy
Cameron Burgess
Daniele Leoni
Michael Wögerbauer, Agfa HealthCare
Florian von Oppenheim, University of Oxford alumnus
Jan Philipp Bensmann, University of Jena
Andres Leon Suarez Cetrulo
Gavin Brooks
Tom Elliott, Software Engineer
Chin Ching Kang, UDN Taiwan
Andrew Moore
Marko Salas, BIS GROUP
Philippe Delanghe, Product marketing director ITESOFT
Paul Readfern, FInstLM
Jérémy Perret, Toulouse, AI Ph.D. Student
Geir Tunlid, Co-founder of Tunsoft
Jan Wouters
John O' Connor, Excalibur (UK) Ltd
Alex Norta, Tallinn University of Technology
Edward Johnson, Teacher
Mark Davey
Jacques Badenhorst, Investor
Julien Chen, University of Manchester
Tran Van Hoai, Lecturer
Anatoly Makarevich, Student (Big Data)
Daan Koot, MSc - Information Science
Antonio Miguel
Dermott Clarke
Megan Daly
Alvar Soosaar, Co-founder, TableSpoon Ventures
Kirill Korotaev, Tech Entrepreneur
Agnello Oliveira, Technologist
Zaf Gandhi, Excellis Business Consulting
Romain Rosset, B.Sc. Electronic Engineer
Zhongyi Xiao, SWUPL
Jonathan Sowler
Stephen Pollak, Creative Intelligence International
Mike de Sousa, Composer, Artist and Writer
Zara Wakeling
Manuel Vélez Arango, Advisor, The New School
Tony Butterfield, 1060 Research
Elena Blagoeva
Michael Conway, CEO Mindset Systems
Peter Heyes
Peter Brietbart, Biogerontology Research Foundation, Effective Altruism Ventures
James Foord
Piotr Szyld
Daniel Böttger, Research Programmer at University of Leipzig
Koen Vanbiesbrouck
Páidí Creed, SwiftKey
Daniel Kestenholz, Student of Economics, University of Berne, Switzerland
Joe Dyke
Attila Haraszti
Peter W Atkinson, Interface Dynamics Control Corporation
Muhammad Izzul Fikri Bin Rosli, University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Jan Bortel, Student
Mohammad Ansarin, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey
Emmanuel Landin
Frederic Eichinger, Student, Independent Developer; Munich and Augsburg
Aart-George Broekema, Product Development, EuroSystems
Jerry van Heerikhuize, Tech Lead, Loudmouth creative industries
Caspar Boetes
Daniel Portella
David Arden
Regan A, HR Professional
Ashley Catt
Amjad Muhammad, Civil Engineer, Programmer
Frank Van Vlaenderen, Lawyer
Jesse Mincin
Philipp Markovics, Sauspiel GmbH
Stewart Allan
A.J. Zeason, S.U.P.
Pauli Kuosmanen, Prof. CTO, Digile
Neil Murray, co-founder of Mimecast
Dave Schroeder, University of Wisconsin-Madison; United States Navy
Kris van 't Klooster
Paul Atkinson, Lecturer, retired
Corné de Wolf, Student Minerva Art Academy
Jason Jarvis, Applied physicist and CEO of JarvisLabs
Rafael Muñoz
Robert Kuncewicz, Software Engineer
Thomas Marrero
Angus Vantoch-Wood
Lee Gibson, Experiental Technology Developer, MD, ANQ Ltd
Paul Mc Govern, Good Food Farms Coop
Trevor M. Peterson, Illinois State University
Omar Belkasmi
Ludvig Larsson, Computer Scientist / developer
Alexander Grendel, Interoute
Julian Snape, Transhumanist Party UK
Robin Prosch, Co-Founder Datamantics
Frank Kindt, Aventeon
Michael Kentrop, Patchmanager.com
Goran Marusic
Mark Moser
Thaïs Jongerling
Dominic Ehlers, Student
Ryan Riegner, Tech Startup Founder
Adriaan CJ van der Flier
Milena Caires
Jonas Marczy
