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I HOPE there's SOMEONE here with more knowledge than me who can help me figure this out…

gi health gallstones supplementation palaeo paleo lchf fatigue

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#1 Athene Noctua

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Posted 15 March 2014 - 01:44 PM


I've had a horrendous time actually being able to log in here again (several emails were exchanged with LongeCity staff - after being sent from pillar to post attempting to find a contact email that didn't a) bounce or b) wasn't ignored).

I'm going to endeavour to keep this as brief as possible as I feel HORRIBLE today (just as I do most days these days - a day when I'm feeling >50% is a VERY rare thing indeed…).

About a decade ago, I lost 23 stone eating a LFHC Palaeo diet (this was after the NHS's usual LFHC calorie-counted diet caused my weight to shoot from 24 to 30 stone).

Then, about 4 years ago, I started becoming really poorly after eating my usual diet. I suspected I had problematic gallstones, and an ultrasound proved me correct.

Having done plenty of research into gallstones, I knew what I was going to be advised to do (follow a VLF diet) and I also knew it was BS.

My research into the cause of gallstones turned up research papers almost THIRTY YEARS OLD, all agreeing with my own hypothesis that they're caused by eating too LITTLE, NOT too MUCH fat (as the NHS wants you to believe).

Naturally, this made my blood boil as it now seems that the NHS is LYING to the UK population about just about everything - all for the sake of lining Big Pharma's pockets! Why else would it still advise that a LFHC, calorie-restricted, diet is best for weight-loss and overall health…? Why else would it advise people with gallstones to eat a VLF diet…? Why else would it still blame CHD on saturated fat and cholesterol (another myth which was first debunked and discredited by Robert Atkins in the 1970s)…?! Kids attending med school today are STILL being taught these lies as FACT and, consequently, the British public are paying with their health - and their lives.

Sickness is big business and, therefore, it doesn't pay to make people truly well. As is well-documented, the NHS has been running at a deficit for years, and we're now closing hospitals, and cutting 'non-essential' services, when all it would take is for the NHS to do a U-turn on its dietary policy to save BILLIONS.

I'm not the only one who thinks this way; in the course of my research, I stumbled across the blog of Dr. Malcolm Kendrick who, as I'm sure at least some of you must be aware, is the author of 'The Great Cholesterol Con'. Almost his entire blog, when not writing about the dangers of statins, and the health-benefits of saturated fat and cholesterol, is dedicated to exploding the myth that the NHS is a health service. The NHS is nothing more than the UK sales and distribution arm of Big Pharma, and GPs are no more than sales reps, who can be disciplined if they fail to meet sales (prescription) targets for BP's best selling toxins and poisons - and the British public believes that their GPs are concerned about their health when they screen them for high cholesterol, diabetes, dementia, liver and kidney diseases, glaucoma, etc., when I know full-well that all they're doing is attempting to meet quota to safeguard their jobs!

So, that's why I NEVER want ANYTHING to do with the NHS EVER AGAIN; besides, this organisation is all about the seeking of prolonged life and, I'm sure you'll agree, there's NOTHING Big Pharma can give you to aid in that pursuit (indeed, Dr. Kendrick wrote an article on that very subject about a fortnight ago. It was announced, at the beginning of last month, if memory serves, that UK life-expectancy is DECREASING, and it's been shown that, if the number of BP's toxins and poisons which a person is reliant upon is REDUCED, their life-expectancy INCREASES (provided other factors, such as diet, are altered). This makes 100% perfect sense to me, as I'd hope it does to all of you, too…).

Hippocrates stated that "All disease begins in the gut", meaning that what you eat determines your health; so, if it BEGINS in the gut, then that's where it ends, too. I see no need for ANYONE to be consuming countless numbers of chemicals (my mum's late mum was on a cocktail of 3 dozen pills a DAY just before she died, in 2010 at the age of 92 (so you could say she did have a fair innings)).

