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Nootropic stack needed for a recent stroke survivor to gain mobility

nootropic stroke mobility

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Posted 14 March 2015 - 09:09 AM

My father (65yrs old) had a haemorrhagic stroke two weeks ago and is now in a rehabilitation center. I would like him to gain mobility and independence again as he would be shattered with a life of dependency.  
My mother passed away few years ago and my father was the main carer for my brother who has Cerebral Palsy. My father and brother led a very active life before the stroke walking 2 to 3 hours every day and eating healthy. His goal is to be able to do that again.
The stroke happened on his right side frontal lobe and affected his left side. He is suffering from left side weakness, left side neglect, fatigue and acaculia (problems with Maths, he studied aviation engineering used to be superb in Maths). His speech has returned to almost normal with few stutters when he is tired. Both his long term and short term memory are very good (much better than mine) and he still speaks all his 6 languages fluently. He hasn't lost the ability to read and write. He used to be an avid reader but his concentration span is not good any more and suffers from apathy.
The main problems he is struggling with when trying to walk is fatigue, concentration and balance problems due to left side neglect. He gets tired after just 5 minutes of walking with the Physiotherapist.
I would like you guys to help me to put together a nootropic stack for him that will help him with brain rewiring, concentration and fatigue. The doctor is starting him on Warfarin in 10 days time. I would like to avoid more blood thinning supplements as too many can cause further bleeds. Also I am not able to give him anything with an injection. 
Many thanks for your help.

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