Jason Coons
Medrea Andrei
Fiona Rodrigo, Actor
Jamey Stout, founder of Efficient Cities
Alf Graham
Pankaj Mani, GARP,USA
Indrek Kasela, Kino Sõprus
Catherine Kargas, MARCON, Electric Mobility Canada, Transportation Evolution Institute
Jean-Philippe Taillon
Ike Benjamin.Amazu, RipeMarkets W.A
R.W. Smit, Journalist
Wim van Bergen, Designer
Bart Steeman
Marek Laasik
Rubän Sivoloski
Siddhant Masson, Consultant at Deloitte Strategy & Operations
Dr. Margaret Polski, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study
Milosz Pawlowski, Ph.D. in Philosophy, CEU alumnus
Bhavya Lal
Kim Claessens
Michael Cochrane
Malika Akhiat
Lars Widrat, Hochschule Wismar
Ioan Filip, Columbia University
Ben Koehler
Oualid Missaoui, Senior Quantitative Scientist at Portware LLC
Samuel Ward, Computer Science Student
Dillon Fernandes, Student
Geoffrey Siwo, Dartmouth
Kristian Koci
Jamie Clarke, Concerned member of the public
Niels de Koning
Rubén E. Cabaleiro, Industrial Engineer
Daniel Brown, Software Engineer
Rita Megling
Paul Richardson, Contractor/ Marvell Semiconductor
Jeremy Noon, Security Engineer, Social Security Administration
Adriel Hampton, NationBuilder
Agbalaya Olunodun, Software Engineer
Sean S May
John Casey, 37 years in computer industry
Hennes Thissen
Silvia Rosa-Brusin, Media
Mark Searle
Maurice Bonn, Omron Europe, Manager Integrated Marketing
Alexander Jenkins
Neil Harrison
Bartho Hengst, Founder of Xenias
Gavin McNair, Software Developer
Alessandro Marzocchi
Jozua Rossouw
Paul Groenewegen
James Manktelow, MindTools.com
Yuan Wang, Google
Michael Garr
Brandon Brown
Manfred Weber
Emilia San Miguel
Mathieu Jouanno
Richard Metzler
Simon Kuijs, Lawyer at ING
Robert Reitzen, Random Order Inc.
Carlos van den Idsert, Projectmanager ICT
Thomsd Müller, Student
Henri Muurimaa, Vaadin
Daniel Vitiello, Handground
Nick Weiner
Ruairi Donnelly, GBS Switzerland
Theodore Babu
Ian Law, Student
Ruben Schreurs, Ind-e.co
Gary Gunderson
Timothy Law, Citizen Technologist
Millard Watkins
Nils Wloka
Kevin Huismann
Lawrence Husick, Foreign Policy Research Institute
Matthew Geskey
Sander Hilkens
Joey Clover
Has Cools, Founder Tipptouch Embrasesing Technology
Lisa Alteio
Devon Loffreto, NoizIvy.org
Victor Josey
Paul-Olivier Raynaud-Lacroze
David J. Johnston, Developer & Entrepreneur
Daan Noll, Joda IT
Dennys Hess
Florent Berthet
Jaak Tepandi, Tallinn University of Technology
Eduard Ron
Sydney Fernandez
Prashant Sinha, Laboratory of Pattern Engineering, University of Delhi
Aaron Mehta, Director of Energy Information
Christian Ramirez Arevalo, Formiik
Jin Lu
Larry D. Ford, Concerned Citizen
Bryan Johnson, OS Fund
Dmitry Kuzmin, University College London
Kiran Manam
Minarul Hussain
Declan Conway
Cole Winkler
Wouter Grové, University of the Western Cape
Dmitri Tkachev, Bionic Labs
Toussaint Benoit, Co-founder, handson.io Lab
Stephan Tschanz, KnowBody at KnowGravity
Tim Drew Stevenson
Dan Steere
Alex Arutyunyants, Data Engineer, ANSWR
Amine Ben Khalifa, Smartlanes Technologies
Esa Taponen
Kai Zhu, AAAI Complimentary Member
Olov Ostberg, Mid Sweden University
Indrayana Rustandi
Dennis Dembicki, Stantec Consulting