Indeed, I now firmly believe that the NHS only exists to further Big Pharma's sole aim: - profit from disease, misery and DEATH. Whilst I DO concede that some advancements are beneficial (such as vaccines - though I'm very suspicious about their contents…), 99% of what Big Pharma produces is not, and only serves to shorten life and hasten death.

This was brought into sharp focus when my father lost one of his best friends in 2011. The cause-of-death was given as "complications of diabetes" but, alongside all the drugs he was popping for THAT, he - like my father - was on 80mg Lipitor daily, and I firmly believe it was that which caused his diabetes, because he was NOT diabetic prior to being ordered to take the statin.

Now, back to me. Like I say, I've got gallstones, and I'd rather like to get shot of 'em, so I can get back to 100% health, and back to being able to eat a LCHF Palaeo diet again. But I'm also rather attached to my gallbladder, and I REFUSE to believe that there's no way I can do so holistically.

My diet at the minute is SHOCKING, and it's making me VERY FRUSTRATED; everything I put in my mouth seems to be having an adverse effect on my wellbeing - whether it's carb, protein, or fat. It wipes me out; it's got to the stage now where I can't eat ANYTHING without needing to lie down - perhaps even SLEEP - after. I'm doing everything I can to avoid food (it's like having the 'low-carb/keto ''flu', but permanently). It's a case of "What can I eat that'll make me feel 'less bad'?" rather than "What can I eat that'll be beneficial to my health…?" This usually involves me eating FAR TOO MUCH grainy crap (I don't eat wheat - EVER, but I DO eat oats, rye, barley and spelt). I don't like this, they're Neolithic and I don't want them to have ANY part in my holistic healing programme.

I feel permanently drained (it's as though my body has been replaced by 4 railway sleepers and 2 lead lumps). I've developed what I term a 'hyper-spasmodic' colon. This can result in me needing up to a dozen or so BMs a day or (and I apologise if this is too much info, but I'm severely autistic, and I've no clue what constitutes 'too much info' or 'not enough') copious amounts of slimy stuff (I've had to start wearing sanitary protection permanently). This is another reason I'm not eating properly because, whatever I DO eat (and quantity has no bearing on anything - one small slice of meat, for example, is enough to set things off) seems to pass straight through and, that's it, it's 'here we go again!', time…

Right, here's my supplement list (and it's extensive, because I'm at the stage now - I've been stuck in bed over 3 YEARS - nearly 4 now - and I'm really rather sick and tired of being sick and tired!).

The frustrating thing is that I can do something one day, not feel TOO bad, and then the next (or maybe I'll be okay for 2-3 days, but no more) I'll do EXACTLY the same thing and feel HORRIBLE! It would help if it was CONSISTENT!

Vitamins: - (1 once a day unless otherwise specified)

B1 (100mg)
B2 (100mg)
B3 (500mg)
B5 (100mg)
B6 (100mg)
B7 (100mg)
B9 (400mcg)
B12 (methyl, 10mg every 4-5 days)
Vitamin C (1g)
Vitamin D3 (20,000IU)
Vitamin K2 (500mcg)


Iron (as NOW Foods Iron Complex 27mg (also contains 50mg vitamin C, 200mg B9, and B12 (but as cyanocobalamin), dong quai root, and red raspberry leaf)
CoQ10 (contains 300mg CoQ10, 5mg bioperine, and 33IU vitamin E)
Selenium (from L-selenomethionine - 200mcg (also contains 26mg calcium)
Zinc (as zinc orotate - 60mg twice daily)
Curcumin (950mg + 5mg piperine - 1 tab twice a day)

EAAs (I don't know these by weight, as they all came with one of those blue 5ml scoops which seem to be ubiquitous with large pouches of EAAs these days) - all 1 scoop daily (except where noted)

Tyrosine (as AL tyrosine)
Tryptophan (200mg)
Theanine (200mg when required)

Other supplements

5ml Elete full-spectrum electrolyte solution (5ml in 2l water)
TMG powder (1 5ml scoop daily).
Choline (1 5ml scoop daily)

The only thing I DON'T take - and I know I probably should - is O3, but that's because the caps are SO FECKING HUGE, I can't SWALLOW 'em (and O3 liquid makes me gag - and I've yet to find one as efficacious as the soft-gels).

