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Nicotinamide Riboside (NR)/Niagen vendor vetting and discussion

nr vendors niagen vendors

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#211 Oakman

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Posted 26 January 2019 - 07:09 PM

Thorne sells NiaCel-250 which has 250mg of NR Chloride. I've never heard of this form and it doesn't appear that this contains 250mg of NR. Any thoughts on this. I need to buy more 250mg of Naigen and want to get good quality at the best price.


NR is never used in commercial products as it is unstable, and evolves into a oily substances rapidly. Niagen is the chloride salt of NR. As a chloride salt it contains ~88% NR by weight.


From their website: https://www.truniage...oduct_page.html


  • 150mg per capsule of NIAGEN® (nicotinamide riboside chloride).

    And from https://en.wikipedia...namide_riboside
  • While the molecular weight of nicotinamide riboside is 255.25 g/mol,[4] that of its chloride salt is 290.70 g/mol.[3]:7 As such, 100 mg of nicotinamide riboside chloride provides 88 mg of nicotinamide riboside.

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