Dennis Foster, Mundus Institute
Eric Martell, Ph.D.
Kamalraj T., Software Engineer
Dr Alan N Fish, FICO
Franco Mascotti
Anthony A. Boyles, Computational Social Scientist at System of Systems Analytics
Ted Dwyer, www.ethomasdwyer.com
Cedric Garnier-Landurie
Mads Nygaard, Prototyping Engineer
Jim McClelland
Corrina Liu
Brian Cheney, Student
Reuben Cauchi, University of Malta
Sean P. Fenlon, Founder of DoublePositive
Pedro Pampolim
Ezra Benitez, Applied Physics student at CSUSM
Michael Wilkinson, ArchTen - Space Design
Jacques Meinsma
Julien Brehin, ECE Paris, Student
Arthur Firth, Secular Humanist
Antti Rasmus, Aalto University
F.M. Eweg
John Wilms
Liam Bolling, GreekRide / Student Indiana University
Bipin Kumar
Jason Hirschhorn, REDEF
Gavin Ross, Student
Fatbardh Veseli, Goethe University Frankfurt
Sérgio Matsuura, O GLOBO
Clendon Edan
Arthur Wang
Robbert Sint Jago, Engineer/programmer/musician
Timothy Busbice, Chief Science Officer, Connectomix
Peter MacKinnon, University of Ottawa
Noud Theunissen, Educational manager, vocational education
Harold Cragin
Daniel Arevalo, CTO, Ivy Faculty Consortium
Oliver Ames, Mechanical Engineer - Wastewater Industry
Edward Collins, Data Scientist
Genevieve Zingg
Joonas Tunturi
Per Hjertén
Sjoerd Teeuwen
Marc Slavny
Frederick Lowe, Varitalk Holdings, LLC
Muhsin Ali, Imperial College London
Walter Wohlgemuth, University Medical Center Regensburg, Germany
Albert Yefimov, Skolkovo Foundation, roboticist
Sami Nieminen, Aalto University, Information Technology
Hassan Boutkhourst, Software Engineer and General Manager of Bulltech
Kwee Swan Hoo, engineer/MD, Amsterdam
Charles Machin, Software engineer/co-founder & CTO Ninjar Studios
Craig Delaney, The University of Texas at Austin, Graduate student in Business
Jesse Hicks, IT Analyst
Henrik Jonsson
Dennis van 't Ende, Oxand
Sean Kenkeremath, Software Engineer
Ben Thomas
Eric Showalter
Ronald Pike, Independent
Andy Pardoe
Jean Brasseur, Perthos Gallery
Paul Mertens, University of Amsterdam
Terence Tan
Alex Wells, Student
Rodolfo Gallardo, A.I. Research Student
James Zappie
Matías Méndez, Change Education. Top Linkedin
Scott Kelbell
Leonardo Valente, GenTecnológico, EMC, LivePanel, ELODA, Founder. Business Mgmt. Fellow, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Singularity University Alumni.
Bryan Ciccarelli
Peter Rothman, Independent Software Developer
Richard Bunker, PAST, Inc.
V.W. Todd Townsend
Buck Stein, Inventor
Jason Kruse
Thomas Rademakers, Art Director at Netvlies
Fran Nelbach, Software Engineer, MS EE
Andrew McKernon, Computer Scientist, Sociologist, Concerned Citizen
Evan Wrye, Audio/Visual Artist
C. Addington Powers
Gabriel Briquet, Engineer
Vladislav Busov, Physics Student
Mats ten Bohmer, SE
Michael Keaveny, Clinical Psychologist
Veijo Tikka, Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences, BBA student
Nicholas H. Kirk, Technical University of Munich
Małgorzata Makuch
Bert Jan
Larry Schoeneman, Software Developer
Marcel Dordunoo
John C. Havens, Author, Heartificial Intelligence
Matteo Pauri
Charles Martin, CFM Optics Intergration
Ilse Koster, Business architect
Asad Dhamani
Joost van Dalen