I'm so hideously bloated; my stomach is permanently swollen and distended (sometimes it's tender, but that's not usual, unless my bowels are playing up something chronic - Palaeo got shot of my IBS - now it's back and I don't EVER recall it being as bad as this!) as is my chest, and I've skin problems all down my right arm (and a VERY sore right elbow - which seems to vary according to how bad the rest of me is…).

TOTM makes everything infinitely worse (I also have PCOS, which was why I was so grossly obese and type 2).

I REALLY don't know what else to tell you, other than I've had enough - and I want my life back!

Oh - and my brain seems to have been replaced with a blob of blancmange at the mo (I'm missing my EVCO and MCT oil, but they really DO make me sick at the mo…).

I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about growing weed (though I have to persuade my folks to allow it - yes, I'm pushing - almost pushed - 40, and I'm STILL stuck here because my autism means I can't move out) not only for my health, but also to improve my autistic 'symptoms'.

Any help/hope/advice out there…?

I'm feeling VERY out-of-control and frustrated; there are long periods when I can't do ANYTHING, except lie in bed - not even take a shower, or even have a wash.

It took me a LONG TIME to lose weight and get my body right - the last thing I need is to start ballooning back up towards a 34/36 (which is what I was) - and it's the large amounts of carb I seem to be having to consume which are making me frustrated.

It's Spring; it's a lovely sunny - if somewhat-chilly-when-the-wind blows - day and I'm STUCK IN BED!

I need to start getting my life back NOW - much longer and I'm going to go under…

With all due respect, please NO suggestions that I become vegan; this organisation is about PROLONGING life, NOT CURTAILING it!

Thank you,

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#2 HoldingTheFaith

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Posted 15 March 2014 - 08:40 PM

How interesting that we all autistics have a much sharper gaze when it comes to "reality" or "the bigger picture". Over the years I have noticed this in the Net. Sadly that does not make "conspiracies" any more credible for the neurotypical and gullible masses.

Having said that... I would work on my gut. You have urgent issues that look like inflammation, dysbiosis, maybe even IBD. I cannot tell you how to do it but you seriously need to change that list of supplements, your diet etc in order to first and foremost fix your digestive system. It is said that being tired after eating is a sign of a body too weak to process food, so I would start by taking digestive enzymes etc.

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#3 bruffellz

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 05:23 PM

A metametrix gi effects test could give you some direction. Take it a few times. Rotate supplements and record how you feel. Are you exercising?

I agree, the direction of our society is dystopic. I hope you regain control and peace of mind.

Edited by bruffellz, 16 March 2014 - 05:23 PM.

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#4 rwac

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 05:41 PM

The bloated gut sounds bad.
Have you tried a laxative like Cascara Segrada?
Or perhaps activated charcoal might absorb a lot of the endotoxins and bacteria in your gut.

I have fatigue issues and I'm by no means convinced that LCHF is the optimal diet; I couldn't tolerate going LC at all. I much prefer HCLF, not even remotely vegan though.

I think weight loss shouldn't be the primary goal here; Rather regaining your health is the important goal.
Even a lot of paleo folk have trouble keeping LC, because it puts a big stress on your body.


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Posted 28 March 2014 - 08:15 AM

Your D3 is really high! I'd cut back to 3000iu for a while and then not go over 5000IU. High levels of the D3 can cause gall stones as well as other mineral problems. You might think about a diet with as little tocopherol Vitamin E as possible and as much tocotrienol Vitamin E as possible as this may help some.

Aside from that. The good news is that the Chinese have an operation for removing gall stones that doesn't involve removing the gallbladder. I would look into that. Perhaps NHS will allow you to go overseas? I hear they do that with India.

Have you ever thought about cryonics? You strike me as the kind of person who benefit from another shot at life during a time when all your ills could be cured. I hope you'll give it some thought.

