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Opinions on (Lizard Squad) the ones that DDos PSN and XBOX network

hacking ddos computer help

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#1 factsmachine

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Posted 01 January 2015 - 10:22 AM

I believe these are some young, albeit highly intelligent slightly sociopathic individuals that did something that would cause a huge controversy. Because nowadays it seems like
with celebs: Controversy=power, or influence. Maybe I'm being weird, because I'm on high dose NMDA antagonist right now however I do not care.

these individuals have the ability to shut down any network. They have a service that could put this server down if one paid Bitcoins to DDos the server.

I am highly unexperienced with anything to do with computer science beyond being good with looking for stuff online.
Somebody wanna lead me in the right direction to develop my skills for this digital age? I.E Hacking, Coding, ect. 
I would love to learn ,becuase this topic intrigues me.

I went way off topic I know, but lets open our minds on this thread and share knowledge, shall we ?
Let the Posting Begin.

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