Stephen D. Williams, OptimaLogic, Inc., Change My Path
Ben Salah, He-Arc Student
Arnaud Desjardin, The Everyday Press
Maarten Buijs
Melissa Miller, Foothills Academy
David Felcan, President of The Vermont Go Club
Manuel Correa Sintora, Mexico UNAM
Richard Lamb, MSc, Futurist & CEO TrendWatcher.com
Alexander Luke Gerber, Student
Chris Ostafew, Phd Candidate, Machine Learning
Herman Groenbroek, Student AI at the University of Groningen
Andrew Sheehy, Chief Analyst, Generator Research
Peter Binks, Investor
Renze de Vries
Adolfo Benedetti
Joeri Scheper, Student University of Twente
Bob Sloots, Portavita
John Vittal, AI Pioneer, retired
John Ramo, CEO, DDI
Ramon F. Brena, Tecnologico de Monterrey
Erwin Hillebrand
Priscilla Parker
Ryan Allred
Pierre Albert, DFKI, MSc Natural Language Processing
Cormac Leech, Finance
John Jeppson, LLU Department of Basic Science, Graduate Student
Perico el de los Palotes, Pajero profesional
Denise Lechner
José Bembibre, Electrical Engineer
Roope Seppälä
Robin Lee Powell
Francisco Colarich, Engineer
Perry Keller, DP School of Law, King's College London
Michael Green, Co-founder Green Analysts and Intelligence Director at Blackwood Seven
Isaac Kriegman, Legal Economist, Attorney, Data Scientist
Devin R. Childers, Industrial Designer, KCAD
Nicholas Hirsch, Roboticist
Jason Oliver
Jeff Zilahy
Jos Baijens, Publisher
Adam Sulik, Dealertrack Technologies
Gary Brykov, Electrical Engineer
Paolo De Toma
Shaun Murray
Matias Mediña
Vladimir Milenković, University of Belgrade - PhD student in Neurolinguistics
Jack Rothrock, Undergrad, CU - Leeds School Of Business
Steve Jones, University of Illinois at Chicago
Matthew Dingle, Software Engineer
Umar Wani, Robotics Graduate, ETH Zurich
Michael L. Grant, TOIN Corp.
Tijs Maas, Eindhoven University of Technology
Raquel Vazquez
Sebastian Schmidt, University of Bonn, M.Sc. Physics student
James McManus, Founder of FasterMastery.com
Paul McCabe
Luiz Bezerra da Silva Filho, Pessoa Design
Jack Herrington
Stelios Anton, Engineer
Hamid Hussain-Khan
Tim Culver, Chair of Psychotherapy Training, Dept of Psychiatry, University of Calgary
Peter Gardiner, Seaforth Partners
Rafielle Kikland
Talen Young, Electrical Engineer
Florian Schreck, University of Amsterdam
Imre Kabai, Chief Architect, Granite
Yonghan Ching
Thomas Nemes
Antonio Rocha-Ferreira, Co-Founder @ dataAI.uk
Gerson Piezal, AI analyst
Pat Pierce, PC Services
Lucas Hansen
Patrick Schneider
Gregory Bell, ADVANSYS Pty Limited
Clive Hudson, Supercortical Project at Programify Ltd
Daniel Noyes, Engineer
Yordan Kalmukov, University of Ruse
Hale H. Davis
Dr. M.G. Michael, University of Wollongong, Australia,School of Information Systems and Technology
Stefan Trausan-Matu, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Professor
David Tussing
Dr Yishav Kohen Zaza
Christopher Greyson-Gaito, Student, University of British Columbia
Hugh Matlock
Jean Mertz
Michael Greene, Senior in computer science
Peter A. J. Gardiner
Vei Chong
Hugo Rojas, PUMAS
Tinsae Erkailo
David Mishko, Forecast analyst, author, investor
Colin Jenkel, Bellevue College
Jonathan Rudd
Kazumasa Okao
Rebeca Alejandra Morales Acuña
Iain Leckie, Semantic Alchemy