#6 Luminosity

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Posted 30 March 2014 - 05:54 AM

I'm sorry you're going through that. You're very intelligent. First I'd give you some thoughts on your supplements:

Why are you taking 20,000 i.u. of Vitamin D? That's really high. Unless you have a really good reason for that, why don't you take a week off and go back to 1,000 to 2,000 i.u. a day. I like Source Naturals capsules of D3.

I don't know Vitamin K doses. Is that a megadose too? If so, I'd not do that.

Not a fan of NOW supplements. When I used to try them years ago, they didn't contain what they said they did.

Curcumin with piperine (extracted from pepper?) People with gall bladder issues may be intolerant of pepper. Might want to try removing that one.

What are EAA's?

What is ALCAR?

What is O3? Hydrogen Peroxide? Ozone? If so, don't take that.

Have you considered fresh vegetable and fruit juices to keep nourished until you can get your stomach better? If so, take them room temperature as cold things are not good for your stomach.

I'm glad you lost weight but I don't think the Paleo diet, or other low carb/high meat diets are good for you. I do think that eating that way before has something to do with your gall bladder issue. I also think that your diet before the Paleo diet, that made you obese, could have something to do with PCOS (and did you say you have diabetes?) I don't think you should be a vegan or eat raw foods. I think you should work towards a balanced diet that your body can digest right now and which won't make the problems worse. This might have some challenges. I'd recommend eventually eating a normal moderate diet according to the principles of Chinese Medicine, with any remaining intolerances taken into consideration.

Find a good acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist and be treated for your digestive issues/gall bladder issues. Do this right away so your gall bladder doesn't burst. Chinese medicine has specific herbal formulas to dissolve gall stones, so this can be fixed but your body is trying to tell you something. I would guess it is, don't put me through any more extreme diets.

Below find a link to my thread on Chinese Medicine:


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#7 Multivitz

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 11:41 AM

They are right your D3 is too high and will dehydrate you in a way. I have dissolved stones before after my nhs docter said I couldn't. It can take months and it important to keep it up for awhile even though the pain has gone. Distiled water has a binding effect due to its naural negative ionic state, Magnesium has a negative ionic state. Your digestive enzymes use magnesium as a negative ion catalyst to break up your foods, use this to break up your stones. I found fasting for 6 hours in the first part of the day meant the enzymes were released in a concentrated form and not dilluted by food. Drink water and maybe some concentrated apple juice if your sugar level is low. Go ketogenic, not fully but include coconut grease, olive oil, salmon oil, etc. Listen to peoples testimonies on Utube about how aggresive treatment may have to be employed like the hot water bottle compresses and the herbs used to bring the weak muscles of the bladder to life.Try the silk worm enzyme as well especially if you expect infection! A reply would be nice if you can.

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#8 ceridwen

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 06:39 PM

Drop the carbs and the iron. Things might improve.

#9 Multivitz

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 09:56 PM

You know I missed the zinc orotate, wow thats way too high. Its great for rebuilding the gut, I've found it can do that very quickly (within a week!) Try 10mg of glutconate twice daily and just have beef once a week instead of the dreaded iron pills! Theres stories of people passing massive gallstones so man up. Lemon juice n olive oil mix followed with a shot(half gram) of magnesium citrate well disolved in a glass of filtered water. Don't over size the drinks and make yourself vomit, just do a couple of desert spoons of olive oil with same squeezed lemon juice. The magnesium and b vitamins should break the fat in the stone, the lemon juice will break down the calcuim in the stone. Take the juice mix on a completely empty stomach and small intestines, that way the juice will cycle into the artery that goes dirctly to the liver and with any luck should start to disolve the stone. Dont be afraid to do full lemons worth of juice and equal olive oil. You won't even notice you've swallowed it until you burb lol. Now this should ease an attack but please look on you tube for more directions and getting the right herbs to bring you in touch through a nice bit of pain, it is giving birth. But fingers crossed the juice works secound or third time eh!
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