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Newbie Law Student in London

london biohacker law student intellectual property open source vegan nootropic biotech

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#1 LexLux

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Posted 18 February 2014 - 01:41 AM


so I really like the intellectual and at times eccentric community here. I am looking foward to future learning and antics! I have been interested in human life extension since I was about 15 when I decided that this could be a positive change for civilisation. I was born in Germany, grew up in the Cayman Islands and now live in London in the UK.

I am currently a graduate law student in London, working on my masters dissertation which is on open source licensing in biotechnology. In the future I would like to practice at a firm focusing on IP law, or work directly for a biotechnology company, or in a start-up.

I'm a student member of SENS foundation and also member of the biohacker community at the London Hackspace. I look forard to helping the team at this years iGem competition. I am very interested in the life sciences and am currently doing an Introduction to Chemistry course on Coursera as well as a course on the design and interpretation of clinical trial data.

I like going to gym every now and again, but I also like to have nights out a good speakeasy with friends. I've been a vegan for the past 6 months and have been following Dr Michael Greger of nutrionfacts dot org's advice on everything diet related. I do have a stack of supplements thatI currently take, but am looking for ways to reduce reliance on supplements.
  • Resvertrol (every other day 250mg) from Life Extensions
  • Vegan EPA & DHA (Omega3s) from Opti3
  • Multivitamin mix from Terranova
  • Calcium Magnesium and Zinc mix from Now
  • Ashwagandha from Swanson Superior Herbs
  • Rhodiola Rosea from Veridian
  • Noopept from Intellimeds UK (looking for good quality alternative)
  • home-made turmeric + blackpepper + amla (indian gooseberry) powder capsules with every meal
  • creatine from Precision Engineered (looking for good alternative)
  • occassionally and soon to remove bacopa monnieri from Swanson Superior Herbs
  • occasionally and soon to remove sunifiram from Intellimeds UK
  • occassionally and soon to remove picamillon from Intellimeds UK
  • looking to add vinpocetine and L-theanine from Mindnutrition
My goal here would be to make friends, find new information on supplements and medications and to network professionally.

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