Aaron Levisohn
Curran Dwyer, California College of the Arts
Sam Wirshup
Amir Yeroushalmie
Susan Schneider, University of Connecticut
Juho Mikkonen
Charles Innocent, Loughborough University
Pedro Natário, Técnico Lisboa, M.Sc student
Joyce Chen, Google
Enrico X. de Zamacona
Adrienne Skirvin
Arnab Rakshit
Griffith W. Jones, Advent Strategic Research Limited
Edward Courtemanche, AIRESEC, AI researcher
Ankur Handa, University of Cambridge
John Most, Poet
Daniel Hennebergger, Software Engineer
Richard Rains, Professor of Physics at Los Angeles Mission College
Jonathan Jones, Computational Mathematician
Edwin Creutzburg
Matt Elder
Michael Garfield, Globalish Institute
Jonathan Beninson, co-founder of CircularSociety
Sanjoy Das, Assoc. Professor, ECE, Kansas State Univ.
Kevin Grazioplene, University at Buffalo, Undergraduate Student in Computer Science
Kari Saarenvirta, makeplain corporation
Daniel Castro García, Software Engineering student, University of Málaga (Spain)
Angel Ramos
Marc Skirvin
Emmanuel Johnson, USC
Michael Campos, physician
Matthijs Pontier
Tor Esa Vestergaard
Jeff Harms, Artist
Bharat Balakrishnan
Joseph Gibson
Amanda Goheen
Karl Pospisek, Network Design Engineer
Robert Maccallum
Tim Urban, Wait But Why
Delip Rao, Founder of Joostware, researcher on massive scale NLP & ML problems, Deep learning expert
Priyank Mandalia
Guilherme Nobre, University of Connecticut, Student
Mark D. Melen, MITRE alumni
James Morris, Senior Software Engineer at KnowledgeCity, Coursera Graduate of Machine Learning, and robotics curriculum designer
Aynul Habib
Colin Steeksma
Vincent Siciliano
Jesse Caffarerl, MA student, University of Birmingham
Yair Korin, 11:11, Entrepreneur
Ankur Saxena
Kami Hoss, CEO, The Super Dentists
Jan F. Valkenberg
Vu Nguyen
Andy Gelme, software developer
Diana Whiting, ElectroSensitivity UK
Heinz Hemken
Tom Nall
Sean Boivin, Concordia University, Philosophy MA
Mike Ross, Appalachian Outlaws (TV series)
Matthew Greissing
Tirth Patel, University of Toronto
Samuel Akwei-Sekyere, Undergraduate Student, Michigan State University
Ryan Brack
Kari Alatalo
Daniel Kronovet, Columbia University
Aleksandra Suwala, University of Ottawa
Faris Habib, Play-Well TEKnologies
Ernie Puig
Alfred Lui, User Experience Design for the Internet of Things
Marc Devogel
Miguel A. Aragon Calvo, UC Riverside
Laurens Martens, MindMedley
Raphaël Cherrier, Founder & CEO of Qucit
Josie Parrianen, Cardiff University
Wimer Hazenberg, MSc. AI, co-founder strategic interaction design studio Booreiland
Thomas Wollbekk, CTO and co-founder of Frost Software and TheMOON lead engineer.
Case Bosch
Mikkel Fjærvik Press
Fergus Conolly, University of Sheffield, Technical Officer
George Hatzopoulos, Software engineering student
Vishal Gulati, Imperial College
Sepp Kollmorgen, ETH Zurich
Llewelyn Storey
Claudio Marinangeli
John Ziemniak, Entrepreneur. Investor.
Yassine Alouini, Data Scientist
Daniel Ricao Canelhas, Örebro University
Frank Sellevoll
Nicoară Marius-Adrian
Richard W. Schaublin, Rutgers University Alumnus
Roger Skrødal, SETI
Alan M. Freeman, Solution Architect - IT Systems Integration
Sebastiaan van Dam, Real Estate Developer
Morten Børresen
Adam Tallon
Herman Vereycken
Nandor Basticz, IT Architect
Britt Holt-Andersen, M.Sc, M.D, Oslo
Gonçalo Catarino, Founder, Director at 96 'til Infinity, ltd.
Frans van Dijk, Independent researcher
A. Marconi, NYAS
Vincent Spaan
Alex Bystrov, Cirqle
Maxwell Taylor
Valeria Litvinenko, Lasva municipal secretary
Gregor Schafroth, Student University of St.Gallen, Switzerland
Aleksandar Razmovski, T-Mobile Macedonia, Software Engineer
Shivaramakrishnan Kumar, CEO and Founder of S.O.U.L
Malu G Cartwright
JP Baker, Graphic Designer, Vandalay Industries
Hidde Hoekstra, jurist
John Eirik Paulsen, Eni Norge AS
Hercp Zandwijk, Negoci
Lucy Ingham, Editor, Factor
Rein Veski
Yestin Lamptey, Xodus Hardware
Harry Holden
Jochen Kamm, Geophysicist, Uppsala University
Shivraj Dagadi, CDAC
Richard Frisch
John Barry
Alireza Samar
Alberto Sierra, Student
Mark Barrett, Thor Entertainment Systems TES
Edvin Somrekov
Olavi Lakkala
Michael A. Urena
Alan Kucker
Shivraj Dagadi, CDAC India
Said J. Macias, MIT AI Researcher. Psychologist.
Allister Furey, AI PhD, London Business School
Alan MacKenzie-Morris
Jonathan Lefevre
Ole Kröger
Chris J.J.M. Vriens
Gerald Thurman, Scottsdale Community College
Ibrahim Abuishmais, Eltek ASA
Matthew P Ahrens, Tufts University
Arno Kemner
Miguel Angel Fuentes Casanova, Software engineer (Spain)
Diop Cheikh, Economist, IEP de Lille
Blaž Vujčić, Student
Teet Järvet, EF
Christian Dechery, BA in Computer Sciences
Alexandru Toma, ProOptica.ro
Jerome Bowen, co-founder of Lytbulb
Mayrargue Arnaud
Øystein Bergheim, ROV Pilot/Tech
Wayan Dadang
Sofyan Iblisdir, University of Barcelona, Spain
Alexey Kondratiev
Alhric Lacle, Informatics Student at Avans School of Applied Science
Jerome Wittamer, Managing Director, Genii & Singularity thinker
Johan Persson, Programlabbet
Laurens van der Horst
James Millar, Managing Director, Sailr Solutions Ltd
Juan Luis Galán Olmedo, Programmer
Mark Horbal, Researcher
Rudie Stoltz, Student
Ayori Selassie, Engineer at Salesforce, Founder of Technoristocrat
Juan Manuel Barrios, ORAND S.A. Chile
Bouke de Jager
Martin Spencer, Founder/CEO, GeckoSystems Intl. Corp.
Artur Serra, i2cat Foundation
Anton Roodt, Wits Business School Johannesburg
Cyrill Martin, Loop Productions
Jonas Rembratt
Michael Robson, Database Systems Manager
Henri Straetmans
Steven Harris, Futurist / Entrepreneur
Omar Ismail, Programmer
Diego J. Bodas-Sagi
Niall Jack, Computing Science Student
Soren Thomsen, University of Oxford
Jonathan Bouchard, McGill University
Jurgen Van Gael, Google
Jose Llisterri, W3Futura, Univesity of Valencia Science Park
Luis R. Rodriguez Rodriguez
Hans Wanderstein, Brussels, Federal Police, Special Adviser
Dante Capezzani, Professor
Christo Papadopoulos, Thomson Reuters
Brandon Newell, Fullaware
Ryan Dickerson
Jerome Mahiou
Felipe Velasquez, CEO Desamovil.cl
Dănuţ Antoche-Albişor
Jakob Hans Renpening
Tim Buckley, Software Engineer
Michael Kreich, Developer
Alexandre Trilla, Research Engineer
Shomav Dasgupta, Portfolio Manager, Linden Advisors
Ole-Jakob Høgset
Sigrid Iden Hjelmås
Lukas Böcker
Nicolas Degen, ETH Zurich
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#6 Julia36

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Posted 04 March 2016 - 05:15 AM

The meeting featured two prominent experts on the matter, Max Tegmark, a physicist at MIT, and Nick Bostrom, the founder of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute and author of the book Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies. Both agreed that AI has the potential to transform human society in profoundly positive ways, but they also raised questions about how the technology could quickly get out of control and turn against us.

Last year, Tegmark, along with physicist Stephen Hawking, computer science professor Stuart Russell, and physicist Frank Wilczek, warned about the current culture of complacency regarding superintelligent machines.





see also

#7 xEva

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Posted 04 March 2016 - 03:47 PM

@the hanged man: You sound unnecessary alarmist. And I don't believe your interpretation of the petition that long list of people singed. Show us the letter of the petition itself.

Regardless, the topic sounds stupid. Sorta we need to build a super brain to save us from our own stupidity. I don't see how stupidity can beget 'Ultraintelligence'.
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#8 seivtcho

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Posted 05 March 2016 - 07:01 AM

I think, that @the hanged man 's view on how to be immortal is to be resurrected by reverse calculations. 


Thats why he is dreaming for a super computer, that to be able to resurrect him. 


And thats why he is keen on building a computer to conquer all of the risks. 

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#9 Julia36

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Posted 05 March 2016 - 09:00 PM

AI Open Letter

@1.50 minutes in
"on how to be immortal is to be resurrected by reverse calculations."
-=best not to die then you can help direct human destiny.


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#10 seivtcho

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Posted 06 March 2016 - 06:05 AM

How not to die is already known. Now the problem is technical, not intellectual. We may not die thanks to new structures, build from stem cells, that periodically to be transplanted. We don't need an AI to think out how not to die. The problem now is to make it happen. At that point the most important organs can't be made from stem cells. 


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#11 xEva

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Posted 06 March 2016 - 07:57 AM

AI Open Letter


Just as I thought, there is nothing whatsoever about "these scientists many working in the field have signed a petition to check A.I.". And in that superbly boring video from the UN they are talking about mitigating risks like like nuclear, biological and chemical weapons (and us Russians of course), all in really bad accents. You need to chill :)

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#12 Julia36

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Posted 07 March 2016 - 10:17 PM

How not to die is already known. Now the problem is technical, not intellectual. We may not die thanks to new structures, build from stem cells, that periodically to be transplanted. We don't need an AI to think out how not to die. The problem now is to make it happen. At that point the most important organs can't be made from stem cells. 


The future is machine intelligence -  not labs doing bio-research.


I dunno if stem cells and genome editing will enable immortality.


they may...but they may not...it hasn't been archived in animals using it, and some intelligent dudes with common sense are signing up for cryonics.



A.I.'s will surely deliver immortality (life extension) if that's possible, since the field is accelerating and next month will demonstrate deep neural networks against the world champion Go player



AI Open Letter


Just as I thought, there is nothing whatsoever about "these scientists many working in the field have signed a petition to check A.I.". And in that superbly boring video from the UN they are talking about mitigating risks like like nuclear, biological and chemical weapons (and us Russians of course), all in really bad accents. You need to chill :)



You might read the list of signatories, which does indeed include thousands of scientists working in the field.


The video included Max Tegmark and Nick Bostrom from 1:50 in and their stuff is directly relevant to this post.


End of the world manias are common. That doesn't mean we shouldn't examine any scenario we can as objectively as we can.



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#13 Mind

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Posted 07 March 2016 - 10:23 PM

So the thought here is "Humans keep creating problems and developing more dangerous weapons....so let's quickly build the most dangerous weapon we can imagine".

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#14 seivtcho

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Posted 08 March 2016 - 05:32 AM

If you intend to become immortal by making an AI model of you, then this is not immortality. It is your model that survives, not you. The same is to claim, that a fallen building still exists, because you have a photograph of the building. 

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#15 Julia36

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Posted 09 March 2016 - 02:36 PM

So the thought here is "Humans keep creating problems and developing more dangerous weapons....so let's quickly build the most dangerous weapon we can imagine".


:) I'm not sure there are weapons, just ill-judgements on tools.

NASA thinks it can knock out an asteroid 2 million miles away with lasers and is getting a system built for that.


Building Ultraintelligence will calm  other existential risks: my judgement is that it is the only way to neutralise them and make survival likely.


we have not been wise enough to stop nuclear bombs, global warming, nor artificial intelligence( by far the most dangerous -  nuclear power may cripple the planet..A.I. may cripple the galaxy in under a few weeks).


If a scheme to build and contain Superintelligence (ultraintelligence) is good enough, it looks prudent to spring it into effect immediately.





#16 Julia36

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Posted 09 March 2016 - 02:50 PM

If you intend to become immortal by making an AI model of you, then this is not immortality. It is your model that survives, not you. The same is to claim, that a fallen building still exists, because you have a photograph of the building. 



You dont understand identity.


It's not a mysterious force but a definable composition of smaller things.


At a smaller scale, each of those units are interchangable with similar ones to achieve the same functioning.


ie a blood cell (eg blood transfusions)

ie oxygen atoms in the blood (eg breathing air and extracting the oxygen)

ie nutrients (eg eating)


eg RNA copies your DNA all the time, so the cells you have today aren't the same one you had last week, last year. You are a growing changing system.


What's is your identity is the continuance of pattern



You can see where this continuance of pattern falters:

you forget early memories as they are replaced with later ones.


Here identity is not altered, but your bodily composition is.


It is difficult to think in terms of dynamics, but it can be learned, like learning to juggle perspectives (which can also be learned).


Which ever models you need for the problem; each enlightens on a different aspect.

Collectively you can pronounce with confidence on a hitherto baffling subject.





altering perspective of the viewer




That's what calculus is...a series of trick to figure out models.

To see it from every perspective...your own self (you've got that well)


and objectively (ahem?)


You are important: but so is the objective model.


I may have misread what you're saying.

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#17 seivtcho

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Posted 09 March 2016 - 08:54 PM

You may understand the identity at higher degree, but you don't seem not to have cleared out what does it means to be alive.


If you absolutize your view of identity, to the tiniest detail, to the very last atom, then your view is becomming incompatable with the life.


Because being alive means each of your cells to change constantly.


And constant change of the atoms in the cell means a constant change of the identity of the cell, and your identity as general.


Thus you reach a point to choose between 1. staying alive and constantly changing your identity, and 2. staying completely unchanged death mass of atoms with preserved identity.


And you have choosen to be the death mass of atoms.

Here is where I think on your path to immortality, you have choosen the wrong turn and have proceeded walking to the wrong path.


This path leads to certain death, not to immortality, and all of its further branches lead to different forms of certain death, masked as immortality.


I have choosen the second path - I prefer to be alive constantly changing identity.


Plus making a model of something material (not a copy, but a model of that material object) is actually loosing, all of the objects identity, not only a small part of it.

#18 A941

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Posted 09 March 2016 - 11:31 PM

If you want to build a Superinteligence then build it with an Emergency-shut-off-switch, but build it to work like a dead mans switch, so the whole thing has to be activated every once in a while, and of course without the knowledge of the AI itself, let it figure it out itself.

People should learn how to do such things from works of Science fiction, dont let Skynet, and the Matrix happen, be more like the Founders in DS9 and use something like the Ketracel-White, especiallyy if you try to build something which could turn on you and has the potencial to murder you.

#19 seivtcho

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Posted 10 March 2016 - 06:18 AM

If you want to build a Superinteligence then build it with an Emergency-shut-off-switch, but build it to work like a dead mans switch, so the whole thing has to be activated every once in a while, and of course without the knowledge of the AI itself, let it figure it out itself.

People should learn how to do such things from works of Science fiction, dont let Skynet, and the Matrix happen, be more like the Founders in DS9 and use something like the Ketracel-White, especiallyy if you try to build something which could turn on you and has the potencial to murder you.


The emergency switch won't solve the problem. The superinteligence will need a millisecond to make an extremely clever plan to break free from the meergency switch without the human intellect to know about that. 

#20 Julia36

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Posted 11 March 2016 - 03:05 AM

I hope I've solved the control problem.

The answer lies in studying Nature for me.

It sets limits to things, which you will see as you examine it.

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#21 Julia36

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Posted 24 March 2016 - 09:22 PM

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: superintelligence, agi, a.i.

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